Friday, July 21, 2017


Frank26 Quotes:

" Last week he (Friend)  called me on the phone and he said that by the 21st they would be paying 1 to 1 … well I said … that’s an RV … that’s the lifting of the 3 zeros.  He said … “well yeah.”"Tink giggled … and WS kinda smirked. " ~ Frank26

"My friend was told last Tuesday (about a week ago) once again … in this month (July 2017) … you are to pay your employees at 1 to 1 and turn in your ledger in 3 weeks (around the 21st).  1 to 1 in country huh?  Yes."~ Frank26

"WS company turned in everything in 5 days … and other companies did the same. "~ Frank

"Later … 8 am … WS said … “very busy .. our books are all done.  We and others are following suit … we are moving to an “END-ALL”
He then mentioned that an “Electronic acceptance of payments” … and more details which could not be shared at that time." Frank26

“Our Friend” is trying to help … and when he posts an article in the future – DO NOT WALK PAST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The 95/5 on the 21st does go into effect." ~Frank26

95% electronic … and the 5% (they will now save money).

That 5% cash … that will move PAYEES into the banks – so it’s working!

The 5% … there is a reason for it. 

This WHOLE CC IS IN OUR OPINION – and we are studying a speculative investment.

The reason for the 5% … they are controlling speculation NOW!

Iraq can’t keep a secret – and it will be difficult for them to keep a secret in the future. 

“Our Friend” – what about the ATM machines?

No comment (as I chuckle) ~ Frank26

"BTW – payday is always the last Friday of the month." Frank26

I don't know about you Family, but, this ought to get your thinking caps all hot and sweaty.. lol ~ MM

Now add this below into your collars.. lol Open for business! This is as INTERNATIONAL AS YOU GET! imo ~ MM & FP..


"The governor of the Central Bank, Ali al-Alak, expected on Thursday, the occurrence of economic movement throughout Iraq in the coming days after the liberation of security forces in the city of Mosul from the organization of Daed.

“Iraq is going to be able to attract foreign investments because of the stability of the security situation and increase the number of investment opportunities,” he said.

He added that “foreign investment will not be achieved only by the existence of an efficient banking sector able to absorb this role and interact with him and be a supporter and financier and facilitator of these operations,” explaining that “the central bank now is pushing banks to prepare for advanced roles until the development of its programs and systems so that you can Support investments in the country “.

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