Friday, July 7, 2017


7-7-2017  Intel Guru Frank26    [...what's the date of the DC meeting or did it happen already?]  WE FEEL THAT NEXT M [MONDAY?]  THEY WILL START TO ARRIVE IN TEAMS OVER A FEW DAYS.  [...do you expect to see the rate before they go to DC? ...NO.   DC IS A REPORT CARD...NOT THE EVENT OF THE RV  IMO...IT IS TOO EARLY FOR PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF IRAQ TO SEE THE PRICE CHANGES AT THIS MOMENT...MUCH MORE NEXT WEEK AND LOTS MORE AFTER THE 21ST PAYDAY.  [...who from our side will be at DC mtg with Iraq?]    EVERYONE! UST, FEDS, WB, IMF, ME...I MEAN MIDDLE EAST...LOL.  [When do you suspect the DC meetings will conclude and Iraq delegation returns to Iraq.]  END OF NEXT WEEK... UNLESS THINGS ARE CHANGED ON THE MEETINGS.  [IYO, could it make sense for Abadi to time the announce to the world, that Mosul is fully liberated, soon after CBI delegation return from receiving a good grade on their report card in DC?]    YES.  [...is the 10th-15th still critical watch dates?]  OH YES!

7-7-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [Mosul is liberated...the elections have been postponed until 2018...Banks are being held accountable...Things are looking good!]   YEP!

7-7-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   It's an orchestrated start for all to take part in this blessing together at the same time...The release is right here. It could happen right before the G20 gets under way.  I can't call it, but we are looking very, very good for this to take place.  All the intel is looking great. Everything looks really good…like it could happen at any moment.

7-7-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23   ...it's all about the 3 zeros...and nothing but the 3 zeros!   AND the speculation is how will the 3 zero notes we hold be treated at the exchange window.   ...The only thing the have said is they are going to lift 3 zeros from the currency AND the existing currency will be along side of the new currency in the marketplace for an estimated 2 years (which they expect the timeline for it to be out of circulation) BUT it will be exchangeable for a period of 10 years...(which indicates you may have to go directly to the CBI)...This is the jest of what has been in print...over and over again...

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