Monday, June 12, 2017


RVAlready:  Please remember that Maliki removed US forces from Iraq so ISIS could come in. Once ISIS is out, Abadi can rebuild the country. The only "good" to come from this is that the Iraq people will get a better standard of living, and jobs. And the middle class in the US may be helped a bit, and some of the exchange money will flow to humanitarian projects.

Elmer123456:  Remember All...For most of us this is about money....for Iraq, this is about Life and they are ready to start living!  

JcNoble:  elmer thanks. I know orginally it was supposed to be pre-Ramadan, but now they have another date in mind apparantly.

Elmerf123456:   JC Iraq stated they would like to have finished B4 Ramadan, they didn't say they would. It's a war and that is never exact.

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