Tuesday, June 20, 2017

TruthCall Chat Room Highlights 6-20-17

Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights 6-20-17

tman23: 86 users online... and no one is talking ??
Meatball: gets quiet in here at times
tman23: See they deleted links that were posted..... do they do that for all links
Meatball: not all the time.... its at the mods deaccession
tman23: I will post a link to an article on silk road.....

TWW: @tman23 Now only 79...I mostly just view myself & others
TWW: @tman23 73 now
tman23: Majority have no idea what silk road is...... Understanding this will give greater understanding to why Trump pulled out of Climate Change agreement which would restrict US manufacturing even more....and remember Obama deal ...TPP !!
China viewed the pact with concern, seeing a potential threat as the United States tried to tighten its relationship with Asian trading partners.

​At the same time, the deal provided China some cover as it pursues its own trade agreements in the region, such as the Silk Road initiative in Central Asia.
tman23: Now remember....Back in 2003 Kuwait pegged to the USD.... in 2007 Kuwait moved and repegged to a basket of currencies.....WHICH IS NOT REVEALED WHAT CURRIENCIES ARE IN THE BASKET......
mod: When someone does a fly by a just drops links they get deleted automatically same can happen in YouTube comments prevents trolls.
tman23: Also the yahoo's calling IQD at $3.71...... The IQD reality could be between 285 fils to 299 fils to the USD...which would be 2.85 -2.99....with a margin of +/- 3.5%..... AND just keep in your mind the cheerleaders that announce stuff like UN loaned 1 billion to Iraq to rebuild.... WOW !! LOL !
tman23: Read the article on silk road..... YOU ALL WILL GAIN PERSPECTIVE AND REALLY OPEN YOUR EYES TO WHAT IS COMING..... http://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/silk-road-reflects-kuwaits-2030-vision-global-trade-future/
Meatball: seems like a lot of folks have made predications... some of us remember them 

tman23: @Meatball : Nothing wrong with predictions/guesses on currency changes.....people play the forex everyday....... I have always stood by that anything I posted regarding Iraq was factual and confirmed.....
anything I posted on Iraq dinar regarding a value change or 3 zeros was my opinion and that opinion is when dealing in monetary policies is novice.....Others who promote more in depth knowledge seem to be self educated via internet / Wikipedia...
Meatball: you are more then welcome to your opinion... nobody on here is stopping you
tman23: Washington (CNN) Otto Warmbier's death as a result of his treatment in North Korea could increase calls for the US to take a tougher line on China, as the two nations prepare to meet in Washington on Wednesday........ I"M sure North Korea will be a subject discussed...... But look who's coming to dinner !!
Kellyb: I just wish it would happen over it all. I just want to go home. Cant afford to relocate without it. Tired!
Meatball: Kellyb... best of luck to you.... don't recommend waiting on this
Meatball: no guarantees this will happen... regardless of what anyone says

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