Sunday, July 9, 2017


From RANGER  - 7/7/2017 09:16:56 pm
​Thanks Dr. Clarke for your heated update as well as for your keen sense of humor and satire. Hopefully things are stable and secure enough in Iraq that the MASSIVE RELIEF that you speak of can begin to flow to the people this month.

Oil it seems is their saving grace and or ace in the hole so to speak. All wars are ultimately for the most part fought over resources. The ME region as a whole is about as stable as a monkey playing with a bottle of nitroglycerin, it could blow up any second and things could still get hotter in the region than they are now.

Power to the people of Irag starts with their basic needs being met, food, shelter, potable drinking water and medical care. Meeting these needs will indeed require MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF FUNDING COMING THEIR WAY ASAP !

DR. CLARKE: RangerJ - Thank You. You and Everyone else needs to seriously Realize, that Every Penny you receive from Iraq's investment, is coming into your Life, and perhaps your family's Life - Due to ONE Thing: OIL!.......OIL is the Reason you're getting paid a return on your investment.....and the ONLY Reason, it's filling your pockets. Because of OIL, Millions of people will become Wealthy, and substantially Change their Lives & their Family's.......in our Multi-Millionaire OPINION. ​ 

​OIL.....whether you like it or not, IS where ALL your funding is coming from. You have an investment in OIL.....Iraq, is just brokering the transaction, so to speak.

Thank the OIL gods.....when the time is Right. It's your heritage.....ewwwww, this goes Deeeeep.

Go buy a can of OIL, at the store. Smell it. Smells like........Money!

Then watch Forest Gump AGAIN. 

#1 Preparation & Training Exercise for your Future, that we can Think of.....NOW!




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