Sunday, July 23, 2017


7-23-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   It has been reported to me that Parliament did in fact meet today and approved the Supplementary Budget.    (The contractors and peasants are happy campers!) This weekend isn't over yet...stand by.

7-23-2017   Intel Guru Bluwolf   I can say that we are actually there and that this number is about to be had.  

7-23-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   in the past all the news was about fighting ISIS. Now we see a complete turnaround. This is itself tells us that the remaining terrorists are not of our concern. All the news is about the economy and most of it is from the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI).  The CBI is priming the pump for something in the near future. Who are all these articles intended for?
In the order of priority:
·       GOI (to keep the Govt of Iraq informed of its actions)
·       Future Investors (to communicate to the world that Iraq has changed)
·       Citizens (popular crowd) (to inform then of the country’s monetary policies and progress)
·       Foreign speculators (yes – this is us...)

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