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Don961:  Is this a slip of the pen ????? .... perhaps DELTA can shed some translation insight ....hmmm  Article is from some documents recovered from Daesh in Mosul ... breaking down salaries and privileges   (See article below) 

DELTA: 335/256= 1.30

IQD= $.769 
I WILL TAKE THAT!!!   (Wink)

Frank26:  So Would ............. Will .......... i......................(thumbs up)

Lonestarcowboy:  ~~Sweet Sweet News there DELTA! For a minute there I thought I had messed up my figures, but I get the same thing! Yes....Sweet Sweet News! Thanks DELTA~~

Don961:  The Jihad of the looted money ... a document revealing for the first time the salaries of Al - Da'ash

2017/07/12 04:20

One of the Russian sites published an important document belonging to the organization of the "Daash" terrorist, after it was found by the federal police forces as they progress in their axes in the liberation of the province of Nineveh and the center of Mosul, the north of the country, in a battle launched in October, July.

The document reveals a source of security from the Iraqi Federal Police, the decline in salaries of members of the "Da'ash" terrorist in Mosul, "the second largest city of the population after the capital Baghdad."

The Da'ash organization calls salaries with guarantees ranging from one person to another and leaders, and increases the number of wives and children, unlike Al-Da'ashi, with a specific guarantee of US $ 72, equivalent to about IQD 95,000, including 40 for food.

According to the document, which is specific to the salaries of the month of Muharram (the first Hijri months), the elements of an organized battalion called "the battalion of Imam Tirmidhi," show that one of the reasons and his nickname Abu Jne, born in 1991, married with three children, his salary is high among the singles , And receive US $ 184, equivalent to 214 Iraqi dinars.

Abu Naser, who was born in 1962, has a salary higher than that of Abu Jannah, because he has six children and a wife, and his salary is $ 256, the equivalent of 335 dinars. It is remarkable that the food allowance is equal to $ 40 for even those who have wives And children.................  link


Peggy68:  I would like to share with you my “Final Analysis” on the timeline of articles . Now, remember this is all IMO. I’ve never read so much in my entire life and I am NOT a reader but this has just drawn my attention and pulled at my heart because there is God’s work to be done with this Investment.

 I will share my thoughts with you on what I see, oh so clearly. OH, BOY DOES GOD WORK IN MISTERIOUS WAYS!!!

I noticed the first article dated April of 2010, G24 mentioned Iraq at the bottom of  the an article. I began by searching for patterns. Then in early May 2011, WB/IMF G24 mentioned Palestine Monetary Authority. I later came across an article from November of 2014, about the G20 in the Iraqi News with agenda “Bagdad”. Than another article I came across dated October 27th, 2016 mentions “Financial Inclusion Efforts in the Arab World”.

Reading on down towards the later part of the article it states, “Palestine Monetary Authority” so at that time I started to see a pattern. The pattern had mentioned the ongoing work of our Leaders working on improving our economy, ending poverty, and creating jobs. They were truly sticking to what they were aimed to do with the Arab & Palestine countries in mind, were my thoughts!      
Then I had remembered an article about the CBI of Iraq with 2 gentlemen shaking hands around a month ago, I located it published by Iraqi123 and dated for June of 2017. “CBI has MOU with the, Palestine Monetary Authority”, boy did I start getting excited!!!
It also mentioned Basel Banking compliance, so I knew there must be more that I hadn’t put together quite yet.

Then BOOM, dated May 5th, 2017, OECD Activating Exchange Relationships for CRS Information. There was another pattern of April and MAY from the previous years as the processes presented itself.

 So, to me it looked as though they had also completed the new G20 Exchange & Tax requirements that would help Iraq to go International. Then on June 22,2017 United Nations Program mentions Palestine has completed the “National Financial Inclusion Strategies and Peer Reviews”. Funny I’ve been stating they are hiding Iraq, but didn’t realize how Iraq was hidden, in plain sight till today. 

On that same day of June 22,2017, on another OECD Article, it stated Vietnam was the 100th Member to be welcomed into BEPS International Team as well as Pakistan and they received invitations to attend the G20 Global Reform Leaders’ Summit as Recognition in Germany.

IMF shortly after presents on their website, ARTICLE IV agreements for United States of America on June 27th, 2017, Vietnam on July 5th, 2017 and Zimbabwe on July 7th, 2017.By this time, I’m putting this puzzle together quicker than I can pick up another article.

I could see a clear pattern of how the Global Monetary Reform was falling into place. I had also remembered an article I had printed from the CBI of Iraq website dated for June 21st & June 28th, 2017. I had remembered when reading through the G20 website with all the new Global Banking Policies that one policy requirement stated a 15-day letter was to be mailed out before an exchange or change could take place.

The letter was written on June 21st,2017, Sent out to International Banks Worldwide on June 28th,2017 and exactly 15 days later we come to tomorrow July 12th, 2017.

 I have goose bumps bigger then ladybugs as I write this. IMO, we shall see the Iraq’s International Rate onCBI.IQ on July 12th, 2017.

 IMO, we could see Iraq and other countries on Forex anytime between July 12th and July 17th, 2017.

I noticed over the past weekend of July 8th & 9th, 2017 many global agencies sites were closed. I believe that was to assist them with preparing to Implement the World’s New Monetary Reform.

One additional thing I will share that I noticed was Central Bank News Released today a new section with Central Bank Governors updated July8th, 2017 with “NEW PAKISTAN Governor”. Goose bumps…. listed as well is Vietnam, United States of America, & Zimbabwe.

I will remind you as I stated on one of my previous analysis, are you prepared both Spiritually & Emotionally? God has plans and if you are reading this you are part of his grand plan, prepare for you have Gods work to do. Together, pray as we are one family!

 I thank God, every second, thanks to my Mother whom is so very special and I thank for raising me and did not spare the rod should I say!! I learned respect, how hard work can be rewarding and how to do for others as they would do to you. May God Bless you and you Bless others.  FRANK & TINK YOUR AMAZING, THANK YOU BOTH   Xoxo Peggy68

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