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RE: Wednesday Night CC Notes:
StephenMac63:  Pretty clever to require the citizens to get an e-card....especially when they really dont like the banks but when folks like WS says "Here's your pay, you can have 5% in dinar and the rest will be on a card for you" The citizens will then think "Aw Man, this stinks" WS will then say "Dude, your money has more value now"....the citizen will then be "more comfortable" with value, even if they have to go to a bank.

Frank26:  The CARDS will be for pay with the LD's used in .................. The Markets. 
Aloha Dreams of Amazement and Breathtaking Hopes........... \m/

Apmcrx: ...So this confirms that Iraqi citizens will be using the 95% of e-iqd in Cards for goods at the known exchange rate in iraq(1.2 or 1.25) mentioned in past CC  I think July 3rd and confirmed by pictures (IMO)...but what about the 5%? I don't  get it... 

Surfer223:  :  Let me expand on that to really break it down and paint a picture! 

Walkingstick says hey Hakim come to the office it's payday! Walkingstick says now Hakim you went and got your E-Dinar card right? Hakim says yes sir.

Walkingstick takes Hakims card and says "As you know we have been making pay changes with the reforms this pay period the company owes you 800 IQD in which 95% is paid on card and 5% I will give you in cash IQD. So you are paid 760 IQD on E- Dinar card Which by the way is equivalent to $760 Usd. Isn't that great!!!

Hakim says yes! Then walkingstick says wait. I now owe you 40 IQD cash.. Oh wait the lowest denom is a 250... Light bulbs folks!!!!!!

The lower denoms have to come out for this 5% to work... TA DA FREAKING DA!!!!!

StephenMac63:  RE: Don961, Post 63, submarine cable

this article intrigued me as I have never heard the term "submarine cable" or at least never gave it much thought if I did ever hear it. Did a google search on the topic and was directed to a site that had a map. Its pretty impressive to think that there are giant cables going all over the world, mostly underwater.


Don961:  yes pretty cool ... and how important for all Iraq to have a high quality , reliable Internet capacity .... for all the e-transactions they are doing now .... and are about to do ... among themselves ... and internationally ... including of course e-currency transferring


Samson:  Abadi: the future direction the government should focus on the economic side

12th July, 2017

He stressed the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, Wednesday, guide the future government should focus on the economic side, development, and education, which is the foundation for the renaissance of the state and society.

Ebadi said in his speech during the Cabinet meeting vassal "Economy News", that "the direction of future government should focus on the economic side, development, and education, which is the foundation for the renaissance of the state and society," stressing "the need to fight corruption, which has hurt the state and society, and to activate the law


IObey77:  I just couldn't go to bed without making another post using some of Frosty's great posting from Frank's Amazing CC tonight!!  Oh, who am I kidding? The entire CC  was just a HUGE      TA DA!! Thank You!!

Frank26:  IMO … we believe that the UN will announce the end of CHAPTER VII – maybe this week – and certainly within this month of July.

Now is the PERFECT TIME to RAISE the economic structure in Iraq … including their currency!!!

I believe the things we are seeing right now are VERY EXCITING!

IMO … the time frame that we told you (that started on Monday) … we believe that date on the 10th (when Abadi made the announcement on the 10th) … we believe that was a roll-out.Within nanoseconds … on the 10th … the roll-out of the monetary reform occurred.
The word is MOMENTUM!!!

When you add 5% + 95% … and all of it (100%) is in IQD now!!!!!!!!!



Vsdk:  Fri. 7-7-17 Abadi announces Mosul to the Iraqis,

3 days later,
Mon. 7-10-17 Abadi announces Mosul to the world & the MR rolls out,

3 days later,
Thu. 7-13-17, we’ll have to see what happens today, we know CBI/GOI likes Thu. for some action.

(Side note here, Fri. & Sat. to Iraqis are like our Sat. & Sun., their Sun. is their 1st business day)

3 days later,
- Sat. into Sun., remember the bloomberg video about some financial change some Sat. night going into Sun.?

(Bloomberg video that said one Saturday night they will adjust all the currencies and we wake up Monday morning to all new exchange rates!!!

- Sun. 7-16-17, parliament is out on a holiday (Shab’s 3 day holiday? -I know Fri. & Sat. are no holidays but I think you get my idea)…

- As per Peggy’s last analytical review (if I remember right) there’s a CBI holiday this coming Mon. 7-17… Could it be linked to CL’s “7 speech" a couple of years back everyone was referring to a week ago (b/c of the 17th)?

Could Iraq be following a pattern of something happening every 3 days? I remember Frank saying that the new rate needed the National Reconciliation & yesterday Frank said “Article 140 is for the HCL but the National Reconciliation is of most importance right now”.

Then he says that following the pattern of them dropping a 0 on the 12th, the 3rd 0 was supposed to be dropped yesterday (the 12th) but they did it on 7-2-17; then he says that WS (& others, if I remember correctly) turned their paper work earlier & that (I believe WS said) “We expect things earlier”.

They were supposed to have turned their paper work by the 21st but they (at least most of them) did it on the 5th, for employees to get paid 95% eDinars & 5% cash (obviously LDs), eDinar & LDs need one thing, new updated rate.

 Not hunting for a date here but plain common sense tells me by the 21st, -when they get eDinars & LDs which require a new rate-, there needs to be a new updated rate. We’ll have to see what happens between now & this coming Sun.

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