Thursday, July 13, 2017

Adam Montana "Things are Looking Up" , 13 JULY

Things are looking up! Mosul has now been officially declared a victory.  HCL should be addressed, officially, in a timely manner...SOON. We can be confident that the IMF and CBI are on good terms. CBI is acting like a real player, and the IMF is giving them an approving nod simply by not saying anything contradictory about them. Regarding oil PPB, and the recent agreement amongst the major OPEC members, Iraq is essentially exempt from the exportation restrictions. This gives Iraq a HUGE advantage when they are ready to "flip the switch"!   Abadi is back in high-gear and on a mission...All in all... GREAT progress right now, and Iraq is in perfect position. Negotiations are beginning between  Baghdad and Kurdistan, which is going to lead to a very fast resolution on the HCL, paving the way for a smooth and *SUDDEN* RV... if we've ever been closer to the end of this ride, I can not remember when!  This still isn't a guaranteed event, but MAN oh MAN is it looking good!

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