Sunday, June 4, 2017

US report .. Iran is planning to encircle the Arabian Peninsula, 4 JUNE

US report .. Iran is planning to encircle the Arabian Peninsula

04-06-2017 04:31 PM

Euphrates -
US report confirmed that Iran is still planning to surround the Arabian Peninsula through its support for militias loyal to rebel in order to destabilize the regimes in the Gulf states.

The report, posted on the lower elements of a Rox that Ahars_ra and Hezbollah in Yemen are training Houthi fighters, as it is one of the transfer, installation and maintenance of rocket launchers. It is no secret intelligence that Tehran is planning over the security breach to surround the Arabian Peninsula by supporting armed militias loyal to the strategy, the goal is to replace the Sunni regimes in the region. The intervention in Yemen to condemn deep details, Fmjmoat of officers and elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, as well as Hezbollah, according to a report posted on the lower-on-a Rox American become and go on Saada, a stronghold of al-Huthi and surrounding villages in Sana'a training and preparation and planning in isolation and installation of platforms to launch ballistic missiles transfer, what was Houthi to know the operation and maintenance of not Iran.

On March 8 , the 2015 leader in the Hezbollah militia announced the killing of 8 militia fighters in Yemen, and 3 weeks after that date, arrested by tribal elements of an anti-Houthi 3 of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers, and adviser to Hezbollah, are fighting side by side with the militia Houthi in the southern and eastern provinces of Aden and Shabwa. 

Despite the air strikes that killed at least 44 elements of the Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah in Yemen series, in the last two years, but that Tehran does not cease to deny any presence in Yemen, as if all of this gear and financing, showered by heaven!


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