Saturday, July 1, 2017


MMulcahey:  So Frank says that the UN  money is only 121$ million? is that correct? And that it will take several months to get all of that into Iraq's central bank?
Also, can Delta please show us a screen shot of the cbi page that shows there are 456 billion dollars in frozen assets?  I can't find it anywhere.   Thanks in advance
MilitiaMan:  If I may say this and I hope I am on the right page with your concerns.. If the amount of escrow funds to be released or have been per documents, the amount I read is 131 million. It is in the UNSC documents. They may be found on their website, as it has been posted here many times.

A more important topic is how much the UST says they found since 2014. The amount is over double the 456 billion mentioned.

I believe an accurate amount is said to be 1.014 trillion. Now that is some serious reality to support our investment. In fact is is staggering in depth.

Another important topic that may be better serving for all who study thier investment is what was completed on the 27th a few days earlier than anticipated.. Bringing to everyone's attention that the UNSC has shown that the final document for the release of the escrow account was finished before the 30th.  

It is not the 131 million that is the point, it is what that money means symbolically imo.

It means that the oil for food program is over for good now, Sanctions done imo. Let that sink in and dig into that data with us and help show the world were we really are with good old fashioned team work.. sound good?

There isn't much time left to sweat the small stuff.. far to much real big stuff to focus on..

Actually there is enough data out that should give everyone a very profound feeling of closure is at our foot steps now. We can look at the data we know of and openly see massive progress.

The ME tour to (imo) seal the most important deals to get National Reconciliation for the region. Think about the photographs with Abadi and Trump many months ago, Al Sistani and Abadi a mere month or two now ago, then the King of Saudi Arabia and Abadi, Tehran and finally the Emir of Kuwait all having one thing in common. Huge ear to ear smiles, prayers and hand shakes!!

Then we see that the UNSC openly tells us they are releasing Iraq effectively from Chapter VIi on or before the 30th of June. Done ......all of that is done.

 There is the completed 2016-2020 plan and the new one coming on line called the 2018 - 2022 plan of management of the Iraqi market economy!!  

That is because they completed the first one. There is a laundry list of checked items in that IMF document. All done now.

The new CBI Web Site appears to be the venue we will witness a rate change in short order.

Let's not forget the abundance of countries congratulating Iraq on recent liberalization of Mosul and Daesh from the country while being international as Iraq can be just before a rate change to be shown to the world. All of that and much more has been taught here.

All that should give most everyone peace of mind and support that we are in this to win!

Frank26:  (Wink)

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