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"Zim & Confusing Rates..." - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee , 2 JUNE

Zim & Confusing Rates...

This is a question about how the Zim Rates are compared to the Yuan Rates. In the interest of getting to the question, I have excluded the rest of his post. For those who want to read the entire post, you can click on the link and read it.

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"Connecting Some Dots, Question for OWK or Yosef" by AJ - 6.1.17

Entry Submitted by AJ at 6:47 AM EDT on June 1, 2017

Greetings IDC Family!

Thanks to so many amazing Light Workers... To Patrick, Yosef, Richard... man if I could type half as fast as your world renown kitty... perhaps you would hear more from me...

As I am writing this; my initial thoughts are of the post I read earlier last night. Yosef's post "Va-Va-Voom" what touched my heart... was that QY "requested" a hold up related to the recapture of a Gaia energy portal. "Requested"... what a wonderful humility... how do you not just stay in rest?... in peace? with such caring hearts stewarding this... a heart centered thank you to all!

I have some thoughts/question/clarification for OWK and or Yosef that I feel led to ask, but first I want to state emphatically some of what I do believe. 


Part of this post was not printed here so as to get to the question itself.

Feel free to click on the link above to see the entire post.


So I have one thought as I have seen an anomaly (for lack of a better word) in what we've been told till now... and yet I can only ask it with Great Honor towards all who would ponder this thought. 

Perhaps this anomaly happened when the changeover to the new digital system occurred. 

Let me set this up:
From Intel Sitrep - 6:00 pm Saturday May 27, 2017:
"Final screen rates on ZIM have been locked in (not flashing) and are equivalent to CNY as predicted--which makes the CNY the temporary reserve currency of the entire African Union.

Similar expectations are for the structure of the IQD, which means the entire Middle East has also gone into fiscal partnership with the Chinese.

RV currency platform trade tiers have been pre-set and agreed to by all countries, and go as high as $125,000 for the ZIM (permanent reserve currency of the African Union).

Meaning, any amount negotiated with exchange location staff will be later sold at a higher price on the sovereign market or Win/Win/Win."

GOT IT... makes no sense unless you really track with the thought of rare earth elements and their value for off world travel to distant stars... and yet the truth of such a high ceiling for the Zim cannot be denied...

Bruce: From "The Big Call" 5.30.2017: "We don’t know the exact rate on the screens. They were trading those currencies up to new levels. I don’t have an update on any of the rates. I do have an update on the base rate for the ZIM dollar. It is really in good territory as far as a NDA rate. It is very high right now, over 7 bills. I think that is very interesting."

Interesting that Yosef is now saying that the Zim is now equivalent to the CNY...
Bruce is now equating Zim to "7 bills" without specifically saying '7 USN'. 

I get the sense that both Bruce and Yosef have seen this anomaly and are trying their best to explain it. Or perhaps I am simply seeing something that isn't there...

Now please note again that I believe the FULL value of the Zim at Sovereign rates can be as high as 1 Zim = $125,000 USN but we had better as Yosef says at the end of his post called "First Wave". We had better "have a firm goal before walking into your appointment, know your shit and achieve your dream. Sobeit."

I think it was either Richard or Yosef who said that should be "vibrationally correct" with what we are asking for. 

So here we go... based on the Saturday 6:00 pm SITREP 
"ZIM have been locked in (not flashing) and are equivalent to CNY as predicted" This being stated today's conversion chart (link embedded) in the "First Wave" GCR/RV SITREP post is that 1 CNY is equal to .146766 USD. 

Admittedly the Saturday SITREP is a little vague as it does not state HOW MANY Zim are equivalent to HOW MANY CNY... so it is this ambiguity that leads to the question that IF Zim and CNY are at a 1:1 exchange ratio then on this logic train: does 1 Zim equal
.146766 USD?

I am NOT sharing this to cast doubt but am asking for this PRIMARY reason. 

I too believe we must remain vibrationally correct with this process and if the changeover to a new digital system happened last Friday and this altered the screen rate to 1 Zim equals .146766 USN then I want us all to be prepared for that potential initial shock so that in maintaining our correct vibration we can... without missing a beat state that we are interested in the "privately negotiated rates" up to and including $125,000 per Zim. 

If I am wrong with how I have interpreted this and my thoughts are only a false rabbit trail, then please except my sincere apologies, but I hope you discern my motive. 

God has put a love in my heart for every Light Worker in this beautiful IDC Family and as Richard says and so valiantly fights for... "May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans"

This is my motive... I don't want anyone unprepared and perhaps caught off guard... 

Before I finish off, 
I would like to end this post by leaving this image in each of you reading this... Imagine if you will the "Wack-A-Mole" scenario... yet instead of one hammer covering many holes... think about 2 or 3 Sons-Daughters of God standing over every hole with rubber mallets at the ready. 

We are taking back what the enemy has stolen...

Abiding in the Light



Your question is a good one and I am happy to address it here for you.

The way I see it, there are 4 different rates for the Zim.

#1) The Long term rate that goes until money is no longer useful.

This rate is the one that they are saying is equal to the Chinese Yuan. But, you can't compare what we will be exchange the Zim at (Later) and still count the Yuan at what it is going for now. Like the many other currencies, the Chinese Yuan will be going up as well to $6 USN or perhaps $7 USN to one Yuan. Many people are invested in the Yuan expecting to get a 6 or 7 hundred percent return on their money. Of course we all know that the first basket currencies make those kinds of returns meaningless. So, if I read these reports right, the "Long Term" Zim Rate will be at say $1 ZIM to $7 USN in the same way as $1 Yuan will equal $7 USN.

#2) The Zim "Flat Rate"

Clearly the Zim currency is so outrageous, that it is more money than most "Normal" people would ever need. Of course we are not the "Normal" people we are Extraordinary (Extra-Ordinary) Light Workers, who are destined to do Great Humanitarian works with our exchange money. 

So this brings us to the Flat Rate which is way less than the regular rate that will be going on from now on at $7 USN to $1 ZIM. But remember, that will be the rate for the smaller denominations such as the $1, $5, $10, $20 etc. The denominations we hold are HUGE compared to those. In short the Flat rate, in example $200 Million Dollars for a $100T Zim note, is still HUGE money to the non Humanitarian Light Workers and frankly close to too much in reality for normal people. This rate will be given to those who have no idea what they are holding and just want to get some money for it. If they are not aware of how much the Zim is really worth, they are most likely ignorant of most everything else as well. I wrote a Post on this matter:

"Zim Flat Rate" - One Who Knows - 4.3.17

#3) The Non NDA Rate

This is the highest rate you can get on the Zim without signing an NDA. To be clear, this is STILL a "Privately Negotiated Rate." This means that you not only have to ask for it, but you have to make a case for it as well (Show your good intentions and your true heart). Everything above the "Flat Rate" mentioned above is "Privately Negotiated." In other words you have to ask for it, no matter if you want $300 Million for the same $100T note, or you want $3/Zim, in all cases above the Flat Rate, it is negotiated. The last NON NDA rate I heard was $35/zim. That means $3,500 Trillion USN for each $100T Zim note. That is a lot of money to get with NO NDA.

It has been said that NDAs will lose their power, and frankly I am not worried about them anymore. Read it, when you get there and see how you feel about it, but if they are willing to give you thousands of Trillions per $100T note without one, I can't imagine that it is all that Threatening.

#4) The Super High Rates

While the $35/Zim is super high, I understand the highest rates can go up to $125,000/zim. Clearly most people will not get near that rate. However, if you only have one zim note and a very big project idea you can get much higher rates than someone with a stack of ZIM and an average project idea. It is all about the final amount you want to get. You should go for an abundant amount that makes you feel like you got what you wanted/needed. That puts you in the right place of feeling "Abundant." I wrote a post on what to ask for so you feel abundant:

"Re: Trying to Understand" - One Who Knows - 5.3.17


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee

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