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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Thurs 7-20-17

noname: Alak is talking a lot.
Spectra: @noname yes

Spectra: @noname http://en.economiciraq.com/2017/07/20/dollar-exchange-rates-in-iraq-today-2/
Spectra: @noname go look at this
noname: @Spectra it's in Arabic and it won't translate. Got to be good. Huh?

Spectra: @noname ok hold on
Duke77: @Sparky what's the rate in English? My phone isn't translating it

Spectra: @noname http://en.economiciraq.com/2017/07/20/dollar-exchange-rates-in-iraq-today-2/
Sparky: @Duke77 Bitcoin, or USD, or Iqd?

Spectra: @noname see if it works now or try using google translater

Duke77: The link you posted. It just shows Arabic numbers. Is that the IQD rate in USD?

Spectra: @noname but if you look at the picture there is some very surprising to see !

noname: @Spectra nope

Spectra: @noname look at it hard and long
Spectra: @noname now tell me what you see!

Sparky: @Duke77 I didn't post any rates. You want the current?

Spectra: @noname ?
Spectra: currency?

Duke77: @Sparky that link posted for today's dinar rates are in Arabic is all

Sparky: @Duke77 Again, I haven't posted any rates

noname: @Spectra http://en.economiciraq.com/2017/07/20/governor-of-the-central-bank-of-iraq-expect-economic-movement-in-the-next-stage/

noname: @Spectra movement

Spectra: NO

noname: @Spectra I did see. Materials in the month of June 108 million dinar. At .000856 that's only 93,000 thousand dollars

Sparky: @Duke77 if you want the current rates, I'll tell you

Sparky: @RVMAN weak

Spectra: @noname IM sure FRANK Will post it later i dont want to spoil it!

RVMAN: @Spectra what did you see??

noname: Ok. Thank you. It won't translate

Spectra: @noname the money drawer has LD'S OK

noname: I'm on my phine

Spectra: @noname IN IT!IN THE PHOTO

noname: Oh. Let me look closer

Spectra: @noname SO it apeard to be???
Spectra: @noname 10---and 50? not sure they look different!
Spectra: @noname then the ones they currently use

RVMAN: @ Spectra it looks that way to me. A 10 dinar note

Spectra: yeh' is it a new one??

noname: 10 iqd

Spectra: but is it the same or new?

noname: @Spectra thank you very much!!! Let's hope. Wow

Sparky: @RVMAN lop?
noname: @Sparky no way

Spectra: @noname i put it up hours ago but people ignored it-lol
Spectra: @noname i knew you wouldnt
Spectra: @noname :)

noname: @Spectra that's exciting

Spectra: @noname it could them??well see
Spectra: @noname funny how people ignore whats right in fron tof their nose!

Sparky: @RVMAN 10year co existence?

noname: @Spectra this is what's catching my eye.

noname: @Spectra http://en.economiciraq.com/2017/07/20/ministry-of-commerce-construction-materials-sales-amounted-to-108-million-dinars-in-june/

noname: @Spectra Iraq ministry of commerce. 180 million dinar

Sparky: @noname yes

Spectra: @noname not much really at the current rate!

noname: @Spectra for the month of June was on 93,000 dollars. ????

RVMAN: Spectra I shure hope you are rignt. I just get so upset when you ride that hopium high and then nothing

chattels: good afternoon all

tman23: This statement is HUGE and unfortunately taken with a grain of salt..... and words such as suite and succession have been circulated through out some of the financial discussions......

The statement: "THE NEW CURRENCY MUST COME FIRST AS A PRELUDE TO THE LIFTING OF THE 3 ZEROS FROM THE CURRENCY"....... So the new currency must come first (as an introduction to something more important)...... { well a new currency must have a greater value than 1184 otherwise the new currency is worthless} ....

But then comes the term "suite" used in discussion..... which is translated into being arrange to be "played" as one instrumental...... and on to succession......a number things sharing a specified characteristic and following one after the other.......

Sparky: @chattels good stuff by tman

noname: @chattels good afternoon
noname: @tman23 thanks

chattels: @noname hello
chattels: @tman23 Is there a link ?

noname: @Spectra that looks like a 10 dinar to me. I hope so
Spectra: i hope so
Spectra: does it look like the one they use now?

chattels: 250 families still besieged in Mosul’s Old City: Army officer http://www.iraqinews.com/iraq-war/250-families-still-besieged-mosuls-old-city-army-officer/

Sparky: @chattels think it's his perspective
noname: @Spectra it's new. Isn't it. ?

Spectra: im not sure i wish i was!
Spectra: But im looking to compare and have not found a comarison yet!

noname: @Spectra have they come out with a 10 before? I don't think so.

Spectra: @noname tell me if you do!

noname: @Spectra no. That would be a LD

RVMAN: noname i was thinking the same thing and do not see anything like it on the cbi website

Spectra: @noname i certainly hope so! Right in our face whata know!

tman23: @chattels .......I have been hammering this for more than 9 months...... The statement was......The new currency must come first as a prelude to the lifting of the 3 zeros from the currency........

That link is long gone but take my word for what it's worth.....That is the statement !! and I'm sure a long search could find the original article.....

noname: @RVMAN my thinking also

Spectra: @RVMAN yes so well have to wait! but it sure is interesting

RVMAN: Great catch Spectra


Sparky: @tman23 good for me bro

noname: @Spectra ditto

chattels: @tman23 " ...But then comes the term "suite" used in discussion...." ?


Spectra: @RVMAN Give them the thanks im just a messanger!

noname: @Spectra at some point someone will be right. Good for Frank and backs of. It looks legit fro my eyes. We shall all see soon. IMO

RVMAN: I love this

Spectra: @noname I personally do not think FRANK is a bad man no! Not perfect either but not evil.
Spectra: too much hating is not good

Spectra: Sometimes you just need to chill! Good stuff is coming!

noname: @Spectra no. I listen he gets a little dramatic sometimes but he means well

Sparky: @Spectra Love and hate, fear and greed, makes the world go round

tman23: @chattels ...... This goes back to ******** when I posted some info and it got ugly...... I had a person who was involved in a banking meeting that took place in Dubai where a representative of the CBI quoted Alak.......telling the attendee's that the CBI planned on holding the IQD at 1305 until the end of the year (year being 2016) and time line was April 2016......

Everyone flipped out and called BS !! Until September rolled around and 1305 began appearing in articles..... Aside from all that....in the meetings....suite and succession were terms alomg with the statement I provided.....which that statement was in print,,,

Spectra: He has always let me on his web site for free ! I also can tell his prayers are real! He means well in his own way!

noname: @Spectra I agree. I listen to him some also but I am not on his site

Spectra: @noname all people researching this want it like we do!That is why i study everywhere!

chattels: @tman23 So, in terms that a macroeconomic moron like myself can maybe understand, what is it that you are thinking / positing ?

chattels: @tman23 When you say " new currency " do you mean " new denominations " ?

noname: @Spectra and I stopped listening to Vic for a while because of Joey. She was to liberal for me

tman23: @chattels ...... The new currency must come first...... Now not knowing if that means printed and ready or introduced and circulated....... Then the lifting of the 3 zeros from the currency.....well this comes after the new currency so I assume they have to be speaking about the existing 3 zero notes

tman23: @chattels yes.....new denominations

chattels: @tman23 Does " new denominations " mean lower or higher or both ?

Duke77: @tman23 I can see them releasing the 000's prior to an RV. The gurus always try to claim it's is hiding the truth. They've dome exactly as they said with exception to the 3 times they didn't delete the 000's

Duke77: @tman23 new denominations meaning lower denoms??
Duke77: I think that's what Chattels meant

tman23: @chattels ..... new currency without 3 zeros...... 5,10,25,50,.......

Spectra: @noname actually i didnt care for her style either! and i stopped because of her too--lol
Spectra: @noname thats fuuny you said that!

noname: @Spectra there in the drawer. We see them. LOL

RVMAN: noname that looks like what Spectra found in that artical

Spectra: @noname yep!

noname: @RVMAN why I post last post

RVMAN: Are we RICH yet??

Spectra: Bacdoc , found it! not me! :)

noname: @RVMAN thumbs up

chattels: @tman23 Do you still have a person who attends such meetings ?

noname: @Spectra he has been very quite lately

Spectra: yes ! Waiting like a hawk!

chattels: @tman23 Probably not a good question for me to ask or for you to answer.

tman23: @chattels ..... No sir ..... He is currently with a fortune 500 and traveling back and forth to China

chattels: @tman23 Thanks for your reply.

Sparky: @tman23 printed when? What's the date in those bad boys?

RickeyT: According to tnt the lower denoms we loaded in the atm's in 2010

Sparky: @RickeyT Shannon era

Sparky: @RickeyT Shabbibi

RickeyT: I bet they are dusty now

Sparky: @RickeyT no, Just waiting to be used, like me

foxmulder: @RickeyT LMAO

Sparky: @RickeyT for me, with me, and ready to assist

txbrand: @RickeyT do we know thats true and are they using the ATMS now -----------------> RickeyT: According to tnt the lower denoms we loaded in the atm's in 2010

txbrand: why would they have ATMs and not use them ? Is it true that don't work ?

Sparky: @RickeyT probably 2003 series
Sparky: @RickeyT with Shabbibi signature
Sparky: @RickeyT heart

Sparky: @RickeyT except didn't have Kurds language on it

tman23: The ATM's work in Iraq....... LOL !! ....... You just won;t find one at Ali's camel stop at 10 point mountain top

Sparky: @tman23 u see one lately?
Sparky: @tman23 without electricity, how is that possible?

MichelleL: good evening! did we cash out yet?

Sparky: @tman23 appreciate your perspective

tman23: @Sparky .... You are looking at pictures from media on the web.......

MichelleL: I figure by time the deeenars hit, my new mattress will be delivered lol

Sparky: @tman23 no, Iqd under blacklight
Sparky: @tman23 in my possession

tman23: @Sparky ..... Put it in the oven and it turns to gold.......or turns gold ...... I forget !! lol
Sparky: @tman23 just spin it, it changes

txbrand: so the 3 zeros and n the ATMs ?
Sparky: @tman23 purple to gold, like our speculation
txbrand: are

Sparky: @tman23 I do however appreciate your take
Sparky: @tman23 black light will tell if real notes

Sparky: @Spectra any good news in Iqd?

Spectra: @Sparky not any more!yet!

Sparky: @Spectra ok, cool, I think that they are 8 hour's behind me

Romello: @Spectra I miss any earth shattering articles while I was out?

Spectra: @Romello no nothing new !

Sparky: @Romello what do you think about Kurds referendum Sept 25 ,?

Sparky: @Romello Or USA meeting with Arabs? In NYC
Sparky: @Romello Oct 
Romello: @Sparky I personally think that that is soo far off that a lot could happen before that date even gets here. But now the meeting in NYC will be interesting. I am seriously leaning toward Trump with advisors aiding Abadi and Iraq.

Romello: @Sparky With the way it should be done.

Sparky: @Romello agree

Romello: @Sparky Wouldn't be suprise if we have our own people over there now.

Sparky: @Romello have for years

Romello: @Sparky Trump is smart and I cant see him dropping the ball like O did.
Romello: @Sparky Trump is going to babysit that oil. lol

Sparky: @Romello agreed

Romello: @Sparky Most importantly, Abadi trust Trump.

Sparky: @Romello they're both money men

Romello: @Sparky Abadi said during a press conference here in the US that he has more confidence in Trump than he ever did with Obama.
Romello: @Sparky Yep

Sparky: @Romello good fit for our speculation

Romello: @Sparky Abadi trust Trump also because he is a successful business man and running a country will be like running a business.
Romello: @Sparky Exactly. Great fit. lol

Romello: Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq: expect economic movement in the next stage By rami - July 20, 2017 http://en.economiciraq.com/2017/07/20/governor-of-the-central-bank-of-iraq-expect-economic-movement-in-the-next-stage/

Sparky: @Romello AML, reduction of corruption is what us going to get us there, IPO
Sparky: Gotta stop the corruption, or at least reduce it, or we are going nowhere

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