Sunday, June 4, 2017


JerseyBoysfaninMn:  I keep hearing that the 10th is THE day. I pray this is true. We can do this... each and every one of us. NOTHING can stop us now. We are ready, willing and able to make it to the end of this ride. Be encouraged. This is gonna be a suddenly and then... wooo pow! PIF time!!! keep smiling!

Xyz:  Two military commanders confirm the imminent declaration of the libera​tion of Mosul http://translate.google.com/translate?tl=en&u=http://www.alsabaah.iq/A​rticleShow.aspx%3FID%3D138422

BoMonkey:  Alsumaria News / Baghdad predicted the leadership of joint operations, Sunday, run "media battle" anticipated after regaining control of the city of Mosul from the grip of the "Daesh", confirming the existence of censorship on the media during military operations, as indicated near the Declaration "Week of the Iraqi victory" after the liberation of the city.

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