Sunday, June 25, 2017


Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday 6-24-17 
LoneStar: The CBI said The  site has changed again
Meatball: Lone Star... hey there
LoneStar: Good morning
Meatball: they redid the entire site
LoneStar: Yes they did. I was wondering if I put in the wrong address. lol
Meatball: totally updated
BlackGold: lol meatball sorry i was slow responding
clay: lonestar is it the real site
LoneStar: CBI.iq

Meatball: https://cbi.iq/ link to official site
clay: thats it

BlackGold: Hope no one went out and bought more currency just because someone said this weekend
clay: I did but 7 years ago LOL
clay: thanks to our friend Okie LOL
BlackGold: lol
BlackGold: i loved okie lol
BlackGold: what about tony lol and frank
BlackGold: can't forget DC and bruce
clay: LOL
clay: right
clay: Fox hey buddy :)
foxmulder: @clay how is eveyrthing
clay: Fox great to see ya
clay: business seems to be rebuilding but prefer this so called RV
clay: you?
foxmulder: you too clay, we just still waiting lol
[pm]Zig: @foxmulder : Hello...I'm not a "hello and goodbye" person like Doug (FreddyF)...lol
[pm]Zig: Do you remember when I used to joke about all the "small talk" at DU??...lol
foxmulder: have retirement papers on the table as we speak ! but the reality might keep working
clay: had mine in my drawer here at work past 7 years lol
foxmulder: prefer to actually see a return on this endeavor
clay: gonna need an updated notary
foxmulder: CLAY LMAO LOL sorry to hear that
foxmulder: ya going to keep a worken !! for awhile !
clay: **** l no
clay: LOL
clay: maybe a month
foxmulder: guess i need to keep going ! work is good
foxmulder: i see a lot of folks all giddy about the CBI news
clay: glad to hear
clay: lets hope we are finally at the end
foxmulder: for sure !! would really like to actually see their currency international
clay: I want my filet and lobster NOW!!!
clay: its got to be just around the corner
clay: they now have stability and security
clay: Abadi is ready to deal with so many countries
foxmulder: we can hope clay !
clay: will make Iraq internl
clay: yep hope is good
clay: CBI site is updated and new
clay: Iraq is shipping oil to India
foxmulder: you would think everything is coming to a head and at SOME point just put their dang currency on the open market and let the chips fall were they may

clay: more than the saudis
clay: yep
foxmulder: so much positive i agree but get on your feet and move , action speaks louder than words
foxmulder: besides mosul still an Issue !
foxmulder: have to run for a bit will see you all in a bit
clay: bye
clay: see ya soon my friend
ElmerFudd: Hey all.
clay: elmer
ElmerFudd: Hey Clay, what's new?
ElmerFudd: Wow, More than 99% of Mosul's right bank liberated from ISIS. Doesn't that make it 100%?
clay: it sure does lol
clay: just about done here for the day :)
ElmerFudd: Oh, wait, got to procrastinate. 99% this week, 99.1% next week, 99.2% the week after. :)
clay: yeah right
clay: lol
clay: I believe we are days behind and its done
ElmerFudd: Last week we got a lot of updates on Wed, but the news was reporting events that had started on Sun.
clay: yep
clay: tomorrow is EID and it should be done by then
ElmerFudd: I hope so.
ElmerFudd: Question is, how soon till an RV?
clay: hoping w/in a month
clay: shabs always wanted stability and security
ElmerFudd: Are they still looking at getting out of ch7 by end of month?
clay: I heard but not sure
ElmerFudd: If that's the case, would't they have to RV by then?
clay: I would believe so
BlackGold: issis will be gone when the UN and IMF want them gone
clay: there is nothing left for them to do
ElmerFudd: Yep.
clay: BG?
ElmerFudd: BG?
clay: I don't buy that at all
BlackGold: isis use to stand for Israeli secret intelligence srevice
clay: wow thats a new one on me
clay: but dont believe Israel is that vicious
BlackGold: They just used the letters
clay: or has anything to do with them
BlackGold: they fit
BlackGold: no
BlackGold: i hope
clay: ok
clay: well guys done for the day
BlackGold: peace
clay: enjoy your day lets hope our dream comes soon
clay: you too BG
clay: elmer later
BlackGold: Yes soon
ElmerFudd: Bye. 

txbrand: RV coming
Baxter: I guess we are still awaiting the couple of hours to go... for Mosul......
FreddyFudpucker: hiya Bax
FreddyFudpucker: gonna change my name in here to ME
Tex20071: Is this Chat a stand alone site from TNT?
Zig: This chat room is independent...not affiliated with any forum....Welcome!!
Tex20071: Thanks for clarification
Zig: Sure...hope you like it here...you are free to speak your mind about anything you wish in here... :)
Tex20071: Thanks.
Zig: People here from DU: Have any idea what became of "Hutch?"...he was in this room briefly after leaving DU but he has vanished...if you know where he is or know how to contact him please invite him to return...TY
FreddyFudpucker: NO clue Zig


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