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Frank26:Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, July 24, 2017

Tonight I’m wearing yellow and blue because GOLD is doing a lot of work right now.

The last time we were together (Wednesday) – we were in the time frame study of the 10th to the 15th – (an extremely important time frame).  We got luck (after Abadi said Mosul was liberated) – a waterfall of info came forward about the monetary reform … and Allak has been talking a lot.

The next time frame of study was for us to look at the 21st (which was 3 days ago).  The pattern we found where zero’s were dropped on the 12th.   90 days ended.  The next time frame is the 31st as we anticipate the IMF operational rates.

August 1 to the 7th – is the next time frame.

Sadly, ONE person out of the thousands that listen to our cc’s said “oh no, Frank is leading us into August.”

On the 21st … you didn’t see rate they were going to pay the citizens – so maybe you will on the 30th.

Again … WE DO NOT study for DATES/RATES here at KTFA.

We have a friend, who is kind enough to share what he knows. (Walkingstick)   This information is colossal!

IMO – the 3 zeros are lifted and the citizens are not using USD’s anymore – and Abadi is in harmony with Allak.  Scripting between the two is amazing.  The 95/5 was masterful!

The next big time frame that we propose is from the 1st to the 7th of August.  For the adults in the room, please listen.

Our friend in Iraq said this on a TEXT
I haven’t heard from our friend since then.

I’m not trying to be pushy … but with what our Teams are studying – we are excited to see if our information coincides with our friends info.
We are waiting for something.

Our friend is waiting for something.

We told you … our friend said that they are waiting for them to TURN ON THE SIGN … the BLUE and RED sign (MasterCard).

We’ve kept quiet.  We’ve kept quiet on what we do know … until it’s safe to release.

I love to see how you are studying.

I love PEGGY68’s report – that is evidence of the steps to the monetary reform.


The other thing that is SO HARD for us not to … it’s hard for us not to let go of what we have.

Remember the software does not recognize the 3 zeros.

Again … all of this is in OUR OPINION.

The new ATM’s will NOT dispense the 3 zeros notes.  Do you understand the power in what I am trying to tell you.

Our friend said …
This next part is SO IMPORTANT.

The introduction to your CC … right now … I pray to God that you are listening to me … info I will share at the end of our CC.

In the meantime … allow me to cover some trivial things.

For example:

In yesterday’s thread … POST #102 by Don961 (Page 6) – there is some “talk” in there about the monetary reform, currency, value.
POST #103 by Don961 – you will see what these efforts are doing for that country.  Or … what could happen if they DON’T do these things.

Shiela noticed Don’s post … she commented … “WOW … if the citizens of Iraq are not working … it’s detrimental to a person’s soul.”

Oh so true – the MR will help in this process.

The citizens have been shunned, robbed, ignored by world government leaders.  Do you think they feel human?  They have been dehumanized – but their pride and joy is coming back.

Why are they celebrating in Iraq?


Page 5 – WOW … look at Peggy68’s post … this shows the IMF’s path to the monetary reform.  From the 24th of this month to the 10th of August is her opinion on when we could see things happening.  Look at our time-frames.

Is it true that Maliki is in Russia?  Rumors of Maliki making deals with Russia.  LOL … the only thing that Maliki is RUSHING from is away from his crimes.  This is garbage.  Please, only call me about my CC.

How is the BUDGET doing?  Obviously you saw the article … what is the amendment in the budget that you’ve not talking about?   LOL

Yes.  They voted and passed the amendment into the budget – done.

Will the budget be in the GAZETTE?  Will this amendment appear in the Gazette?  Any amendments (by law) have to be put in the Gazette.

When will we see the budget?  I don’t know … it’s still in Abadi’s hands.

Frank … will they open the 2017 budget at 1184?

I don’t know … but I can tell you this … yes they can.  Am I breaking your heart?  (They have two sets of books).

Remember … Iraq is a sovereign country … they can do whatever they want.  The NEW RATE is in those 2nd set of books … completely RETROACTIVE to the first of the year.

The budget is a vehicle.  The budget is a stepping stone to expose the new rate.

Have you seen the budget?  No.

Have you seen the rate?  No.

If you did … you’d have the budget.

Enough about the budget.

We are still WAITING.

Yes, we’d love to see the budget with the new rate – but if it doesn’t … it’s isn’t a big deal.  I pray that that makes sense to you.

IOO … on the 12th of May, June and the 7th of July … the 1st, 2nd and 3rd zeros were lifted (over 90 days) … and on the 21st of July was when it ended.

Do you now go 30 days out?

If this was not done … the IMF would have stopped dead in their tracks.

On Friday morning … Allak spoke on Iraqi TV in the morning and told the citizens that in the COMING DAYS something would happen to their economy.

As Allak was speaking, iTeam was interrupting … so Allak was talking to the citizens.

Family … what did I tell you happened on the 7th – that didn’t happen on the 12th?  LOL
The CBI, Allak … it’s their turn.
Abadi made his exit.

The CBI and Allak are working very fast on the MR and giving big hints to the citizens.

There is a very, very big surprise coming to the citizens of Iraq.

WHY are the citizens celebrating in the streets?

Because the citizens know about the ATM’s – all coming in the next few days.

Allak does NOT talk about lifting about the lifting of the 3 zeros.

The citizens see the difference in the purchasing power.

The CBI does not do the economic reforms … but they FUND them.

The citizens are coming into the banks.  They now understand.

The 12th to the 21st … and the 7th to the 21st … this is the lifting of the 3 zeros IMO.

Anything you see in an article … what have you been told?

It’s already been on television.

Allak is setting things up to make an OFFICIAL announcement.

How about the ATM’s?

Many members in parliament that disagree with the MR and they are against the lifting of the 3 zeros.  Parliament has no say-so … they have no choice.

They MUST finish the budget THIS MONTH – and they did – a WEEK EARLY!
The CBI is doing so many things.

The subsidiary budget … IMO … the CBI will help with the funding.

So … obey the IMF or they are done with you, right Iraq?  Right.

Do it or they’ll answer (not to the IMF) but the Paris Club.

Just so you know … Delta says that Allak is really a shy guy – but he has been talking  a lot lately.

BTW – get that whip out IMF … “yes sir!”   Parliament passed 37 laws in one day!

The DIPLOMATIC POUCHES are making their way around – because they have some date.  Maybe they were delivered to Iran.  Iran is working with the IMF.
IMO … the Indonesia Rupia … well not see a revaluation.

I ONLY TALK  ABOUT THE IRAQI DINAR – please write that down.

The IQD is going through a REDOMINATION … leading to a REVALUATION of their currency because they are going to lift 3 zeros – which will bring in a REDONIMATION as they introduce their LD’s.

The Indonesia Rupia will happen in an opposite flow – which is a LOP.

The USA does NOT do LOP’s … because there is NO PROFIT in it – it’s a pointless waste of time.  President Trump doesn’t waste time.

We (USA) we reflect our wealth to the international world – Trump leads us … NOT Obama!!!

We told you that in Iraq … there was a 1 to 1 in their books … based on the Gulf Currencies (2.40) … now 1.38 in-country … and 2.42 is more realistic to the international markets.  This is all based on our opinion.

All of this happens because they jumped out of the airplane with the IMF – they must pull the rip cord!

Abadi’s job was to liberate Mosul.

Now … exit stage left … (Abadi) … now the floor is yours Allak.

Allak is to liberate the 3 zeros.

An article came out today … rather interesting … POST #186 (page 10) – “the battle of the liberation …”

A member (SirenFire) read that article and commented … “wow … they are eluding to the liberation …”

Yes – the only way to Article VIII – if the freedom of the movement of capital.

Meanwhile … while this liberation … this new style of FREEDOM that is coming at a speed-of-light … the Rafadian Bank now says that they seek working with retirees outside of Iraq with an electronic card on an international level.

Really?  Why all of this “international” talk?  (Because they can’t use the word “Revaluation.”)

Why are Iraqi’s living outside of Iraq?  Because they fled to other countries – (thank you Obama and Hillary).

On Wednesday I talked to you … the ISO gave Iraq an award.  They are setting all of the qualifications for the IMF for Chapter VIII.

It’s SO OBVIOUS what they are doing … and it’s SO FRUSTRATING for those who seek for a date.  I separate myself from them.  I’m sorry.

Lift the 3 zeros … everyone is waiting.

Allak told the citizens to expect a “break thru” – do you think the ATM’s would qualify for that?  Especially if they can’t dispense 3 zero notes?

Allak’s 90 days are up … does he add 30 days to it … seems to me he is saying TIME IS UP.

Iraq is dumping the USD … and that is what the bonds are doing right now.

The bonds are not backed by the USD …

Soon … the CBI will be coming out to all citizens, all banks to make an announcement.  What did we suggest that would be?

If they announce in the coming days .. something very big … like the ATM’s … would that not only force them to use their own currency?

This could explode their economic reforms.

I would like to reference JESUS CHRIST.

I am really fed up with people who seek a date.

One time, people asked when Jesus would return.

Jesus, said that only his father knew.

We should be Christ like and not worry about dates like some of us demand.

It’s very impressive that the Iranian Rial will be a dual-currency.  Remember, they are going to use their old currency the Toman.

I don’t want to talk about the Indonesia Rupia anymore.

17 money changers were shut-down in Iraq yesterday.

How did they shut them down?

How will they put these money changers out of business?

They will “turn them off” – all of this will make sense soon.
On Thursday, an article out of Egypt came out – iTeam found that they were insinuating that the IQD is being traded in the Middle East (which would be internationalism) ---  but at 1184.  Yes – but that is just the start.

The IQD has gone across borders.

If they don’t want to say the IQD is international … then I wish they would tell us it’s at least REGIONAL.

I have a recording of DELTA and myself and I’d like to share that with you.

The way we started our CC tonight is how I’d like to end it.

THEY TURNED IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If they had not turned it on … NOTHING, NOTHING that you are studying about the IQD … NOTHING could happen.

An article came out a few days ago that told everyone in Iraq … that they have ELECTRICITY RESERVES … and power 24/7.

Family … you cannot do banking with sporadic electricity.

Many things REQUIRE electricity …………. THEY TURNED IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why should I tell you about the ATM’s??????????

We have been waiting for the electricity to come on to ACTIVATE things for the monetary reform.

Electricity was needed … do you understand the POWER of this?

Do you understand … “THEY TURNED IT ON?!!!!”

If you do a POS in Iraq … (point-of-sale) … don’t you expect something?

The ATM machines will be lit-up like a Christmas tree!!!

The companies that are in 1st place for the spoils of war will be the electricity companies.

They are trying to make IRAQ a CASHLESS society … just like everywhere else.

9 years ago I told you … when they do lift the value of the IQD … it will be the beginning of the end times.

Demons also have dinars … and we will enter into a ONE-SOURCE … and we will bow to the beast because we want food, work, etc.  To say you never will … you already are – whether you realize it or not.

CHIPS in the hand – not only pets and prisoners … but so will you soon.

You will not say this is the beast – you will go along with the flow.

ELECTRICITY --- is ready to take Iraq into an INTERNATIONAL world.

We told you about wiring, cell phone towers, POS, live banking, bank security, gift cards, id cards, fiber optics, debit and credit cards, air conditioning system, MasterCard’s … and on and on … ALL require electricity … and I get frustrated with those who seek for a date.

It’s so obvious as to what is happening and going to happen.

Do not walk-over the importance of ELECTRICITY for the MR.

Now … here is the recording from DELTA.

Keep in mind about the TRI AGREEMENT … the tankers … the US Banks … Petro-Dollars, etc.

Family … IMO … this TRI AGREEMENT still has things to do … the next meeting is the 1st week of August.

Did you notice that Allak move the meeting to the 1st week of August.

DELTA:  Everything is good.  Thank God!  We are on verge of something BIG happening.
FRANK:  Everyday they come out with something new.  Every time we see something new … Some KTFA members are making some brilliant posts … like posts by Peggy68 … outlines the direction of our study.

Something gigantic … monstrous … occurred on Thursday.  Did you notice the article that talked about 24/7 electricity?  Electricity will make everything work.

DELTA:  Electricity is very significant – you can’t really do anything today without it.

FRANK:  We panic without it.

DELTA:  They are trying to move away from the war-torn country to a secure environment, very modern.

Behind closed doors, the CBI is working very hard … along with the UST.  Allak is proving to all of us that he is doing an excellent job.  Remember, in Iraq, the temperature in Iraq can get up to 130 degrees – it requires air conditioning to keep computers cool, etc.

FRANK:  I remember being in Germany as a child.  During recess, they would turn off the electricity.

17 banks and money changers didn’t follow the CBI’s rules and were shut-down.  Now … all they would have to do is flip-a-switch and turn them off.

DELTA:  The CBI is very hard to crack down on the corruption of the money changers.  They are cleaning-house on them.  (That is easier to do using electricity by shutting them off).

FRANK:  Imagine Jesus walking into the temple and he sees the money changers … turns the tables and chastising people.  I see this same thing happening in Iraq now.

Bravo, bravo, bravo … I believe they are very close to being in the atmosphere to protect the citizens.

What did you think about the budget?

DELTA:  A lot of people get confused about it.  As I look at parliament – this was one of the IMF’s requirements.  They need to pay everybody, farmers… so the IMF did a supplementary budget.  They did pass it today.

Remember … when the CBI pulls the trigger – everything will be adjusted.  Without the IMF – nothing works.

FRANK:  Friday we probably said more than we should have.

Pay attention to the 31st – UN Operational Rates.

Pay attention to the 1st to the 7th of August.

DELTA:  The 1st week of August is a very important meeting with the IMF.  We might see something BEFORE that … or maybe AFTER.

Let’s see what the report says.

IMO … the CBI is all done.

FRANK:  I’m eager to hear from our friend in Iraq.  It confirms our study.  I’m waiting because he can’t talk right now.  Once he is able … once they TURN-ON the electricity … IMO … the software … inside of the ATM … does NOT recognize the 3 zeros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DELTA:  Remember the IMF said about 2 months … they would consider meeting once Iraq complied with everything – including the MR.

FRANK:  Yes!  And Iraq is calling for the meeting to be moved up.
Ok … I’d like to clarify something … I believe we are headed to a CASHLESS SOCIETY – which the Bible teaches about (one source controlled by “The Beast” – which can be a movement, a group, a servant of Lucifer.  For those who are worried about being involved in Lucifer’s world – family … with all due respect … you are walking in that environment now.  You all have a Social Security Card – do you not?  Will you accept a mark on your hand (like a tattoo)?  How about a chip (size of grain of rice) that would be inserted in your hand.

I don’t plan too.  That is why the Lord has blessed me with dinars.  I will be a steward of this money.  You will be blessed to take care of yourself.   Don’t become a lottery-winner.  Protect the needs of your family.  I believe we are walking into the end-times.  Saints will not be the only ones with dinars.  This will become a test of spiritual warfare for a lot of people.  You better make right decisions with this money so that you don’t have to answer to the beast.

Don’t abandon your post with Christ.  Don’t abandon the Cross.  WE NEED EACH OTHER and GOD NEEDS US!!!  I leave you in peace and I tell you that I love you.
CC ended in prayer/shofar

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