Thursday, July 6, 2017


7-6-2017   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   Article:  "Economists: Iraq gives him reserves the right to increase its share of oil in world markets"   Quote:  "the Iraqi oil reserves estimated at more than 500 billion barrels," calling the organization to OPEC countries or non-organization has to "consider positively to this right"   Now we are finally talking some oil reserves that carry a punch...I have long suspected that the oil reserves that Iraq claimed were far under reported...their sands are full of it...They have areas that have yet to be seismically tested for oil...500 BILLION Barrels of reserves is more realistic I believe...move over Saudi there is a new king of the oil heap in town...oh buddy talk about taking care of the future for many years to come...along with all the other riches they sit upon as well...Fat rich and soon to be happy IMO.

7-6-2017   Intel Guru Delta
   The announcement from Alak...has a requirement that has to happen before August.  Seminars / conferences they have had...and none have been successful until they lift the value of their currency (internationally).  IMO...I think JULY should be the month.  August will be a problem with the IMF.  Based on the IMF website...the IMF will not meet with them unless they obey the currency reform parameters.  They must raise the value.  In my opinion – in July.

7-6-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   1 to 1 IN COUNTRY...IMO what is happening in Iraq RIGHT NOW with their currency.   [“so if they are 1 to 1 – why can’t we see it internationally yet?”]  Because it’s a monetary reform process.  The MR requires some steps and I believe these steps have been accomplished!  On Monday...my friend (with 500 employees in Iraq) was going to start to pay his employees at a rate of 1 to 1.  Understand, he had 3 weeks to do that.  Today is the 5th.  The last week of the 3 weeks doesn’t mean anything to me because everything should have been done by then. So...where will IRAQ’S financial people be next week?  Where will the IMF and the CBI be? They will meet in Washington, DC.   The 1st week of the 3 weeks...to take it to 1 to 1...that week is gone.  Week #2...THAT IS WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR...time frame 10th to the 15th of July. On Monday...if you want to see the PROOF...costs of goods and services will change.  The citizens are excited – they’re not concerned about the monetary reform.  They have been educated.  IMO...WE REALLY ARE AT THE END OF THIS LONG PROCESS! 

7-6-2017   Newshound Guru Phillyman   [Once they finally clear ISIS wonder what the next obstacle is gonna be before we see a change in the rate...]   ...Even though they clear IS out of Mosul they are still in many other areas of Iraq.  Will it stop the changes we are looking for from moving forward?  Violence has permeated the region for centuries.  [Guru] Breitling says the Sunnis will always hate the Shia but that it will not impact this reform.  There seem to be too many countries/businesses pouring assets into Iraq to think it won't turn around soon but of course time lines have brought so much frustration to this investment.  

7-6-2017   Intel Guru Bluwolf   I don't absorb anything that is not confirmed with my sources. Nor do I share false hope...Simply because we are way past the hoping situación and into the receiving scenario...There are no holdup nor will they ever be anymore...we simply are waiting for our turn to go in...

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