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Zig: This is a true story...the names have been changed to protect the innocent...lol...Seriously, it is true and shows you what a small world this is, etc...My brother is not a Dinarian but knows I have Dinar, etc...this happened when he was at his health club....he sent me an e-mail....here is is...:
"A guy my age at my health club with headphones on had an inquisitive look...I said I bet you're not listening to music...he said no, I invest in world currencies...

I mentioned Iraq and he talked my ear off for 20 min...he doesn't follow web sites but he says he's an expert on Iraq and that Dinar investors should be very happy very soon...I kept saying that's what they say year after year and he kept saying this is way different because of Trump."

Dave: Rumor has it Trump has a boat load of dinar

Zig: Ever hear of "Super Petchili Railway Bonds of 1913?"......someone talked about that in here before....something to do with China I think....
Romello: OIL
Romello: And Trump
Jo: President Donald Trump WILL AUDIT the Federal Reserve
Cree: @BREW I agree but there are differences. Vietnam could have revalued their currency upwards after they and the USA made nice. They did not and continued to devalue as it helped their sale of grains internationally, The IMF has ASKED them to revalue higher but they choose not to as the low value is good for their economy. And their people are doing well..... so who
Romello: @Jo I can't wait.
Cree: @Jo I hope Trump does - time will tell
Cree: @BREW no one - other then then GURU's and dreamers.... The difference is they have black gold and wonder if getting their currency up to their neighbor (Kuwait) means anything??
Romello: They are very positive moves toward that direction. I love more each day.
Cree: @BREW I agree that Kuwait is a different story but there is the ego for Iraq of having a basically worthless currency vs their neighbor. This is pure ego and no reason to RV other then ego. IF Iraq stays with the USD then there is no reason to revalue. If they go back to the Dinar then they could :)stay where they are or RV? We have no idea - oop's I have no idea Maybe we should ask a GURU??
Romello: Why would they go thru the trouble. If I was a Millionaire at the time of the devalue of the currency it would of been UNBELIEVABLE and shocking. So why is it so UNBELIEVABLE that the opposite could be done with a revalue of the currency. Food for thought... :)
Romello: @BREW Much love brother. One way or another something has to give SOON. lol
Cree: @Romello Lets try scenario # 17. The CBI wants to RV but is concerned about all the fake Dinar out there and those silly people in America and Canada who bought the Dinar on the cheap. So they RV but the exchange must happen in 30 days or less and can only happen in Iraq? Oh and to exchange you need to show an Iraqi address........ In this scenario, that non of us like, they RV, but we ae frozen out of the exchange.....
Romello: Let me try to debunk that one.
Cree: @Romello no one knows what will happen and we can speculate and dream and pray (or in the Case of the GURU's it would be prey). but only time will tell....... All we can do is hope for something good.....
Romello: @Cree A international currency only exchanged in Iraq?
Romello: @Cree Hence the word international
Cree: @Romello who said international?
Romello: @Cree Next
Cree: @Romello When the sadam currency when to what we have now......
Romello: @Cree Ist he De la rue machine
Cree: @Romello I also think this is what happened in Indonesia.
Romello: @Cree Counterfiet money exist everywhere, even in the USA
abangjadul: @Cree what happen in indonesia?
Romello: @Cree But money is checked every where, even over seas
Cree: @Romello I have heard different stories. Some say the De La Rue machines are old fashion and not used?? Not sure but again, it Iraq does not RV but exchanges their currency internally, we are SOL as my son says.....

Cree: @Romello Again, if they exchange our currency for a new currency and only in Iraq....... This is not an RV. This is an exchange of old for new currency......
Cree: @Romello I am not trying to be a downer (although it may sound like that) but we do not know what will happen..... if anything.....
Romello: @Cree As far as the Rupiah. Kuwait said that they would not Revalue their currency and DID it the very next day. So with that being said, I'm from Missouri. lol
Cree: @Romello Some people have been waiting and believing for 10-15 years.
Romello: @Cree I thought the pen was old fashion but they use it everyday on my hundreds and now even twenties.
Cree: @Romello First, the Rupiah is not Kuwait, but rather Indochina. Kuwait uses the Kuwaiti Dinar. And someone explained that here a few days ago.....
Cree: @Romello your trying to defend and I understand that. I am with you but there are options that can and or would hurt us. If you want to ignore them, then so be it. Others look at those options and plan for them...... We are here so we are all dreamers, but we are also investors and need to be realistic.....
Romello: @Cree You are right and we have currency exchanges every where. Like my bank. 1st Tennessee Bank has a currency exchange dept where I started buy all of my currencies.
Cree: @Romello NO DO NOT JUMP out of the window but you need to plan for all scenarios.....
Romello: @Cree lol
Romello: @Cree No my friend. I got into this as an investment.
Cree: @Romello Unless things have changes banks don't or did not until recently exchange Dinar. And if you have ZIM and bring it in they will laugh at you......
Romello: @Cree All investments have risk, BUT I weighed the risk vs reward and chose the reward as well as many of you have.
Cree: @Romello If a bank see a currency has no value, they will not exchange it. I did hear (not sure if it is true) that some banks may be exchanging the Dinar, but that is not what they were doing when I got into this....
Romello: @Cree Changed because of sanctions, which changes after sanctions are lifted.
Cree: @Romello Well as we both did, we weighted the risk jumped in and hope for the reward.
Cree: @Romello sanctions have been lifted from the Dong over two decades ago, and look at their currency. Hey I own Dinar and Dong so we are both in the same boat.
Romello: @Cree True. I'm with you brother. Once sanctions are lifted currency exchange is accepted.
Cree: @Romello We can only hope...... History thought is not on our side.... BUT WE CAN HOPE.....
Romello: @Cree Sanctions lifted without value still until til it is raised. Iraq raising value will do nothing for us if sanctions are not lifted.
Romello: @Cree But I trust Trump. Thats why we have 40,000 plus troops there and bases.
Romello: @Cree The BLACK GOLD.
Romello: @Cree Like he said we should of took the oil but since we can't, we can share it.
Romello: @Cree Most people who told me dinar was a scam wanted me to buy their gold and silver instead. lol
Romello: @Cree Which they are prob using the proceeds to buy dinar. lol. You never know...
Romello: @Cree I have 4 or 5 different currencies that I invest in monthly, But this dinar is my favorite.
Romello: @Cree :)
Cree: @Romello - my fingers need a rest....Well I am an investor so I have silver also...... They pump precious metals also..... but most should have some metals if they have the $$
Romello: @Cree I started with precious metals but decided many years ago to diversify.
Cree: @Romello I have a decent amount of foreign currency, but stopped buying within the first year as I have more then I need and who knows when the RV will happen.....
Cree: jumped back on for a second..... I own Dinar and Dong and s few others. If I did not feel something would happen, I would trade them in or sell them on E-bay. I just think we need to be realists not just dreamers..... There are people here a long time who are stilllllll waiting..... Night Romello and all
Romello: Risk vs Reward. Risk is the nightmare that you mentioned But the Reward is the dream that I do enjoy time to time. Reward/Dreams out weighed the risk and that's the reason I personally invested.
But I first before anything I thank God either way and much respect to those who have fought and gave their lives for the sake of Freedom. My heart and prayers goes out to their family, friends and loved ones. Goodnight everyone...
chattels: One big problem with security inside Mosul and Ninewa in general is that there are not enough police, requiring roughly thirty different security forces to protect the governorate instead.

 parliamentarian from Ninewa called on the prime minister to return all the dismissed police to Ninewa province. Before 2014, Mosul had 15,000 police and Ninewa had around 32,000 in total. Only a fraction of those on their job today.
The province has asked Baghdad before to bring back all these officers before, but it hasn’t. The shortage is in part due to poor capacity within the Iraqi government and lack of planning by the authorities. The government is infamously slow with most matters, and it has never even responded to Ninewa about whether it would re-instate the police force or not.
The decision to attack Mosul was also done for political reasons because the premier wanted to take it before the end of 2016. That means there was little to no time for post-IS planning.
This has happened in many other parts of the country that have been liberated from the Islamic State as all the emphasis has been on military matters with the political side being left to some underdetermined time. http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2017/07/post-mosul-liberation-day-15-jul-25-2017.html
chattels: Al Monitor provided more information on the two-week long battle to recapture Imam al-Gharbi southeast of Mosul. On the night of July 4, around 160 IS fighters attacked four villages in the Qayara district, seizing Imam al-Gharbi from a local tribal Hashd unit.
Most of the insurgents kidnapped a group of locals and headed for Hawija in Kirkuk, leaving behind a small holding force of 40-50 men. They held a three and a half kilometer area. Units from the army’s 9th Division, Rapid Reaction forces from Salahaddin, and elements of the Golden Division were all sent in to re-take the town, supported by helicopters and eventually Coalition air strikes.
They claimed to have cleared it several times, when it wasn’t, and initially denied that the town had been taken to begin with. Finally, on July 20 the village was freed. Half the IS members were able to escape to the sections of Shirqat district in Salahaddin still under its control.
After the huge victory in Mosul, this was a black eye for the Iraqi forces. The fact that such a small force of militants was able to hold up four different ISF units for such a long period of time reflected poorly on their capabilities.
This was not some small isolated town either, as the insurgents were able to cut the Shirqat-Qayara road, and were able to semi-surround the nearby Qayara air base, which is the main transportation and logistics hub in Ninewa, and houses U.S. forces.
That’s the reason why the Iraqis tried to play down the fight the entire time. http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2017/07/post-mosul-liberation-day-15-jul-25-2017.html
chattels: The U.N. Humanitarian Response Plan for Iraq estimated that Mosul might be the largest operation in the world in 2017. The Iraqi government plans on paying for most of the reconstruction from foreign donors via aid, grants, and loans. That will be a steep order as aid groups have been underfunded in the country for years.
The U.N. asked for $985 million for its humanitarian operations in Iraq in 2017, and has only received $440 million so far. The IOM requested $28.83 million for Mosul started last year, and has only gotten around 33% of that amount. Baghdad can probably expect similar shortfalls.
Germany just announced it would donate another $117 million to help with Mosul. So far Iraq has been pledged in total, around $300 million. The bills for the city alone could top $1 billion.
chattels: The Iraqi government plans on paying for most of the reconstruction from foreign donors via aid, grants, and loans. That will be a steep order as aid groups have been underfunded in the country for years.
chattels: Life mostly back to normal in E Mosul services largely back schools & shops open Street light recently turned back on https://twitter.com/joelwing2?lang=en
chattels: MOSUL, Iraq - The Iraqi soldier looks out from his tiny three-walled room across a wasteland of rubble that crumbles steeply down to the banks of the Tigris River and contemplates the last days of the savage fight against the Islamic State (IS) group. "We killed them all," he says quietly.
"Daesh, men, women and children. We killed everyone." What remains of this part of Mosul's Old City, where IS militants made their last stand, and what lies beneath betrays the horrific final days of the battle.
chattels: West Mosul is a disaster and the foregoing article is fairly depressing.
chattels: 60,000 children back at school in west Mosul but others are traumatised and hiding http://reliefweb.int/report/iraq/60000-children-back-school-west-mosul-others-are-traumatised-and-hiding
chattels: " Much of west Mosul was razed to the ground during the battle between Iraqi military forces and Islamic State (ISIL), ....."
chattels: " At least 336 schools have reopened in east Mosul, allowing 288,500 students to go back to school - 214 of these schools are supported by UNICEF..."

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