Thursday, June 29, 2017


TNT Thursday UPDATE for June 29, 2017
It is being reported from Iraqi citizens abroad that the Abadi speech referenced the following:

1. The ending dash reign in Mosul.

2. Stating that the country is free and moving forward to a stable and secure life for all citizens.

3. Declares the end of ISIS rule in Mosul.  #wearethepeople

SassyD: Just remembering Christine Lagarde and her 7's....... could be 7/01/2017 or 7/07/2017 !!!  or even 7/17/2017

Eccle519: ...and at 7:07am and 7 seconds

WhiteTiger:  I like the person that liked 6/29/2017

Ecubucs:  At this point what I'm focusing on in this late moment just before this revaluation is to take place is this question. How am I going to react to the bankers sitting across the table from me after I've shown my currency spread and what I'm going to say or how I'm going to react based on their bank offer to exchange my foreign currency with them based on their offer?

We ALL are about to be in that situation I believe and we ALL need to be taking a serious thought on this and practice what our reactions will be because this IS COMING! And I believe FAST!!!

Trippin88:  Interesting read...https://www.wsj.com/articles/feds-stress-tests-all-banks-cleared-on-pa​youts-to-shareholders-1498681800


NWMontana:  #BREAKING NEWS Iraq Prime Minister Abadi to deliver victory speech in West Mosul Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is to deliver a victory speech in West Mosul later today after the Iraqi forces announced that they controlled the site of the now-destroyed al-Nuri Mosque and al-Hadba Minaret in Old Mosul where ISIS declared its caliphate in Iraq and Syria three years ago, Rudaw has learned.

Timth2Lman:  after this announcement now....what's the next step??

Elmerf123456:  The next step is prosperity and how that unfolds we don't know the answer so that everybody wants to hear what they want to hear we said we wait we know a big roadblock has been removed but we should not ask questions that have no real answer

We know that prosperity also means that the real rate….. we're getting their folks one step at a time…. hang together Don't add any more direction on yourself just know that the progress is moving forward and that's a good thing

Elmerf123456:  Without liberation there is no RV I've said many times this is about money for most of us but this is about life for their country and I'm very excited for them and what follows next should be fantastic

Elmerf123456:  I am not saying that liberation is the trigger for the RV, but I am saying that without liberation there would be no RV so a super huge obstacle has been REMOVED!! 

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