Saturday, June 24, 2017

"What if this is True" by (Anonymous) -, 24 JUNE

"What if this is True" by (Anonymous) - 6.23.17

I think that is good news from what I have been hearing concerning the rate that is posted on the new CBI website. The way the site is laid out is very good and easy to read as such.

I believe that the $1.20 rate is just a place holder for the moment and we will see a different rate when the site actually goes live.

If Iraq has received the funds that are suppose to be released to them by the end of this month then they fulfilled everything that they were required to do by the IMF, WB, US, etc.

A good guess would be that if everything is as it should be that the GCR/RV is right around the corner which would also mean that ForEx’s will be getting the rate changes as well. I have always been told the that the rate change would appear on the CBI website first and it appears that maybe so.

It looks like the ride may finally be coming to an end. If this train ride is coming to an end how prepared are you to accomplish what everyone has waited so long for.

The Boy Scout motto is BE PREPARED for at this juncture anything can and will happen.

Relax, take some deep breaths, get a good nights rest, enjoy your life.

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