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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday
Sparky: @foxmulder elections what we need to watch
foxmulder: watched the previous ones !

Sparky: @foxmulder in Or out, Iran in, I'm out
foxmulder: @Sparky Iran will always be a factor no way around it they are neighbors !

Sparky: @foxmulder Mr too,yhen
foxmulder: @Sparky Im just amazed why Iraq bows to them it seems

Sparky: @foxmulder Isis
foxmulder: Maliki

Sparky: @foxmulder yes
foxmulder: or to those that love and adore him fred flinstone of the middle east

Sparky: @foxmulder Iranian influence
Sparky: @foxmulder peasants

foxmulder: SHIA majority after yrs of Saddam and sunni its payback time I guess
​Cree: @tman23 Does not make any sense... How can a Central Bank FORCE you to do something.... Walkingstick -1 on credability

tman23: @foxmulder ...Amazing.....
foxmulder: @Cree concerning the flow of money and policy they have the biggest stick

Cree: @foxmulder OK, but once the money is in the Bank - they are out of it, unless they change the valuation of the currency and it is announced.....

foxmulder: @Cree THE CBI has major control as in the aspect of monetary policy
Sparky: @Cree not time the bank my friend

foxmulder: @Cree The CBI can at any time wipe clean the notes we hold and start of as they seem fit period

Cree: @foxmulder Think of it. IT is like you walking into your bank say BofA or Chase and Wells, and without an announcement for the Central Bank to tell not the Bank but the owner of the bank account what he/she has to do..... This is NOT what a Central Bank would do....

foxmulder: @Cree The CBI can at any time wipe clean the notes we hold and start of as they seem fit period

Cree: @foxmulder Think of it. IT is like you walking into your bank say BofA or Chase and Wells, and without an announcement for the Central Bank to tell not the Bank but the owner of the bank account what he/she has to do..... This is NOT what a Central Bank would do....

Cree: @foxmulder I agree, and it could happen, but they would announce it first. The notice of what the Central Bank wants would come from your local bank not the CBI.

foxmulder: They alone control the aspect in which they deal with their currency thy are their own entity

tman23: @Cree .... I try to keep it simple....... The fact is Iraq is going to lift the 3 zeros at some point in time, and the speculation is on how the 3 zero notes will be treated at exchange......

Spectra: National Internet Project: Monthly subscription will not exceed 43 thousand dinars
Director of the National Project for the Internet, supervised by the Ministry of Communications Alaa Musa, Sunday, the completion of the project end of the year 2017, while confirmed that the monthly subscription will not exceed 43 thousand dinars.

Moussa said in a statement to the "Information" that "there are obstacles facing the work of cadres implementation of the project because of the release of lies and rumors intended to illusions of citizens about the disadvantages of the project to block it,"

noting that "monthly subscription to the Internet will be 35 thousand dinars, while the total services provided 43 thousand Dinars, which includes watching TV channels as it exists in the European Union and the United States. "

Moussa added that "the ministry has developed alternatives in the case of the presence of pieces in the Internet to enable the continuation of the service in an emergency as well as the project will reach all homes at the end of this year and will be starting service officially,"

 stressing that "the fourth license of the project was withdrawn from the ministry by a decision of the Council Ministers ". And started on Sunday, the work of the National Project of the Internet at the headquarters of the Ministry of Communications downtown Baghdad to introduce the project.

tman23: @foxmulder ..... The IMF has gone to great lengths to protect the CBI reserves ..... it is for that reason I have confidence that the currency will be honored..... at what cost to us is another question should we be required to use a dealer to exchange it back to the CBI..... Odds are pretty good Guru will post the first half of this statement and cut out the last part..... Seems to be how they all operate !!

Spectra: That price of internet is cheaper than mine!-lol
Spectra: :ft:
​foxmulder: @tman23 I go by which in my small mind ! I purchased all my dinar through 5 %? third bank hope it was a good choice

foxmulder: @tman23 goes to reason at some point exchange with same institution

chattels: good afternoon all

Spectra: @chattels hello! :)

chattels: Disputed territories pose major challenge to Kurdish referendum In a July 19 statement, Kurdistan Regional Government President Massoud Barzani said that holding a referendum is a natural right of the people of Kurdistan that they will not back down from.

According to the spokesperson for the Independent High Electoral and Referendum Commission (IHERC) in Kurdistan, around 6 million people in the Kurdistan Region and the disputed territories such as the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, Sinjar, Makhmour and Khanaqin have the right to vote in the referendum.

Forty-eight percent of the Kurdistan Region’s land is still disputed between Baghdad and Erbil and some 2.7 million people live in the disputed territories.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/07/kurdish-referendum-disputed-areas-iraq.html#ixzz4oLnLvMio

chattels: Summary : The upcoming Iraqi Kurdistan’s referendum will include the disputed territories, but given the practical and technical challenges, holding the referendum on Sept. 25 will be highly unlikely. Author Nahwi Saeed - Posted July 29, 2017

chattels: Apart from Baghdad’s discontent and the opposition of the local Arabs and Turkmens to the planned referendum, there are regional and international challenges. Regionally, the influence of neighboring powers such as Turkey and Iran can affect the trend of the referendum.

Iran can influence the Kurdistan Region not only because it is bordering the region, but also through its allies from the central government and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU). The PMU contains different groups, but the most powerful factions are those that maintain strong links with Tehran.

chattels: The Kurdish internal discord cannot be overlooked either. The rivalry between the PUK that has dominated Kirkuk — the epicenter of the disputed territories — politically and the KDP that has controlled a lot of Kirkuk's oil infrastructure can affect the timing and the possibility of holding a referendum in general and in those areas in particular.

jackflash: @chattels good to see you again..Thanks for coming in and sharing the news

chattels: In the past, due to the difficulty of determining who will be eligible to vote, neither census nor referendum (two crucial stages of Article 140) was implemented. In other words, due to the history of forced displacement from Kirkuk under the Arabization process and returning a large number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) since 2003, defining a voter registry was particularly challenging.

Further complicating the matter, since the emergence of the Islamic State in the last three years, a new group of IDPs has emerged in Kirkuk governorate.

Not only because IHERC doesn't have enough time to figure out this complex matter, but also the commission is sharply divided over Barzani’s call for the referendum. One of the nine members of IHERC resigned on July 24, claiming that there is no serious intent by the commission to hold parliamentary and presidential elections in the Kurdistan Region as well as the upcoming referendum.

Amid all of these practical and technical challenges, holding a referendum on Sept. 25 will be difficult — if not impossible. These challenges can prevent the referendum from taking place in the first place or they might oblige Barzani to postpone the referendum, particularly in the disputed territories.

chattels: Yes sir. My pleasure. Happy to have you here.

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Kurdistan’s top diplomat has warned the United Nations that they should not expect the Kurdistan Region to implement agreements the UN signs with Baghdad, calling on the UN to instead work directly with Erbil and consider the Kurdish government as its “main partner.”


chattels: The UN Mission in Iraq, UNAMI, stated in mid June that they do not intend to take part, support or oversee the referendum on September 25.

chattels: The spokesperson for the UN Secretary General later clarified to Rudaw in July that their decision to not “engage” with the Kurdistan referendum on independence is not a stance against the vote, but is part of their “standing principle” to participate in votes only at the request of national governments.

Acerginnala: Recaps posted an article on the new sanctions being placed on Iran with the purpose of getting them to pull back from Iraq amongst others. Any thoughts? http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=8491
​chattels: @Acerginnala Sanctions have been ineffective with Iran on other issues. One has to wonder whether these will be any different.


chattels: This month Iraq signed “a significant contract for a large batch” of Russian T-90 main battle tanks for its armoured forces. The manufacturer of the tank said 73 are going to be delivered to Iraq: which would give Baghdad a large number of formidable tanks to bolster its already sizable fleet of American-made M1 Abrams and T-72s, the T-90's older brother. Michael Knights, an Iraq analyst and the Lafer Fellow at the Washington Institute, is skeptical at this early stage about whether this deal will actually see the light of day.

chattels: “The veteran journalist reaction to any Russian arms deal announcement is to note that many deals in the past have taken a long time, if ever, to become reality, especially in large numbers of new-build items,” Knights told Rudaw English. “So I would say that such a deal will only be a reality when tanks are delivered and money changes hands.” “Iraq will need to negotiate generous financing to afford this many tanks,” he added.

chattels: Iraq is favouring Russian equipment given the fact it's usually cheaper and easier to operate than the American equipment. Furthermore, Moscow seldom has strings attached to their deals regarding how their arms are used by their buyers. “Iraq may want to use old repair and maintenance facilities left from the Soviet times,” Akhmetov pointed out.

“Some people also pay attention to technical details,” he added. “Russian arms are easy to use, repair and change. Spare parts are cheap, low-educated people can easily apprehend how to use them and so forth.”

chattels: Knights also alluded to this point: “Iraqi soldiers like the T-series Russian tanks because they are familiar to them, they are easier to maintain and can easily be loaded on tank-transporting trucks and are light enough for most Iraqi bridges.”

chattels: Knights concludes that the T-90 deal is little more than “a political announcement.” “Iraq doesn't need tanks.”

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi intelligence officials say they have foiled an attempt by ISIS to attack the home of Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. Two officers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that they foiled an attempt by ISIS to carry out a series of suicide attacks in Karbala and Najaf where the home of Sistani is located, as well as shrines which are revered by the Shiite community, The Associated Press reported on Sunday. Sistani has been a leader of Shiite opposition to ISIS in Iraq.


chattels: Committee of Experts: 33 candidates for the new round of interviews to nominate members of the new Board of Commissioners


chattels: The parliamentary committee of experts ended last week's interviews of candidates to the new Board of Commissioners of the Electoral Commission, The House of Representatives vote on the wording of the decision not to accept the nomination of the members of the Board of Commissioners (current) to the membership of the new Board of Commissioners until the Committee of parliamentary experts to take action in this regard, and if the inability of the Committee of Experts to resolve the matter, the resolution will be submitted to the House of Representatives to vote T it.

Dave: too help eliminate electoral fraud.........Hmm

chattels: Sunday, July 30, 2017 Post Mosul Liberation Day 19 Jul 29 2017 http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2017/07/post-mosul-liberation-day-19-jul-29-2017.html

Duke77: Is there any significance to this??
Duke77: The International Monetary Fund has called on Iraq to make fundamental adjustments in its economic and financial sectors, especially the banking sector, which needs to restructure and new policies in line with the reforms called for by the Fund as a condition to support Iraq. http://www.alhayat.com/Articles

chattels: There were more political recriminations about the fall of Mosul. Former Ninewa Governor Atheel Nujafi blamed Baghdad for everything. According to him, the central government gave the city to the Islamic State in 2014, allowed the group to carry out massacres, and then destroyed it while liberating it. This was just the latest in several accusations by politicians about the 2014 events.

As more time passes, more will throw in their version of events, and attack their opponents at the same time. This also comes as elections are planned for next year. What will not come out of this will be anyone being held responsible.

Duke77: Delta and Frank are having a hayday with this one

chattels: @Duke77 What happened with the connected site to the CBI and the 1.2 value " bovine scatology " ?

Duke77: Haven't looked. Is it still around?
Duke77: I did link though. I checked that one out but did it mean anything... I have no idea.

chattels: @Duke77 No idea, but my dinar is not worth any more than it was.

Duke77: http://cbi.3eyon-host.net the USD AND THE EUR are highlighted now

Hoss: I don't see them as highlighted ?

Duke77: They are in white the others are in green
Spectra: no highlight to be seen on my pc!

Hoss: the top 3 are in white including the GBP

Tebow: CBI site showing 1.2 to US dollar not the 1186.

Duke77: Amazing! Delta posted an article about the IMF and now it's nowhere to be found. Been looking for it and it's gone. Wonder if he found that or created it..

Duke77: @Tebow this is the HOST site. It's been up like that for 5 or 6 weeks

Tebow: yes and it had 1186 before

Duke77: @Hoss the GBP is green on my screen
Duke77: @Tebow that's the CBI.iq site. This site has never shown 1.2

Dave: I am waiting till Forex posts 1.2

Duke77: @Dave yep me too!
Duke77: Stupid phone! Grrr.

Duke77: LINK

Duke77: That's the link to the article Delta posted. It's real.

Spectra: he Association of Iraqi Private Banks confirmed the importance of recent amendments to the Central Bank of Iraq Law for the banking sector, which is looking for more opportunities to contribute to the development of the national economy and enhance its role in the Iraqi capital market.

"The increase in the number of members of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank from outside the bank is an important step that will be positively reflected in the level of decisions taken by the bank," said Wadih Nouri Al-Hanal, Of the 9 members, which means that there is a majority of outside the bank, which will push to benefit more than the support provided by the bank to banks in expanding their contribution to sustainable development and investment ».

He pointed out that «the recent amendments of the Central Bank reflected his desire to develop the sector's work and mechanism of dealing with developments in the world, as well as to address the problems related to the activity of financing and lending and in a way to simplify the procedures related to it».

He added that «the increase of the capital of the Central to one trillion dinars ($ 850 million) confirms the desire to activate its role on the level of investment of his funds and his intention to find large outlets in the acquisition of new products take into account the needs of investment and development sectors», adding that «the reality of private banks Needs a vision and strategy to help them touch the new reality that the sector aspires to communicate with the important objectives contained in the recent amendments to the Center ».

 The International Monetary Fund has called on Iraq to make fundamental adjustments in its economic and financial sectors, especially the banking sector, which needs to restructure and new policies in line with the reforms called for by the Fund as a condition to support Iraq ». The Council of Ministers and Representatives is working to introduce amendments to the Central Bank's law aime

Spectra: There now they can read -DELTA'S article!

Spectra: Thank you frank26 and delta!
Spectra: exceeded the ceiling of the IMF's expectations ...I Like this line-lol

foxmulder: @Spectra more bull****

Spectra: so it is a good article !

Dave: ....they are still at war though

DinarResearcher: Here is a good article that just came out. I won't bring the whole article but just what is the juiciest part

Spectra: I like the article! No matter what else is going on!

DinarResearcher: Central Bank: Our financial situation is good for four years to come even as oil prices do not recover

Spectra: ok

DinarResearcher: The central bank explained that the reserve of gold that it has, is part of the cover of the national currency, and its function is not the transition time hard to dollars to strengthen the budget as some believe,

and stressed by saying, it is not practical to liquidate that reserve and convert it to the dollar in front of any financial problem passes Said that even if Iraq does not recover oil prices, its financial position will be good for four years to come.

An economist confirmed that the central bank has good reserves and does not raise the burden of deductions from the citizen, as some believe, indicating that the reserve is used to finance imports. Not for domestic spending This is the case in all countries of the world.

DinarResearcher: "Iraq is not the fifth country in the gold reserves," says Ihsan Shamran, director of the Treasury and Issuance Department. "The central bank has built the gold reserve, which now has about 89 tonnes of gold as part of the national currency cap,

 "When we say that the source of the circulation amounted to" such "billion of the Iraqi dinar, I mean that this source is supported by the dollar and gold as well as the rest of the bonds and others, and here may be liquidated this Reserve any transfer to liquid funds from the dollar in front of any

A difficult problem in the country, especially as his job to support the Iraqi currency and make it a very strong currency, thanks to the presence of cash reserves of the dollar and another gold. ​
Spectra: Iraqi currency and make it a very strong currency, thanks to the presence of cash reserves of the dollar and another gold.-----I LIKE THIS LINE!

DinarResearcher:   LINK

Spectra: @DinarResearcher TY ! :) :yes: :h5

Dave: great art Spectra....... I hope the IMF will give an extension on the ceiling

Spectra: @Dave EVENTUALLY we will know
Spectra: strong currency does not negate============1164!

DinarResearcher: @ Spectra. I would like to see what they mean by Strong Currency

Dave: we shall see soon how committed they are

Spectra: 1164 is not strong ...That is weak!

DinarResearcher: @Spectra. That is grossly undervalued..

Spectra: @DinarResearcher We all know this That is why we are here!

DinarResearcher: 29/07/2017 11:31
Spectra: @DinarResearcher good
DinarResearcher: A city in the Kurdistan Region to set up a committee to monitor prices on the market and warn of the punishment of those who raise them

DinarResearcher: The mayor of Kallar district of Sulaymaniyah province on Saturday announced the formation of a committee to monitor prices in the local markets, while confirming that the goods and foodstuffs enter the Kurdistan Region smoothly from neighboring countries, warned of a deterrent punishment for those who raise prices

DinarResearcher: "The borders are open from Iran, Turkey, goods and foodstuffs to the markets in Kurdistan flowing smoothly," he said at a press conference held today. "There is no justification for raising prices.
​DinarResearcher: He added that we call on the citizens to cooperate with us to inform those who raise prices from traders, stressing that the committee will be punished by raising prices.

DinarResearcher: "We will not turn a blind eye to the violators," Ahmed said. "The measures will include anyone who exploits some rumors to raise prices.

DinarResearcher: http://www.iraqidev.org/news/index.php/aktsadea/95948.html

Spectra: @DinarResearcher price gouging!

DinarResearcher: And now here is an article from today

DinarResearcher: Learn about the prices of vegetables and fruit for Sunday in Baghdad

DinarResearcher: 2017/7/30 08:29:21 AM

DinarResearcher: The site of (One News) detailed report on the prices of vegetables and fruits during his roaming in a number of popular markets in the capital Baghdad for Sunday.

DinarResearcher: Average prices for vegetables were recorded today:

DinarResearcher: Tomatoes: 500 Iraqi Dinars
DinarResearcher: Potatoes: 1000 dinars

DinarResearcher: Green pepper: 1000 dinars
DinarResearcher: The zucchini: 1000 dinars
DinarResearcher: Onions: 1000 dinars

DinarResearcher: Garlic: 5000 dinars
DinarResearcher: Umayyad: 1500 dinars

DinarResearcher: Green Beans: 1500
DinarResearcher: Eggplant: 1000 dinars
DinarResearcher: Option: 750 dinars

DinarResearcher: Fruit prices:
DinarResearcher: Bananas: 1000 to 1500 Iraqi Dinars
DinarResearcher: Orange: 1500 dinars
DinarResearcher: Apple types: 1000 to 1500 Iraqi dinars

DinarResearcher: Iraqi pass: 3000 dinars

DinarResearcher: http://oneiraqnews.com/?aa=news&id22=2077#.WX5YXkFOmaM

Spectra: @DinarResearcher NICE LIST!TY
jackflash: @DinarResearcher ..Thanks for the news great job!

DinarResearcher: Looks like prices seem to be slowly dropping, BUT we need to see them fall even more!

Spectra: @DinarResearcher ill say! Magnificent!
Spectra: @DinarResearcher yes they need to go down more!

Duke77: @DinarResearcher what prices have changed?

DinarResearcher: I've been watching the prices have been dropping in lots of different areas in Iraq. JUST A MATTER OF TIME. IMHO

DinarResearcher: Rental units for living, airplane fees, commodities to name a few

Spectra: @DinarResearcher I noticed you are doing a great job, getting down to the good facts..TY
Hoss: @DinarResearcher you've seen this? that's great!!

Spectra: @Hoss IT IS GREAT !

DinarResearcher: In articles I have been researching,, Hoss

DinarResearcher: Well I am off, be back whenever I can get some free time. Adios muchacho's


Spectra: Sometimes we let our views get clouded ! Too much emphasis on the negative !
Spectra: not good in my opinion! That is just me! :)

ElmerFudd: Not to mention car prices.

Spectra: yes and the 1.2 still remains on the cbi?
Spectra: This is all super great news!
Spectra: and you can see it with your own 2 eyes!

Spectra: not made up BS BUT ITS REAL----WAKE UP PEOPLE!-to the positive !
Spectra: Tomorrow brings more! :yes:

ElmerFudd: Do we have any updates on the IMF meeting on Tues?

Spectra: not that i know of?

ElmerFudd: Hope it involves getting them into Article 8.

Spectra: Now it might! we will see!
ElmerFudd: Have they paid Kuwait off?

Spectra: its going to get interesting this week!
Spectra: @ElmerFudd not sure?
ElmerFudd: Let's hope they get the green light to RV.

Spectra: @ElmerFudd Green Light yes!
ElmerFudd: You think they will?

Spectra: @ElmerFudd well tuesday is not that far off! Buckle up your seat belt-lol
Spectra: @ElmerFudd I have not the finance education to take a good guess! Not sure!

chattels: @ElmerFudd Kuwait has not been paid in full. Extended again by Kuwait in an effort to support Iraq's war against DAESH.

Spectra: @chattels thank you!
ElmerFudd: That was nice of them, but for how long?

ElmerFudd: When is the last payment supposed to come?

Baxter: didnt they give them another year or so?

Spectra: january i think
Spectra: just my guess

Baxter: that could be...

Spectra: I do recall reading it now!buts the timeframe is vague!
Baxter: Think that was a couple months ago when they gave them the extension

chattels: The last extension was indefinite in time as I recall.

Spectra: @chattels Hmm! interesting!

BlackGold: https://offgridsurvival.com/google-releases-20-million-genetically-engineered-mosquitos/

Spectra: @BlackGold i heard and a similar article yesterday!
Spectra: @BlackGold not good

ElmerFudd: So, article 8 isn't dependent on them making the payment?

Spectra: @ElmerFudd i really dought it! just my guess!
ElmerFudd: SO, when is electricity supposed to be going 24-7?

Spectra: hold on i was just reading along those lines!
ElmerFudd: Power lines? :)

Spectra: For his part, the director of the General Company for Services of the International Network and Informatics Engineer Ali Al-Qasab in the Ministry said in an exclusive interview to "Sabah" on the sidelines of the conference, that his company has completed 93% of the project of the optical network (National Project of the Internet), noting that it will achieve a huge economic return of the state In addition to his ministry, which will reflect positively on all sectors.

Spectra: thats internet !
Spectra: power lines? im not sure!

chattels: @ElmerFudd No time soon I would not expect.

tman23: Why did Barzani and the Kurds choose the date 9/25 for the referendum vote ?? ..... Why not the 26th or the 28th.....or 10/1

tman23: When did Barzani announce the date for the referendum ?

chattels: @tman23 I take it that the 25th has some significance for you / us / them ?

tman23: What is the significance of the IISD and what is their role regarding Iraq ?

ElmerFudd: I thought the referendum was essentially useless since the Kurds can't act unilaterally?

chattels: @tman23 You will have to tell me.

ElmerFudd: Latest poll I saw was that most of the Kurds want to stay anyway.

chattels: @ElmerFudd That information is contested, IMO.

ElmerFudd: But doesn't the constitution state that all of Iraq would have to vote on this, not just the Kurds?

Spectra: @ElmerFudd that is what i read too , besides this and talking about the kurds does not pacify me! WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE!

Spectra: Not for you elmert! sorry
Spectra: elmer!

chattels: @ElmerFudd Not IMO.

tman23: @chattels ..... Barzani announced the referendum date on July 9th..... The iisd post summit negotiations and signing of agreements take place starting the 25th of September and by close of 10/1 they finalize agreements... always before 10/7...... start of US fiscal year

Spectra: im not going to worry about the Kurds!
Spectra: is all i mean!

ElmerFudd: Wouldn't this put a lot of pressure to RV to keep them from leaving?

chattels: @tman23 What is your conjecture or conclusion ?

Spectra: :nuts:

foxmulder: No port of access land locked just like Armenia ! ask them how well that worked out for them with the Turks better yet ask the Kurds lol quite a qunumdrem
chattels: @ElmerFudd I doubt such.

tman23: @chattels .... This was at the High Political Forum at the UN held 7/10- 7/19 ........ on 7/19 this ... A Ministerial Declaration focusing on the theme of “Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world” was adopted during the closing session, after voting on paragraphs relating to: peaceful, just and inclusive societies,

including the removal of obstacles to the full realization of the right of self-determination of peoples living under colonial and foreign occupation; and means of implementation, including promotion of a universal, rules-based, multilateral trading system. The Declaration was adopted with both paragraphs intact.

Spectra: In light of the fear of Kurdish parties that the referendum called for by the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, in favor of independence to give undisputed support for the status quo in the region, as well as fears of the reactions of the rejection of neighboring countries and the international community, called the National Union Party Kurdistan, on Sunday,

 the provincial government to send a high-level delegation to Baghdad in order to transfer the dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil from the media to the official meetings, which was decided later a meeting held under the chairmanship of the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani.

While the parliamentary bloc of change in the Federal Parliament confirmed its stand against what it called "party referendum" and that "it does not work for someone who remains in power and left our people," the Iraqi Turkmen Front considered that the referendum process "does not bring good and benefits to the region,"

asserting rejection for him. The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, in a statement received by "morning", said that the leadership council, during a meeting chaired by Deputy Secretary General of the party, Kosrat Rasul Ali,

stressed the "necessity of this visit to prepare a comprehensive project on the aspirations of the people of Kurdistan, including the legitimate rights, In addition to what he called the economic injustice suffered by the province in the past years, and investigating the violations of the law and the failure to implement the Constitution, especially article 140.

Spectra: theres one for you KURDISH WORRY worts!
Spectra: 31/7/2017 12:00 am Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad soon .. And a decision to activate the parliament of the region

Spectra: The Council said in the final statement of the meeting: "After discussing the political situation and the latest developments and assess the positions of the international community and the political process within the region, it was decided Assigning Massoud Barzani and Kuzrat Rasul Ali to form a negotiating delegation with Baghdad and activate the parliament of Kurdistan within two weeks to resolve the differences and support the referendum.

foxmulder: another op ed or opinion
Spectra: @foxmulder is that opinion no the council said it!

Spectra: I LOVE kurds but? i for one am not going to fill my head with too much of it!
Spectra: I feel all wheels are already in motion,and whatever is coming cannot be stopped!
Spectra: IN EVERY way! 
​tman23: @chattels .... sounds familiar eh ? A Ministerial Declaration focusing on the theme of “Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world” was adopted during the closing session, after voting on paragraphs relating to: peaceful, just and inclusive societies, including the removal of obstacles to the full realization of the right of self-determination of peoples living under colonial and foreign occupation; and means of implementation, including promotion of a universal, rules-based, multilateral trading system. The Declaration was adopted with both paragraphs intact.

chattels: @tman23 Interesting timing.
tman23: @chattels ... Yes indeed !!

chattels: @tman23 Barzani is no fool and arguably a master manipulator of world opinion in this matter.

tman23: @chattels ..... You see at the Washington held Kurdistan synop where ex generals make it clear that Iraq is no longer viewed as an ally of the US..... Maybe their opinion ....but one could see the US looking for a fail safe plan B as plan A .... Abadi and Baghdad are a high risk bet to be placing all eggs in that basket

chattels: @tman23 I agree.

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