Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Mosul is OFFICIALLY liberated!

PM Abadi announced it yesterday and
it has been confirmed through the gurus and
media outlets all over the world!

You can see the FINAL Mosul
map on www.DinarGuru.comof the
liberated city!

Now what?

What's next for the dinar?

Remember, the CBI announced the
project to delete the zeros was put on hold back
in January 2017...

The reason they gave was lack of stability
and security.

Many of the gurus felt the project was delayed
because Mosul was originally expected to
liberated by the end of 2016...

The CBI project was to be completed "in early
2017" before they delayed it.

Now that Mosul is done many gurus expect Monetary
reform, Economic reform and National
to become priorities...

Here are the things we know:

1.  The U.N. just ended the oil for food program
in June and will return150 Million dollars to the
GOI very soon.  This is a big deal.

This means the U.N.
trusts Iraq can take care of their own people
after nearly 15 years.  If nothing else it's a sign
the international community believe Iraq is back
on its feet.

2.  The CBI said...give us security and we'll
move forward with the drop the zeros project.

Mosul is now secure.

3.  The CBI just launched a major update to
their website
 that is directly connected to
other "host" and "data" sites.

This is a massive update that appears to
be a work in progress.

Changes are appearing nearly everyday.

Here's the weird thing about these site...

There are TWO exchange rates showing
on different CBI sites.

No one knows the reason or purpose or why
the numbers are different (perhaps is 100%

The official CBI site is showing 1184 to 1 dollar.

The "host/testing" CBI site is showing 1.2 to 1 dollar.

What makes this even weirder is when you look
at these rate in dollars.

The 1184 rate is .000844 in dollars.

And the 1.2 rate is .833 in dollars.

See anything odd??

They are essentially the SAME THING (after minor

Some gurus feel this is very strange for the CBI
to show two rates...and then for one to be so vastly
different (yet the same minus the zeros).

Other gurus feel it's meaningless and has nothing
to do with anything.

It's weird enough that EVERYONE is paying
at least a little attention to it...

Remember there were gurus who were ADAMANTLY
against the "hosting/testing" site even being real
and associated with the CBI at all.

They felt it was a hoax of some sort.

Turns out that is FAR from what's really going on.

The two site have been PROVEN to be linked
and are both owned and controlled by the CBI.

The link between the two was discovered by
a savvy dinar guru community member...

  Despite the fact that many were
saying nothing was there, RickJames2 put his thinking cap
on, got to work and uncovered the connections.

This could be one of the most significant information
discoveries in a LONG time.

To add even MORE MYSTERY to this riddle...

The CBI announced the other day that they are
selling USD at an exchange rate of 1200 dinar.

1200 dinar rate is .[url=tel:00083333333]00083333333[/url] in dollars.

the 1.2 dinar rate is .[url=tel:83333333]83333333[/url] in dollars.

EXACTLY the same minus the 3 zeros.

Put another way, moving the decimal over
3 places.

Is all this coincidence?  Just numbers the
website developers are using as placeholders?

That's totally possible...it could mean nothing
at all other than extremely poor decisions and
extremely careless judgement on the CBI's

Could it mean the CBI wants to "leak"
a future change to the people? 

No one know at this point...but...

Why would the official site show 1184 as
the exchange rate and the hosting/testing site randomly
show 1.2?

That just puts questions into everyone's mind
and undermines the credibility and trust
people have for the institution.

Something the CBI say they desperately want
to build.

Lots and lots of questions.

These are all questions we HOPE will be
explained shortly.

The gurus are certainly looking heavily
into it along with the entire DinarGuru.com
community of over 100,000 of the most
savvy and dinar educated members on the

Stay tuned to www.dinarguru.com
as all of this becomes clearer!

If there's any more weirdness
I will certainly let you know!


talk soon


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