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Eight months ago, I posted that we would need to see in this order before the RV… the following:

1) Mosul Liberated, Announcement by Abadi, and a Celebration. Done.

2) Agreement with Kurds, including oil and territory settlement, then finally the HCL will be in position to be passed by the GOI. (Kurds, including Barzani and the oil minister from Baghdad meet today, see article below) Getting Done
3) CBI re-educating citizens on the deletion if the three zeroes (we are seeing the payments in country with e-dinars, CBI website upgraded to BIS), and finally

4) Iraq being compliant with Article VIII with the IMF and 5 - UN lifting sanctions and the RV.

The IMF is meeting with Iraq in DC this week. The UN came out a couple of days ago and told Iraq they need to be Article VIII compliant/RV.

The lynchpin to the RV, now that Mosul has been declared liberated by Abadi, the Kurds and Baghdad finalizing the HCL agreement. Barzani wants independence, and this agreement is going to have to allow for that contingency in order to get him to sign off on it.

This was a VERY IMPORTANT meeting today, which I was expecting. I'm expecting to see the CBI starting to re-educate the public on the RV. These CBI articles should be coming out within the next couple of weeks. I'm still looking towards end of summer for the RV.

I believe that Trump will use this RV to pay down our national debt, although I'd be surprised if that ever gets disclosed. [As with Clinton when Kuwait revalued.]

I think Congress will get tax reform so we will be able to inject more of our profits back into the US economy instead of Obamacare, debt to China, and "the swamp" of bureaucracy.

Again, the agreement with the Kurds over oil is the lynchpin now, and this article should make everyone very happy along with the UN publicly saying that Iraq needs to RV (via IMF Article VIII compliance).

If an agreement is reached with the Kurds, it's time to really start with your post-RV plans.

Posted, 2017/7/12

[Oan- Baghdad] The federal government confirmed in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government in Arbil , get ready to open a new page of relations and cooperation after the reconstruction of Mosul recently liberated from the terrorist gangs Daesh.

The ministers held the Kurdistan Regional Government Council, on Wednesday, a meeting with the federal government delegationheaded by Minister of Oil, Jabbar Luaibi, it was agreed to form a committee to coordinate cooperation between the two sides in the field of oil and electric power.

The meeting took place between the delegation of the Federal Government and the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region , headed by the President of the Government of the Territory, Barzani, and the presence of Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region, Qubad Talabani , in addition to a number of ministers of the region.

A statement issued by the Kurdistan Regional Government, that the two sides have announced their readiness to open a new page, and continuous dialogue to resolve the outstanding problems between the two parties.

The statement, discussed the formation of a joint committee to coordinate cooperation between the two sides in the field of oil and electric power, including in the interest of all the Iraqi people all.

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, according to the statement, expressed “readiness of the Kurdistan region to cooperate in the post Daesh, to ensure the normal life of citizens in the affected areas and their return to it.”

Turning Barzani during the meeting, to relations between the KRG and the federal government to post-Daesh especially in areas affected by the fighting, which are needed now to reconstruction again.

For his part, “thanked the Federal Government delegation, the Government of the Territory to its readiness for cooperation and coordination of the Iraqi government.”

Arrived Wednesday morning, a delegation of the Federal Government, comprising ministers of oil, education, agriculture, electricity and agents finance ministries, electricity, oil, education and agriculture with a number of general managers and advisors of the Iraqi government, to Erbil, to discuss issues of common interest.


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