Friday, July 21, 2017


Pmac:  Thoughts on a Thursday afternoon

F26 study has taught me as of late to look for Saturday into Sunday.

Backdoc... the Skull Crusher of numerical and historical occurrences has shown me our Lord works in perfect numerical ways!

Our NOTHING at May12, NOTHING at June12, and NOTHING at July12... May lead to a SUDDENLY on Aug12?????  Which just happens to be a Saturday into a Sunday... Contains 8, 12, and 7 in 08-12-2017!!!

Not trying to make it happen on MY TIME... but watching and studying earnestly with my lamp stand lit... and a few IQD notes waiting for the word GO!!  Did I figure out the combination?  Pssssssssssht... maybe?!?!

Walkingstick: Post #10:   Keywords: the next stage will witness economic victories

Through the trend towards construction and reconstruction  of
Baghdad / Hussein Tgb

after Iraq has proved to the world enraptured images and values of the human and moral waiting to prove an economic victory over the construction and reconstruction during the next phase, and that the new role requires concerted efforts combined to support reconstruction, which should banks be the cornerstone in this matter and doing very well through their sophisticated technology.

These words were Governor of the Central Bank and the Association of Banks during the ceremony organized by the International Islamic Bank on the occasion of victory over the "Daesh" terrorist and the granting of a certificate of ISO International Bank , which is the financial success of our sector. Page task Central Bank Governor Dr.

Ali Keywords said that Iraq has proved the finest images triumphs of the world and move human values before the weapon , and so was the pride in the battle that will retain its history, pointing out that the new role is to address the building and reconstruction and succeed in this page task. We cherish that Iraq has the power and energy that will enable the country to economic advancement, and in the financial sector , we note the progress and innovation, urging young people to be more distinctive and characterize their ability to capture sophisticated information, asking the banking sector to be the first among the country 's institutions in the use of advanced technology, and must speed in the use of technologies.

Testimony ISO Keywords said that the celebration today comes an important step is obtaining the World Bank to the ISO certificate, especially it 's in a detailed important specialized organization of payments, especially the banks , their products did not come into contact only 10 percent of the people and has the potential to reach 90 percent , and here must build trust between the two sides, especially the large market and extensive and require the volume of work and achieve a broad benefit to both ends of the process.

 He pointed out that there is an imbalance in the work of the Association of Banks makes us feel dysfunctional, pointing out that the central did not intervene in this matter , but can return to the rules of procedure to correct it, noting that represents banks and presented by the Association is useful for the banking sector. Effective capacities of either Commissioner of the Islamic National Bank Suha Ulkipaia Director: She thanked the security forces maker victories in all its formations that handed the country the banner of victory and hope Iraq that developed a prosperous rival countries of the world, pointing to the importance to be for banks effective capacities for economic victory.

She stressed the importance of adopting advanced systems in harmony and international practice and with the Iraqi Central Bank instructions, noting that the bank often make efforts in order to deliver the electronic payment card to the farthest point in Iraq , and now we have 20 centers, pointing out that the 27001 ISO obtained the Bank is a success along with the Iraqi victory, indicating that the ambition is moving towards getting the ISO 20000 , where human resources are given great attention to the development of the joints of the work.

Capital in turn , head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal said that the victory over Allaghab came to stimulate the motivation for economic victories greater, pointing out that the evaluation of institutions globally seen human capital and we look at this Association it is of great importance. He stressed the importance of cooperation in the implementation of monetary policies and restore confidence in the banking sector and bring deposits , and most importantly the participation of banks in the reconstruction of the liberated areas, praising the initiative of the Central Bank to allocate 6 trillion dinars for development projects, as well as the great role in supporting the government during the war on the "Daesh" terrorist.

He stressed that under the supervision of the Central Bank will be honored the families of martyrs in the World Day of Peace in appreciation for their sacrifices for Iraq  and said that the experience of interest the ideal employee , who did not exceed 35 years is an important thing to develop work and encourage new blood and urge them to creativity and work to the fullest.


Blinkster:  This is so much BIG MONEY. CONTRACTS. VALUE. CONFIDENCE. Not in that order, mind you but.....hehe.

Aggiedad77:  Alak is beside himself.....he can't keep quiet......that excites me that he is this willing to talk......I can't wait to hear what Frank has to say about today on his video too.   Aloha  Randy
Frank26 video Thursday Night 7-20-17  https://youtu.be/XbaqeU_bwHQ

StephenMac63:  Just thinking here.....we know Iraq starts the business week on a Sunday, we know the pay period has to be entered by the 21, we know they get paid towards/at the end of the month.

They are soon to be selling a bond that can only be International...so with those "knowns" I am looking towards this coming Saturday night at 11 pm Mountain Time. 

This is the time frame that I would keep an eye on. They may do it sooner, all the more power to them but it only makes sense to start a business week with a new rate before the beginning.

They may do it later, who knows but I have a hunch that this is coming to fruition. IMO

If they already RV while I was writing this, never mind, I was wrong, have a great life and be wise about what you have.

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