Sunday, June 4, 2017


So another Friday has come and gone with lots of action spoke on but noting seen from our end. Yes I know there is the weekend to consider. Honestly? Just how many nothing weekends do you have to see before you figure out that the only thing good that comes out of the weekend is that it gives all the Guru’s a break to collect points of interest for the coming week.

Now I know that might be construed as negative talk and against what the Moderators want us to post. However, and partially due to the time of this post, not that many of you read it so I think they give me a little leeway. Thank you Mods but as you may have noticed I always end my early morning post on an inspirational venue. No I am not negative at time just a little too truthful. :0)

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, once again I come to You for Guidance and inspiration. Guidance for the members of our special little group and inspiration for the members who watch us but never post. Each of us have talents to share. A number of members have asked me for my advice in areas that I am familiar with that I freely give to those in need.

Lord God and Creator of our world I ask that You inspire all of our members to contribute areas of their expertise to share with the rest of our members. These are all good People here and even though we may never personally meet each other. Like the old small town Preacher said in Esray Springs Tennessee. “All contributions received with gladness” Amen and Amen

Good morning my friends and sleep well with anticipation for what is about to come your way.


Snake.... ever since I opened up my skype music room.... I never realized how much other great music was out there.... I thought great music ended in the late 80's... boy did I ever get a wake up call... lots of great music not known

just groovin tonight. PM me to join our music room... don't want to impose here in this room 

Good morning!!! it's a great and exciting day!!!!  I am ready to exchange! and ready to relax! 

Today is our day and it only should be filled with positive thoughts!!!  Today is the day!! 


Consider this my once-a-day bump- in so I don't get canned for inactivity.


Any news today regarding the 800 numbers?




I have a homework assignment for Ray lol


Maji Girl wrote
1m ago
FF do share, lol

This is a family show Maji lol


I really don't know what that will prove? As far as Forex is concerned IQD has no real value. Until then, backs support what their foreign currency dept/Forex shows them


he must have a reason

Yes, your right...But I think many who have been in this, use discernment when it comes to dealing with banks. Fear of total rejection, which I have suffered from for the past 6 yrs.

he is building a list of private ppl who contribute to intel.

Happy Saturday, everyone! How are you? Storming your banks? Reading from the bottom up has certainly been interesting.

Avon, doing well. You? I really had to laugh at that request. A few weeks ago, as a lark, I asked my local WellsFargo, who does have a De La Rue Machine, to verify my currency. They said, they only use the machine for exchanges, and they only, right now, would exchange the Dong.


Ray's original homework was to find local banks that would confirm or currencies are real IN THE BANK. He then would post the list at the appropriate time




just a lazy Sat. Chill day Smile


Oh my I see RR getting his follows to hunt down his intel for him so he can have something to talk about on monday

And take a donation


I'm getting tired of waiting, it's been almost 13 -14 years!.

I flew the damn currency into the ME. I didn't think it be a decade waiting


Have a grandson who wants to buy some dinar. It's been so long since I've bought any where is the best place to buy?


I buy at the exchange center at the local mall


Great experiences with Safe Dinar


When I see Yosef predicting next week. That's when I expect it any minute.


Hello RC just thought I would check in to see how things are going. Been working on my project and trimming the yard edges. I get so hot after a while I have to sit down and cool off a bit. Looks like London got hit pretty hard I will include them in my prayers this evening.


How do all of you people Keep on beleven in the RV please.


Dash i personally know someone in a group that has exchanged for skrs..


DSS thats nice but what good is that please meant out of kindness, not hatefull

Just that it is real and it is coming, this is a person ive know closely for years.


tsm wrote
DSS: was it Dinar they exchanged or dong and Zim too?



Tsm out of respect for the friend i cannot divulge more , sorry


Appreciate the info you shared and don't want you to lose respect..... it would be nice to know currency, but it wouldn't mean any other currencies could or not be exchanged.

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