Friday, June 2, 2017

Yosef - "Overdue" - GCR/RV Op-Ed 6/2/17

Pregnancy is that wonderful time in a woman's life, when she's acutely aware of how beautiful, magical and, oh yeah, uncomfortable knowing what child birth will bring.

Most women who hit full term (and edge past the 40 week mark) will tell you that the joy and excitement of pregnancy quickly fades the more overdue their child's actually delivery date becomes. 

For some reason (probably pain), those last few weeks of pregnancy seem to last much longer than all the other weeks combined. 

With great regularity children are delivered healthy well beyond their original 40 week delivery date. Yet some mothers struggle to remain positive that "today is the day." 

In fact, many convince themselves that their baby must come today or else, then get irrationally disappointed when it does not. 

This is very understandable given the level of physical and emotional discomfort. 

Sound familiar Dinarland?

Word to the wise: Don't trick yourself into believing the RV will come as predicted because no one knows the final release moment but those giving this historic gift.

Intelligence gathering is more about volume than accuracy sadly. Yours truly included.

Therefore, everything you have seen blogged and podcast is only an estimation of the RV's birthday, some are just more educated, researched and thus accurate than others.

Only God decides when we go. I'm good with that. Are you?

Therefore, the pain associated to waiting for the RV is all self induced--even though it feels 100% real. 

Father Jake, a sweet old Catholic Priest once told me something I think applies here:

Change is loss.

Loss is pain. 

Pain must be grieved.

So if you're grieving today because you know change is here--just not yet--its ok to be sad. To grieve. Just don't stay there long.

Because like that overdue mother waiting to see her baby for the first time--it's normal to be uncomfortable through birth process of planetary liberation--and the pain of such a galactic labor must be completely experienced by all in order to deliver a full, beautiful and miraculous restored human species.

So the pleasure of our blessing isn't just after we exchange, it's in the whole of the experience as we pass through all phases of God's natural birthing process.

Remember, He has lovingly waited on all of us while we have struggled though our own individual ascensions... without expectation or inaccurate intelligence. Just love.

There's just no good way to avoid the pain of the RV because it's a natural part of His overall ascension process as humanity is launched into an era of infinite abundance. 

Thus, any anxiety or anger is a waste of energy because knowing the actual RV birthday is slim, yet you may feel as if you're the only person who will remain pregnant forever without experiencing the RV blessing.

Not so. Not even close. But it sure feels that way sometimes, doesn't it? That's simply not a real thing. Never was. So let it go and step away from the RV! 

It's better to remain appreciative and expectant, thankful yet vigilant, keeping our hospital / currency ready by our side at all times for when the release moment finally does arrive... because it will... as it must... by the unconditional grace and mercy of a loving God.


Honestly, the best way to go through these final hours pre-RV is to release all expectation of performance and just be irrationally grateful that there is even an RV!

Seriously, the raw suffering of this potential truth is far worse than any pain involved in even the most overdue pregnancy.

Our temporary discomfort is just part of the gig, folks. For as as a species we are eternally blessed. And all of you know that deep, deep down.

Believe, don't believe--live in harmony or disharmony--either way you're right.

God is with us.

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