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AnimatedRock:  Hello there family,

I have again had some thoughts that have been going through my head. I needed to type them out to sort them out, so I thought I’d share them with you again. All of this is IMO, and I share with allusion to Frank’s study and the information he has provided us.

“Frank:  July 10th CC – “Last week he called me on the phone and he said that by the 21st they would be paying 1 to 1 … well I said … that’s an RV … that’s the lifting of the 3 zeros.”

“My friend was told last Tuesday (about a week ago) once again … in this month (July 2017) … you are to pay your employees at 1 to 1 and turn in your ledger in 3 weeks (around the 21st).  1 to 1 in country huh?  Yes.”

So I start my thought process at the 21st, the date that Frank told us that WS had pointed to as being the date that the businesses of Iraq had until to get their paperwork completed, for the transition of 1-1 in country.

But we also have this bit of evidence

Frank:  July 5th CC – “The 1st and last (3rd) week is NOT that important to us.”

So in my mind, the first week was already passed. And Frank was right, nothing to see here. And I’m inclined to believe that he is right on the 3rd week as well. Which takes us to the second week, which we are currently in, and Frank’s focus from the 10th – 15th.

So, Frank had mentioned that 10 days from the 21st, I believe it was in team chat, or in a comment, but I can’t find it right now . . . THAT would be the actual pay date. I managed to find this little bit of information from the Wed (12th of July) CC

Frank: “If the citizens get paid on the 21st … will we get paid too?

The remittance may take an additional 7 days.”

But because I remember 10 days, I’ve done some math based off that, because I’m positive that’s what I remember.

So if we take the date of July 21st that they had to have the paperwork turned in for payroll processing . . . and we add 10 days to that, we get July 31st.

Well, I have seen evidence on the CBI website that contractors are paid every two weeks. You can find that evidence for yourself here: https://cbi.iq/news/view/273

I will make the leap, that the CBI is paying these contractors, and the CBI is a bank. And since WS has partners that also are bankers (loosely stated) I think it is safe to assume that they would also pay their employees every two weeks.
Frank:  July 10th CC - “WalkingStick has been my guide, my staff.  He’s a Christian and a Warrior.  He happens to have a company with over 500 employees with 2 other gentlemen, and those 2 other gentlemen own banks in Iraq.”

So if we take that data, and translate it backwards as my study partner Peggy68 often does. (Yeah, I took a page out of your book sis!) If we go back 14 days from the 31st, we arrive at the 17th. Now the 17th is a curious date for many reasons in Iraq, not to mention that if you look at Peggy68’s data, she has pointed out that this is another 777. 7-17-17, and it is another palindrome. (Just cool)

Well, if we take the payroll processing date of the 21st, and we do the same, and count back 14 days, we arrive at the 7th. Now THAT date is of huge interest to me, (other than being my birthday of course!) because that is the date that Frank said, “any day after today!” And also the date that Frank said was the ACTUAL date in country of the announcement of Mosul. An interesting coincidence is it not?

Frank:  July 10th CC – “Then on Friday … on TeamChat … we were talking I said that as of today … (write this down in the side margin) … “on this day 7/7/17 (Friday’s TeamChat) – any time after today.”

July 10th CC – “IMO … 3 days ago Abadi made the announcement to Iraqi citizens … that date was 7/7/17.”

So if the 7th was a payroll processing date, that means that the payroll that they processed is to be paid out on Mon the 17th.  Very curious in light of the 10th-15th window is it not?

So, I went deeper into this, on June 28th, WS told Frank that on the following Monday they begin processing paperwork to go to 1-1 in country. On the books only.

Frank:  July 12th CC - “Wed, June 28th – Come Monday, we are going to begin our accounting reflecting a 1-1 rate . . . remember, this is on paper only, and we have a near 3 week window for completion”

That following Monday was the 3rd, but Frank had mentioned that on the 2nd he believed they were 1-1 in country.

Then he stated that WS had completed the paperwork in 5 days. This 5 days is curious if it started on the 2nd, because it lands us right back on that 7th. If all companies followed suit, and completed this paperwork by the 7th, that was payroll processing date according to two weeks back from the 21st.

Frank:  July 10th CC – “WS company turned in everything in 5 days … and other companies did the same.”

So that would make a lot of sense if all of those companies wanted to get done fast, if that meant they could get that 1-1 rate in the books and turned in to be paid out on the 17th! That’s an entire pay period early!

To me, and this is in my opinion only, this lends even more credence to the fact that Frank said, “any day after the 7th!”

So now that brings us to this new 5%-95% equation. If they are paying on the E-card at 95%, and paying cash of 5%, that means, at a 1-1 rate, they need LD’s.

Frank:  July 12th CC – “5% cash and 95% eDinars … well … the citizens are about to be EDUCATED … gotta have those cards ... don’t they?!!!!”

This would be a necessary part of this when this happens in country, you can’t pay 5% cash at a 1-1 rate for an average citizen without being able to make change. Even if they made 600 dinar a week, at 1200 dinar a paycheck, minus deductions, let’s round off to 1100 dinar, at 5% that is 55 dinar, lowest denom currently is a 250. We have a problem.

So in my logic, they have to have lower denominations by the 17th, if that is indeed the date that they are paid the 1-1 rate at. That means, they have to publicly in Iraq declare that the value is at 1-1, and roll out the LD’s before that date.

Again, just my thoughts on the matter. None of this is concrete, just where my mind goes, and I thought I would share it with you.

 * A second topic that I will cover really briefly, as I’ve seen a lot of talk about it. In respects to a program rate being all we can see evidence of in shops around Iraq.

I can surmise rather confidently that the employers have told all their employees since the 12th of May, (when the first 0 is surmised to have dropped) that they are being paid on the E-card, at 1000-1, and we saw prices move to reflect that change. They were told that the stores had already been informed that when citizens were buying with the E-card, that the prices were at the 1000-1 scale. Hence why they were told not to gouge prices. The citizens were educated as to how this worked, and life continued.

Then on June 12th, the citizens were again told that they were now being paid at 100-1 on the E-cards, and the stores were again educated of this change. So when a citizen saw 4000 dinar on a loaf of bread, they knew to drop a zero, and they would pay 400 dinar for that loaf.

Then again with 10-1, and so on and so forth. The shops don’t have to change all the prices overnight, and those who don’t want to use the E-cards, can still pay the 4000 rate for the product, bringing in even more of the 000 notes, which won’t be re-issued to citizens.

The stores would know that they can take the 000 notes in and get E-credit for them, getting even more of the 000’s out of the streets. IMO, the banks offer the citizens bonuses of free E-credit if they bring in their 000 notes to get bank accounts and E-cards, similar to incentives we see here in the states when banks really want you to open checking accounts. They’ll offer you $300 in incentives when you use their debit card and pay bills with it. Not so far fetched.

The citizens would see other citizens using this PP and want in on the deal. Everybody wins.

 Again, just my thought process. It would be an easy, smooth way to transition. And the citizens would be educated on
how it works, and you and I would know nothing!
Just some thoughts to take in,
Hope you can do something with it.


TBulldog:  Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but are you suggesting the E-DINAR may have a different purchasing power than the 000 notes? Will it take less E-DINARS to buy a loaf of bread than 000 note dinar? 

AnimatedRock:  IMO- Yes, this is how they are applying the purchasing power of the currency at the new rate. The E-dinar holds a different value in country than the paper currency does. For citizens of Iraq.

They can do this, until they post an international rate IMO, because outside of their country, the program rate still applies to the cash, the same way that the CBI is showing two seperate rates. Something to think about there too. 

IMO - once they have posted international rate, the program rate ceases to exist for everyone, but I think in-country, they will have pulled a significant amount of the 000 notes off the streets, to limit the large amounts of wealth the citizens could have aquired.

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