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So now we look at another weekend of waiting with anticipation for things to happen that may yet fall to be like the many weekends before now where we have waited. What happened? Well as near as I can figure out is that the banks are playing with the system by only calling in a few thousand of exchangers at a time before they turn the whole thing open to our group.

Like I said this may or may not be the case but if it is that may be their strategy to handle the tens of thousands of other folks in our category. When you think about it, we were really not meant to be aware of this GCR/RV event. It is for this reason that I seriously doubt many of us will exchange in an actual bank. Off-site redemption centers will handle more exchanges rather than banks. IMO

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father we come before you seeking wisdom and understanding about we are to handle this life changing event. Walk with us through this process and help us to gain the wisdom of handling the large sum of money many of us will be working with. Also help us to gain and retaining the understanding of how our money should be handled post RV.

Dear Lord God Almighty I ask that You give our members the rest needed for the task that is just within our reach and accept our gratitude for standing in the fire beside us as we wait. Amen and Amen.

Sleep well my friends our destiny awaits us...:0)


Hey sandnsea, you still here?



Good to see you. So, if Bruces info was correct, the celebration should have just started in Iraq. What doyou think?
I was checking out that new cbi site & the us rate is 1200.


I really don't follow Bruce, not a fan- but hopeful about June

He gave a date and exact time - not happening


They take their time( Iraq ) I feel confidant it's happening as a process

The date & time are not for the rv per se. Just the beginning of Eid.


We know something is going on - we are conditioned for instant gratification - fast food, drive- thru everything - deliveries - this culture is very different. We tend to measure it by our western way of things.

Heck, after almost 12 years, I have total faith it will happen & feel pretty good about this month, but I know that no oneknows when tbe rate will change. It will definitely be a surprise for all.

Yes, and a good one

Is that your doggie in your pic?

One that died, he was a great guy. Morky - Maltese/Yorki

Looks like a Yorkie-poo.

I have one of those now


Almost OM time, bbl

Please let us know what's on om !


Pj o
I thought there was no OM on weekends anymore did that change?


Pj there is OM only when Ray decides to have talks and invites to come onto OM


Back with fresh cup of coffee. RR has not entered yet. Just some music. He even does OM after midnight sometimes. I can't do that. To late.

OK, got off OM. Not a lot to say.


Ok got tweet now to get on with the weekend . Hope everyone enjoys the day .sun came out even though rain was predicted just shows any thing can happen !!!


Good morning TNT family!!! this weekend should be exciting!!! Hope it's our RV weekend! 



Good morning wsomn family!!! this weekend should be exciting!!! Hope it's our RV weekend!


I just stopped in to say "Hi". We are going to look at cars today. BBL


If anything I post is offensive let me know


Imo we should steer clear of religion and politics in here. Imo.


Ok. But that makes it hard to post world events, think about Iraq

I'm talking about personal thoughts/opinions of such.


I'll have to stick to recipes and dogs, but news is news and if that affects us in this room I feel it is important


I agree - keep it newsworthy and general




Tweet is from Admin or?


Sand so gone dark I assume?

Less said the better at this point

Just posting news and fluff




You are making me blush



Sunny u bring in exactly as u have been. Snickers is hardly in here so he can leave like he does. Thanks for all the articles.




Less than 3 hours until June 25 in Iraq.


And how is that important?


Isn't today the 24th???


where are the instructions to sign up for the most recent twitter account?


When someone influences you to think negatively, they take Charge of your Life and will lead you to Destruction.

Sources for "Tomorrow Press": Abadi will announce the liberation of Mosul at this time 5 hours ago Last updated 03:48 PM

What an interesting week !!!!!


FF if you are still here, I wrote down your statement concerning negativity and destruction. Solid quote I will pass along. Thank you.


bbl time for a soda pop with foam on top
Negativity is a pessimistic attitude. Someone who has a negative attitude leads a negative life. When someone has a negative approach towards life, he cannot view the brighter aspect of things. A negative person is characterized by habitual skepticism a disagreeable tendency to oppose or deny or resist commands and suggestions. Negativity kills hopes, aspirations, the desire to make things better and move on.


CBI website and witness they are making some changes to the site. I can confirm to you this are educational changes needed for the roll out of the new currency and will be proceeded by news media announcements soon on the changes to their currency. This is what we have been waiting for and will be another sign we are getting VERY close. So let’s all hold our heads high as we can be very proud we stayed the course with this investment and did not give up hope. It will soon be over……


Does anyone know if you exchange outside your state of residence because you are for example on vacation if you will be taxed in both your state of residence and the state in which you were exchanging?


State you legally reside in for more than 6 months and a day is the rule of thumb


If taxes are levied against the exchange, the State of your residence will be the State that you report to. OR If you have a Trust in another State, taxes will only go to that State. It is where your Residence is or your home base. It just so happens that there are a few States that do not have taxes. Wink Wink!!!

Like Florida and Texas to name 2 of them


I have always had an Audie but need something different that's why I like the range rover

I have had 3, Halo you either love them or hate them - I love them


sand you got lucky.....nthing has a worse rep than a lr......i spent 125k on one and traded it 2 weeks later......all personal choice though, but qualty is just aweful


My cousin too, hated it. I've had great luck and for me it's so comfortable. Did you get the Auto Biography series?


my wifes favorite car was her 2006 hhr in blue.....when we bought a bentley cont, we custom orderd it in hhr blue. it looks really good, she loves it


Or go overseas and pick it up, you save some money and they have packages for that

Bentley let's you pick any color


sand taxes and tarriffs kill you on euro delivery.....i picked up my 911r and once reconciled......wow...it was expensive, but cool to do


Yes I looked at them beautiful but feel like a target

Mercedes have always had great packages


i own a ton of exotic autos......porsche is by far the best of all


You buy and sell or are you a Jay Leno?


sand more like jay, but i do buy and sell......3 chevy i git today i will turn around for a free ferrari.


Anyone think we will be at the bank by monday atleast??????????


Who knows, but i would like to stop working a few jobs

Me too Pray we are in the light for this to happen.

Best to be prepared and know grandma it's gonna come fast !!! It's good to start to feel the joy and abundance get use to it no more lack !

Just lost my taste for being on stage Halo. Happier in the studio and taking it to the next level

Did you know my cousin FF?

I know LOTS of people Maji from around the world Smile

Australia, Germany, England, Spain ...........


Did you know Janis Joplin

Yes, depression and drugs and alcohol have taken too many lives

Janis started out very innocent but she changed big time


Hey any rv news?

I lost some very close friends sand

Too young and overwhelmed with their success

Not to mention the crooked redording labels


I did enjoy falling asleep on my guitar case in the studios and waking up to those hotty secretarys lol

There are always those who prey on the innocent


Tell us stories

Won't mention names on the internet Smile


ff do you know Jerry Naylor please

FF sorry just thought because hes my 2nd cuz

a country artist right Dash?

ff was Buddy Holys back up singer first be for taking over the group

Jerry Naylor Jackson?


FF you know/heard of Tony Janflone?

Tony Janflone Jr?


He's in the Pittsburgh Guitarists Wall of Fame isn't he?

He said he is learning an entirely different perspective of interpreting music

yeah, he's teaching now


That's why I have a 10 string accoustic and not a 12 string. Take out some treble and add more mids Smile

There was a place in livingston NJ that every Tuesday nights was all you can eat Maine lobster tails


I haven;t been back there in over 10 yrs Halo, not sure but certainly hope so lol

just finished a tour and stopped off at parents house

Was it the Landmark ?

Lol, I have that in one of my songs

I used to live with a certain somebody. Talk about jams and partys lol


My 2 Shepherds love the car. Will happily drive cross country with me lol

Theey are in the back seat, me in the front ... easy. I love photogrophy have a degree in it) so I stop a lot and they get their excersize Smile

Firefly the lobster place was it called Benny's? just reading back...lol!


Meek ... That's it !!!!!!!!!

Also owned a few stores in NY and NJ


Fire what kind of stores?

one was a hobby store, one was a music store, 2 were record stores

NY and NJ are Flea Market havens. I used to do them every chance I could. One BIG party lol

Heck I was able to net 2k a day at times


I wasn't planning on staying in the US. Met my ex at a gig I was doing

I gave the stores to my parents when I moved


She was still doing her Masters so we ended up staying here

I spent time in Hollywood


Told you guys to keep an eye on the CBI Wink


Yeah this cbi.iq does look different


yaa think? lol


So do these jeans make my butt look big?


I remember when chat ran all night long. Guess we're getting older.....or wiser. Smile) Hoping for Great news tomorrow.

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