Saturday, July 8, 2017


I Went to a Wells Fargo today and spoke with a wealth manager about the Zim
To my surprise he was fully aware and showed him a 100 Trillion note . He made a copy and asked how many I had and checking for me for a possible private exchange

Might here something tomorrow.
Adonis WOW! Lucky you. Did he happen to talk more?
First time I have ever had some one Acknowledge me about it
Beagle not sure but you might want to check everyone
Adonis that is exactly what I am thinking!
that's cool adonis. did he say if it was a bond?

Beagle he seemed to be aware of multiple currency

Adonis did he say which ones?

Yes bond
I mentioned others that we know about. Usually they don't acknowledge anything

Adonis: I know. I was just wondering if they finally mention dinars on their own

I didn't ask about Dinar mainly zeroed in on the Zim

Adonis thanks for sharing

Your Welcome my pleasure
Hopefully some of you might have the same experience!

Oh one more thing I mentioned Abbott Downey after exchange and he said could arrange a meeting with them.
Adonis have had similar experience with WF in South Texas only difference might be that I had a hand in training one of the Abbott Downing managers as I hired him to work for me back in the early eighties when he was fresh out of college
snake with zim?
Happy to hear that Snake..I think we should try..As Tony always said nothing beats a failure but a try.
With all currencies including zim
again you mention all your currencies and then as a by the way I also hold Zimbabwe Notes (the difference being currency vs Notes)
adon did they say anything about the amount of 0s dropped?
Not sure that has been finalized completely or totally as yet R o H but again just mho

Reign no but I mentioned wasn't sure if they will take numbers off or not

Adonis: You have made my day and weekend, just so you know

I know that there are exchanges going on in Reno for those that live around there

How u know that

You know we keep hearing about exchanges in Reno But As far as I know there has been no proof of that.

anyone here live in Utah?

I can be in Reno in 2 days..driving! lol

Oh please do we need proof .

oh yeah! Ill be going thru there Monday..I might need something from NR

Adonis Im 60 minutes away. Where do I go?

Love bug don't know which bank there but check around if you like
im 11 hours from Reno so looks like Lovebug is going
the reno deals are complicated. basically there are last minute brokers collecting currency to sell to a buyer, but really no buyer has been found. in essence, go to reno, get screwed. not one person or group has been paid in reno. many promises and many tears. just wait for it.

Lovebug is closer than I am. I'm still calling, just in case. I'm a couple of hours or so.

Toolfan, thank you! I need to take my "Intro to Medicare" class tomorrow, anyway. When did I get this old? How did that happen?
Tool, thanks for the info. Had sometome try that to me for my zim and said no way. I'll wait for a bank, thank you

ADONIS who is he if I may ask you were talking to

Dollar wealth manager, Or premier banker

sheltie i have a bunch of reno contracts.....they are a joke....but so sad many hand it over in desparation. ugh. 90% of what we read here and elsewhere is awful

ADONIS did he know what he waS TALKing abot

Tool, thanks for keeping us on track. I would want an appointment or at least some assurance. Reno is nice, but closer to home is better.
Tool thanks for your input
also , remember, the bankers are the least knowledgable about this....they get their info from d land too. they are going on the seat of their pants. they will shake their heads in agreement with you.....maybe....but really, they got nada. when this goes down, you will know it and the details. even the most in the know really know only a concept, not details.

Tool, I have to agree with you. My local WM knows about it because of his customers, like myself, who talk about it. The majority treat me like I'm Madam Mim.
sheltie they just act in the know just in case its real and they dont get left out.....kind of funny....or pathetic
Tool, oh, I so agree! As if any of us would be silly enough to trust these nodders with our millions.

Sheltie but did the person say they would have to research for the right person to facilitate? For me that is the game changer. I'm hoping it all works out .
If not I wait with all of you fine people

crimson very much so.......some peeps at the very top of the food chain are getting some funds on the humanitarian side.....first time happened and needed to go forward for eventually us
Adonis, no, and thanks! That's a great point. Not in San Francisco or Walnut Creak. Hmmm. Thank you for that eye-opener.
crimson it is.....remember there are no tiers.....just a process being messed with by some very greedy people

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