Friday, July 28, 2017

Heather Update #6, 28 JULY

1.27.18  Comment on I UV “I would like to ask the moderator of this forum to rally all our brothers and sisters tonight @ 10PM EST to release our synchronized energy wave to Heather and Randy.
Love is a Divine Currency. Let’s exchange it freely toward another another for the deliverance of humanity. And don’t leave home without it.”

7.27.17  Heather’s Case Manager is Ms. Reid- Please hold her in Loving Energy .

[10:18:40 AM] lisa s: Okay – for a bit of clarity to Bill’s update.   will be providing me with a couple ” good dc lawyers” for Heather’s situation NOW.  He is in agreement that Heather needs an expert in UCC Law – it is Banking.

He said his source – a banker in NY – said that there are not many lawyers on the planet who are well versed/experts in UCC Law – which is the bible of banking.  However, the banker does know one and I confirmed with him my understandings – as follows – to which he answered ‘Yes’ to each one:

1) I understand that you Will provide me a few referrals of good lawyers in DC for Heather’s current matter coming up on Monday

2) I also understand these may not initially include the UCC expert referral – but that your banker friend IS going to give you a name and referral to a UCC expert lawyer

He said he would have this information to me today.

He had seen the updates I posted to him in Skype and I reiterated the Heather’s request was to call ” him” and get her a lawyer NOW.

Yes – He knows.

I told him I would be awaiting his information so that arrangements could be made to hire one of these lawyers while Bill is still in DC, as he has begun to receive funds for Heather’s matters.  Even if the DC lawyer is hired for just a few hours – he would have to be involved with Heather – and that would begin this flow process – until the UCC expert can be retained.

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