Wednesday, July 5, 2017


7-5-2017   Newshound Guest Guru Cliff   It appears that the CBI "test site" that many are discussing is legitimate, as the URL on which it appears (http://cbi.3eyon-host.net) can be accessed from the real active CBI site under the STATISTICS tab. This would give credence to the theory that this is an actual test site that was and is being utilized by the bank's web developers. But what intrigues me is how so many have seen the 1.2 figure next to the US Dollar slot and have announced that it means that the dinar will be revalued at $1.20, when that does not appear to me to be what it is indicating at all.  On the actual active site (www.cbi.iq), it presently shows 1184 on the US dollar slot...which I understand to mean that it takes 1184 dinar to equal 1 US dollar. This would make the value of the dinar to be .000845 (1 divided by 1184), thus the 3 zeroes.  So, by the same token, the 1.2 figure on the test site SHOULD NOT mean that a dinar is valued at $1.20, but that it takes 1.2 dinars to equal 1 US dollar. This would be .833 US dollars (1 divided by 1.2 equals 83.3 cents), and not the $1.20 that everyone is talking about.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

 7-5-2017  Newshound Guest Guru RickJames2
  ...I found another access point to cbi.3eyon-host.net from cbi.iqGo to cbi.iq..click on Statistics [Tab on the bottom right in the same area as Exchange Rates tab] and scroll down to read more. Again cbi.3eyon-host website comes up. This occurs on both sides of the cbi.iq website...English and Arabic. Also, previously...I remember being allowed access to cbi.3eyon-host from "for extended statistics" on Arabic side...this is no longer possible...it comes up as cbi.iq URL now. [See Also 7-4-2017 Posts from Guest Guru RickJames2 and Guru Tman23 below for more on the discovery of the link between the CBI's "hidden test site" and "official" public site.]

7-5-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98  [Do you expect VND to remain at the rate it comes out, or might it float?]    I haven’t seen/heard any indicators that the dong will float once it has revalued.

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