Thursday, June 15, 2017


QuietStorm:  I remember, Sept 14, 2013, " they are posting the 800 numbers" this was from Tony.. It is in process, I know of four that have uniquely finalized. Stay patient..

JSL:  Quiet Storm thank you for saying you actually know in Truth that someone has actually realized an Outcome in this that we are Hoping for. I know nobody like that, wish I did.

QuietStorm:  Retired VP of Citi,. Yes this is real...two years ago, at 2AM, happen to check the exchange, VND was clearly listed at $8.00,. My wife and I both saw the same thing.

Made a call to a contact at the UST. The only comment was, that exchanges can be managed in the AM. The $8.00 rate was there for about 8 minutes, then reverted back.

You need to get your Wealth Manager to see you as a viable long term customer. Trust me, sometimes it us timing and who you know. Nuff said.

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Iraq's 2017 Target for Oil Expansion Within Reach, WoodMac Says https://bloom.bg/2rjQUR8

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Iraq Sends Millions of Barrels of Oil to U.S. While Saudis Cut https://bloom.bg/2rhfx0R

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