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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday Early PM 7-29-17

chattels: ISIS launched widespread attack on Peshmerga in Khurmatu By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/290720171

txbrand: http://en.economiciraq.com/2017/07/29/dollar-exchange-rates-in-baghdad-and-erbil-this-morning-2/ Selling price / $ 100 = 125.750 Iraqi Dinar Purchase price / $ 100 = 125.700 Iraqi Dinar Erbil Selling price / $ 100 = 125.850 Iraqi Dinar Purchase price / $ 100 = 125.800 Iraqi Dinar

chattels: Militants have launched numerous attacks against Kurdish Peshmerga forces south of Kirkuk, notably Khurmatu, in the past three years. Kurdish military leaders see it as a major threat to Kirkuk’s security and stability.

txbrand: I thought that's what we were looking for ...lol
txbrand: I guess it would be 1.25 right ?
chattels: @txbrand I do not find numbers in the link you provided

txbrand: i had to put it in bing translator to see

Dave: at least the PMU ,Shia and Sunni are uniting to rid ISIS in Tel Afar.......working together......

txbrand: bing says =Selling price / $ 100 = 125.750 Iraqi Dinar Purchase price / $ 100 = 125.700 Iraqi Dinar Erbil Selling price / $ 100 = 125.850 Iraqi Dinar Purchase price / $ 100 = 125.800 Iraqi Dinar

Dave: Kaperoni would like that Tx

Dave: controlling the spread
Dave: Banks popping up eveyrwhere people getting back to work........

 Dave: Tx .this rate is like 1 tenth of a cent to the USD

MichelleL: tx, they use . where we would use ,
MichelleL: in other words, we're still "without funds" lol
MichelleL: hasta luego peeps :)

Dave: We can still buy ! million dinar for about 1000.00 ?
MichelleL: sounds right Dave, plus or minus - later all :)

chattels: @txbrand the 126.500 is one hundred twenty six thousand five hundred. The " period " is / should be a " comma ".

chattels: @txbrand So, $ 1,000 dollars is exchanging for !.265 million dinar.

txbrand: @Dave ok ty
txbrand: @chattels ok ty
txbrand: @chattels dang wish we could get that price..lol

Spectra: The thing is going to get even more dull.....watch......because now that Mosul is is over Expect nothing!,,,,,,,,,,,,,I see months of boring ...nothing kind of news ...just go about your life! :)

Spectra: Unless those lower demons pop! ...other than that nothing else matters!
Brow: @Spectra - Correct on Both Statements
Spectra: @Brow i predicated this was going to go stale and dormat

Spectra: @Brow And not a single article from CBI About that green light ,they bragged about !............NOTTA THING about deleation zero;s .......VOID!............ ;chill

Brow: @Spectra - Agree-Iraq & the RV is Like Obamacare all Smoke & Mirrors

Spectra: @Brow Well it sure looks that way! ,,,,,,,,,,AND THE C.B.I. is responsible!

BlackGold: just for information purposes. I went to a VOM conference "Voice Of the Martyars and there was a person from Iran there. He had pictures of empty Mosques and said that in Iran and Afganistan Christianity is the fastest growing religion.

He explained to me when we see those "death to America groups" that they tell certain people they must attend and give them free lunch. most of the anti Iran garbage we hear is just that garbage

BlackGold: Only in the USA is Islam growing

Spectra: @BlackGold I know we are being lied too about Iran in my opinion...They have the largest population of jewish arabs in Iran as well!

Spectra: @BlackGold Alot of people dpon't know this....
Spectra: @BlackGold Those jewish people in Iran live the same as everyone too!

BlackGold: @Spectra True. They have their problems but I don't see them leaving

Spectra: @BlackGold We are being lied too! period so they can start new WARS INVADE COUNTRIES!

BlackGold: @Spectra i believe so

Spectra: @BlackGold mY HEART ALSO TELLS ME THIS!
Brow: @Spectra - I didn't Know That - Wow

Spectra: @BlackGold besides ive done some deep research on it

BlackGold: @Spectra the more you dig, the more you see how much we are driven by fake news

Spectra: @BlackGold yes they have the second largest population of jewish next to israel
Spectra: @BlackGold fake is right
Spectra: @BlackGold dont take my word look into it!

BlackGold: @Spectra i was shock when I found that out

Spectra: @BlackGold yes, it a fact !
Spectra: @BlackGold on u tube they have video's showing the mosques! in iran too
Spectra: @BlackGold they even talk on the video i seen the jewish people in iran! They love their home

BlackGold: @Spectra i didn't see those but the man gave me a dvd showing at noon time empty mosque

Spectra: @BlackGold i can believe that too
Spectra: @BlackGold they have alot of christians in iran

BlackGold: @Spectra true, he is a Pastor in Iran
BlackGold: @Spectra he said in Iran even muslims celebrate Christmas

Spectra: i believe it when i was in kuwait they celebrated it too! i was there for christmas they go all out!

chattels: The United Nations’ humanitarian coordinator for Iraq Lise Grande stressed that reconciliation is paramount to secure the future of Iraq. She told Rudaw that the government’s military victories can’t be ensured without helping people afterward, having national dialogue, creating an inclusive government, and pushing reconciliation. The main problem is Iraq doesn’t have the money for these programs.

She might have added that Baghdad doesn’t have a plan for any these either, and therefore they are unlikely to happen. That’s especially true because next year elections are to be held, and Iraqi politicians never do anything of substance during that period.

That could jeopardize the liberated areas like Mosul, and eventually usher in a new phase of the insurgency.


BlackGold: @Spectra They had a Pastor from Iran, Syria, the Lady who was kid knaped in the Phillipines
Spectra: wow, poor woman

chattels: " The main problem is Iraq doesn’t have the money for these programs. She might have added that Baghdad doesn’t have a plan for any these either, and therefore they are unlikely to happen. That’s especially true because next year elections are to be held, and Iraqi politicians never do anything of substance during that period."

Spectra: @chattels more downward news , but ty regardless

BlackGold: @chattels True
BlackGold: @chattels Lets pray things change

BlackGold: @Spectra true

Hoss: @chattels if elections become an issue for this rv, we could very well be waiting until 2019 at least.

BlackGold: @Hoss i hear ya

chattels: The Endgame: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Iraq, from George W. Bush to Barack Obama Paperback – March 12, 2013 by Michael R. Gordon


Spectra: @Hoss We might as well take a longggg nap ! like Rumpelstiltskin .Perhaps when we wake up it will be done!

chattels: Kirk H. Sowell‏ @UticaRisk 3h3 hours ago This is an absolute must read. The best single history of the US experience in Iraq.

BlackGold: @Spectra lol
Spectra: im serious too!
chattels: Harrd to argue with your sense of it.

chattels: I encourage you all as I encourage myself and I pray for you all as I pray for myself. Fight the good fight, holding on to faith and good conscience.

BlackGold: @chattels amen

chattels: " What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value." - Thomas Paine

Spectra: @chattels INDEED!

chattels: @Hoss I have suspected for some time that even if we are lucky enough to have a liquidity event that the hardest part may be exchanging. The " haves" will attempt to leverage the " have nots ".

Hoss: @chattels I'm thinking 50/50 chance of coming out ok (ok meaning at least a dime)

BlackGold: @Hoss When you google thr DFI fund you'll see the money isn't there. whatever they say it was and 10 times more
BlackGold: @Hoss https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Development_Fund_for_Iraq

Hoss: @BlackGold do you mean the leftover balance that was to be released end of June?

chattels: @Hoss A dime would be one of the highest " RV's" in history I was told by Dan Huse who was a student of such.

BlackGold: Not left over All of it
BlackGold: that wasn't for them to spend, it was for the RV

Hoss: @chattels well we kinda knew coming in this was different (or hope so anyway)

chattels: @Hoss I bought an amount based upon a dime which would be great and anything more is " stupid money " as Dan Huse would say.

BlackGold: @Hoss lets pray we get something

Hoss: @BlackGold amen
Hoss: that's the million dollar question
Hoss: no doubt they will go international ... not worried about that

BlackGold: @Hoss hope soon

Hoss: will we get paid is the question

chattels: Despite my conservative and critical view of the news, I am persuaded that this opportunity is a once in a millennium chance. I was not going to miss " playing the game " and it ain't over 'till it is over, eh ?

Spectra: very good perspective !

BlackGold: @chattels i hear ya
BlackGold: @chattels i be right behind ya in line
BlackGold: <----- smiling

chattels: Only in the USA. God bless America. God bless us every one.

Dave: If they only had a kumbuya moment........
BlackGold: @Dave what do you mean
Dave: a unified country
BlackGold: oh ok

Dave: IRAQIs...... no sunni shia turk etc

BlackGold: that will never happen, thats like saying no Republicans and democrats

Spectra: Look at iraq in the 70;s there was no sectarian !
Spectra: no fighting between them selves!

Dave: Sunni and Kurds have been marginaluized ever since

Spectra: Then along came the over throw !
Dave: Sadam!

Spectra: its a long subject worth the study!

BlackGold: Be honest, everywhere the US goes trouble follows, wonder why

Dave: now its worse
Spectra: i see my self.it breaks my heart
Dave: Things were much better under Sadam......Hellow Maliki

Spectra: they put mailiki there! USA!
Dave: Thought he my play nice

BlackGold: yep
Spectra: Sad but true
Spectra: a puppet is what he is! Mailiki

Dave: 65 billion dollars in bankacct

BlackGold: abadi is no different

Spectra: Sadam was a puppet too once upon a time!
Spectra: yeh' Abadi us the new puppet!

Dave: I think abadi may be sincere....

Spectra: i dont think so!
Spectra: Abadi worked for Mailiki!
Spectra: crooked is what he is!

BlackGold: you can be sincere but if you don't do what is right, your sincerity means nothing 
​Dave: varying degrees of sincereity

Spectra: @BlackGold Absolutly !

chattels: Haidar Sumeri‏ @IraqiSecurity Worrying small-scale daily attacks by Da'ish in Anbar, Salahuddin and Diyala. Tell-tale signs of a bloody insurgency to come in #Iraq. 3:39 PM - 28 Jul 2017

Spectra: @BlackGold but he stold money too people forget ! When that one guy i forgot his name Abadi was mentioned as a theif!

Spectra: Anbar was suppose to have been cleared last year!

Dave: he was the finance minister I belive under M
Spectra: @Dave yes

BlackGold: almost everyone in government has stolen money, our is the worst,why should Iraq be any different

Spectra: WHY are they back at Anbar ?Again!

Dave: years ago Malili inferred that he whom lives in a glass house SHOULD throw no stone.........

chattels: @Spectra They have never been ousted from western Anbar.

Spectra: @BlackGold good point ! They rigged it that way!
Spectra: @chattels ok ty

chattels: @Spectra Almost the entire Anbar Province Syrian border is controlled or threatened by DAESH.

Spectra: So this is their new challenge to clear Anbar?

Dave: BLackgold Maliki et-al have lost almost ! trillion USD....some of richest people in the world are the IRAQI MPs

Dave: In Canada a bald Senator was claiming !50/hair cut........ cost us millions in legal fees.........

Dave: 150....
BlackGold: @Dave The question is who in the US got the other trillion

Spectra: ????

chattels: @Spectra Beginning with Tal Afar and south to Al Qa'im

Dave: I doubt Obama is a billionaire

chattels: @Spectra And then there is still Hawija.

Spectra: @chattels And the drums War keep going!

BlackGold: @Dave you'll never know, they hide money in places you don't even know are on the map or they claim we don't do business with them. Places like Qatar and Cuba

chattels: @Spectra There will be war and rumors of war until the second coming.

BlackGold: Does anyone know the exchange rate from US to Cuba

BruceHR: I was chatting with some RV skeptics today, and a question came up: Anyone heard of buyers of dinar (or dong or zim, etc) who gave up and sold off all of their currency holdings?

Spectra: @chattels YES!

chattels: @BruceHR I have not heard such in my limited circle of invested friends.

Spectra: @BruceHR no

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has issued a decree ordering the allocation of pieces of lands to the families of “martyrs” who lost their lives in the war against ISIS. All aspects of the armed forces will be included: Peshmerga, Hashd al-Shaabi, tribal volunteers, and the Iraqi army.

chattels: The statement explained that each family will receive 200 square meters of land “in good residential areas within the municipal boundaries of the administrative units.” Abadi urged relevant authorities to complete the distribution of the land before November 1, 2017.


Spectra: @chattels That is a good thing! :) Giving them land!
Spectra: @chattels they certainly deserve it!

BruceHR: My cards on the table: I have been a buyer and seller of zim, as a dealer. I am a skeptic myself and have gone so far as trying to talk buyers out of large orders of currency from me.

Belief in the RV is VERY strong, and the most I have ever managed to do is convince some buyers not to invest more than they could afford to lose. So I'm wondering what would convince holders to convert back to dollars. If the RV hasn't happened by 2025...?

Spectra: @BruceHR i will never sell mine!
Spectra: @BruceHR why would i ive been in this for 14 years!??
BlackGold: @BruceHR not your concern

BruceHR: @Spectra That supports my theory that unless there's an RV, these banknotes won't be coming back into the collectible market.

Spectra: @BlackGold he is asking a strange question!

BruceHR: @BlackGold, of course it isn't my business. I'm curious because I've had an accidental front row seat. I bought Zim in 2009 because I thought I could sell them as a novelty. I keep expecting a price drop, and it doesn't happen. The market temporarily goes a little soft, and that's it...

Spectra: ok
Spectra: im not interested in Zim no offence i feel it is only a novelty!

BruceHR: The only exception is the Z$500-million, which went way up on the rumor that millions would revalue at the same rate as trillions. It has dropped, and my guess it that's because that particular idea has faded.

Spectra: so therefore talking in depth is really non sensical to me.

BlackGold: @BruceHR Hey whatever happens everyone is responsible for there own choices

Spectra: @BlackGold right!

BruceHR: @Spectra, yeah, I think ZIm has the weakest argument for RV. It's no longer money!

Spectra: lol
Spectra: @BruceHR agree

BruceHR: @BlackGold, amen, brother. Otherwise, I'd feel back about continuing to sell the last of my Zim.

BlackGold: @BruceHR I hve one note of zim-- payed $15, I'm keeping it
Spectra: lol

BlackGold: @BruceHR hey if they want it ,sell it, everyone has been warned of the risk

BruceHR: Well, if I'm right, @BlackGold got a really good price. I doubt enough of the Zim 100-trillion will change hands to drop the price under $20 in my lifetime. And, yeah, I do sell it. I warn and sell.

BruceHR: Anyway, sorry to have sort of intruded since I'm not a regular here. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

BlackGold: thats all you can do
BlackGold: @BruceHR you are always welcome
BlackGold: we are all outsiders
BlackGold: @BruceHR well spectra might not be--lol

Sergio: Zimbabwe is stockpiling gold and diamonds to back a new currency for its ruined economy

Spectra: @BlackGold i was right he sells it i knew it!-lol at least he tells the truth!

BlackGold: yep

Spectra: @BlackGold that why i said it was strange!

Sergio: Just wanted to add that the zim is dead

Spectra: @Sergio i read that!

chattels: Should the US support Kurdish independence? By Paul Davis http://www.rudaw.net/english/opinion/29072017
BlackGold: @Sergio its only dead when people stop buying it

Spectra: @Sergio somday perhaps!

Spectra: @Sergio they have their chance with a new currency

Sergio: @Spectra okay was not sure if anyone seen that report

Spectra: @Sergio oh yes

BruceHR: I read that, @Sergio. I just don't know if anyone can trust that government again, even with gold and diamonds in place. To make the currency truly backed by its commodity, people have to be able to trade paper for the commodity. As i recall, Nixon took the US off of gold because the French government was trying to get gold for its dollars.

chattels: The question that has been asked by many is whether this is a good time for the Kurds to seek independence. The general answer to this question is that it is never a good time, but in many cases, must be done. Current regions that have faced or are facing this question include Scotland, Quebec, and Catalonia

Spectra: @chattels Good point!
chattels: The question for the American government now is to do what is expedient, try and delay the vote and any discussion of independence or do what is right and support the only consistent ally we have in the region. Make no mistake the Kurds will vote for independence and will open conversation with Baghdad. The Kurdish national army, known as the Peshmerga, has demonstrated it is capable of defending the region.

Sergio: At a birthday party for a friends kid. Lol so I got a pop up report on my phone and just happened to check in here lol


Spectra: @Sergio have fun!

Sergio: lol it's kids lol

Spectra: @chattels Definatly interesting!

BlackGold: the kurds have been talking independence for 6 years, nothing new

Spectra: you are just sick and tired of hearing them -lol
Spectra: i am understand !
BlackGold: lol

Sergio: @BlackGold I agree, Iraq cannot afford to split. Oil is key

Spectra: @Sergio i see it like that too1

BlackGold: the kurds only add 100 million gallons a day

BlackGold: Iraq’s production surged to a record of about 4 million barrels a day in early 2015, restoring exports to levels not seen since the 1980s.

Sergio: The fact that there is so much to rebuild over there and investors want the whole iraq as their playground. Also if they where to split one side will try to compete in selling oil and cause price war between the 2 trying to out do the other not only selling but companies to cap on the split

Spectra: @BlackGold interesting

BlackGold: iraq isn't hurting, we are hurting Iraq

BlackGold: everyone is making money off Iraq but us

Spectra: @BlackGold i see that!

BlackGold: all this government crap is just that, they can RV anyday
BlackGold: again point to the IMF,World Bank, Federal Reserve and US treasury

Spectra: Right!

BlackGold: Thats 400 million Barrels a DAY, plus Wheat some of the best in the world, Dimond mines,Gold Mines and most of all Rare Earth

Spectra: Abundant wealth!
ebow: Kurds will never break away from Iraq. They only make threats to get what they want. Kurdistan would be land lock with no place to sell their oil.

BlackGold: @Tebow probably right

Spectra: through turkey they sell it ! pipeline!

Tebow: you think Iraq, Syria, Turkey or Iran would run Kurdish pipelines across their countries.
Tebow: Turks hate the Kurds.

Spectra: money speaks
Spectra: that because that part of iraq use to be Turkey!
Spectra: kurdistan!

chattels: @Tebow There are already two pipelines to Turkey from Kurdistan

Spectra: @chattels i thought so Thank you!

chattels: Modern day Turkey was the Ottoman Empire and it reigned over all of Iraq, Egypt and Greece, et al

chattels: https://www.britannica.com/place/Ottoman-Empire

Tebow: and turkey can turn the tap off when ever they want.

chattels: Ancient Anatolia is essentially Turkey today.

Spectra: The was a gigantic empire !

chattels: @Tebow There is a dependency upon Turkey, but there are consequences attendant to "turning off the tap ".

Spectra: Ottoman Empire was feared tremenously!
Spectra: They impaled there adversaries!on stakes like Drakula!

chattels: @Spectra Very formidable until WWI.

Spectra: WW1? hmm !not that long ago! No wonder why i read on posts Iraq people fear they will try it again?

Spectra: ive read and seen it with my own eyes on facebook,they mentioned Ottoman Empire! Then EROGAN acting up?
Spectra: jeez , these poor people!

chattels: 1914 : Ottoman Empire declares a holy war http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/ottoman-empire-declares-a-holy-war

Spectra: wow that was not that long ago?

chattels: @Spectra Mohamedans have been fighting " Holy wars " for thousands of years.

Spectra: yes! but Mohamad was Born a hebrew! that is something many do not know!
Spectra: I find it very interesting
chattels: @Spectra Iraq is very sensitized to Turkish aggression as a result of the Ottoman Empire.

Spectra: @chattels for good reason too!
Spectra: @chattels you like history a lot i can see!

chattels: Turkey's real concern: Greater Kurdistan A motion — to be voted on and almost certainly approved by the Turkish parliament today [Oct. 2] — would give the government and the army a crucial mandate [for military action in Syria and Iraq]. How this mandate is utilized will be equally crucial.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/politics/2014/10/turkey-iraq-syria-kurds-great-kurdistan.html#ixzz4oGzhH44k

chattels: The Rise of Greater Kurdistan : https://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/rise-greater-kurdistan

chattels: @Spectra I was an Ancient History major in college.
chattels: @Spectra And now a confessed Kurdish sympathizer.

Spectra: oh' wow .I should have known!
Spectra: @chattels yes ,you say this frequently .I have gathered that!
Spectra: @chattels :)

chattels: @Spectra The great Saladin was a Kurd.

Spectra: @chattels whu was he?

Spectra: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saladin

chattels: @Spectra The most flourishing period of Kurdish power was probably during the 12th century, when the great Saladin, who belonged to the Rawendi branch of the Hadabani (or Adiabene) tribe, founded the Ayyubite (1171–1250) dynasty of Syria, and Kurdish chieftainships were established, not only to the west of the Kurdistan mountains in Syria, but as far away as Egypt and Yeme

chattels: @Spectra Under Saladin's command, the Ayyubid army defeated the Crusaders at the decisive Battle of Hattin in 1187, and thereafter wrested control of Palestine – including the city of Jerusalem – from the Crusaders, who had conquered the area 88 years earlier.

Spectra: @chattels fearless strong leader ..!The kurds must love him!

chattels: @Spectra Saladin was born in Tikrit in modern-day Iraq.

abangjadul: all moslem love him 
Spectra: @chattels i see
Spectra: @chattels well my favorite is this one Cyrus the Great
Spectra: he was apeacemaker

Spectra: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyrus_the_Great

Spectra: as far as the middle east! He had a good heart so ive read!

abangjadul: @Spectra pls try to read about prophet of muhammad , he bring islam with peace not by sword

Spectra: @abangjadul ...I know ,what you are saying but i still will have my belief and that is a christian foundation!

Sparky: @chattels you bring it bro!

Spectra: My belief are different because i question everything .but i was raised a catholic,and those roots remain!

chattels: @abangjadul I doubt that the people of Mecca in 622 thought that he was so peaceful or parts of the Roman Empire.

Spectra: but ive added my own parts -lol and took some out -lol
Spectra: @chattels you are right

chattels: " Muhammad's use of warfare in general was not alien, neither to Arab custom nor to that of the Hebrew prophets, as both believed that God had sanctioned battle with the enemies of the Lord." John Esposito(2005), Islam: The Straight Path, p.15

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