Wednesday, June 7, 2017

TNT CC NOTES: RayRat Call Notes 6/7/17

Cliff Notes by Sunny) 
Highlights of TNT conference call. Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# http://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=98768847 

Ray: No information to bring to you . . .nothing brand new has come to me by way of important information. Review: Sent some info out on Tuesday: On Iraqi TV Abadi said “returned to normal life.” What does that mean? . . . normal life would be no fighting, guerrilla’s in the middle of the night . . . which would mean liberation. Subject to interpretation? Time will tell. . .Tell me everything is back to normal. That’s a mouthful! 

Most of you are receiving what I call public information other than what I provide to you. . . saying next step is the release of the lower denom’s. Iraq military has announced full control of the borders. 

Some of the public news is trailing or a little contradictory. 

CURRENT WINDOW: Ray: We’re just waiting. Some people fixated on June 10th. . . June 12th celebrating (for soldiers). What are they celebrating, like we don’t know already. 

IRAQ: PM Abadi has said on Iraqi TV that Iraq has “returned to normal life.” Iraq military has announced full control of the borders. 

INTERNATIONAL: Rates: Ray: Rates will come out . . .anticipated the market will drive the rates up on their own. 

LEGAL:  https://archive.org/stream/RaymondRenfrowComplaintRenfrowGroup/Raymond%20Renfrow_Complaint%20Renfrow%20Group_djvu.txt

Q & A: TNT Forum 

– Pension check expected by Iraqi citizens like they got paid in Kuwait? 

Ray: Yes. 

– How can we align with you post RV for investment opportunities? 

Ray: Just stay in touch. 

– Will adult children of TNT members be able to attend the financial events. 

Ray: Sure, we are not doing anything exclusively only select individual can attend. All will be public events. 

-We will go ahead of the public as the internet group? Is that your understanding? 

Ray: Yes it is. 

Q & A: Callers
– Headline today, “We will announce the liberation of Mosul within two days.” 

Ray: Look at that information. Didn’t we already have information the border is under full control of Iraq. If you already have full control, to me that is occupying the border. Tell me everything is back to normal. That’s a mouthful! . . . That’s an announcement to me. But pomp and circumstance, 15 microphones? Maybe that’s what they want. 

-ZIM go after the Dinar? 

Ray: That’s not what is expected. I hope they do something like that. Just let dinar go and then let the rest come one by one. (chuckled). 

Caller: I know of someone paying 1 billion for a quad. 

Ray: Know or hearing of? 

Caller: Know. You have my number, call me. 

Ray: I intend to, right after this call. 

RAY’S CLOSING STATEMENT: This is hump day. . . We have three dates we are looking at, with no promises on any of them. 

First, the 10th: Anniversary date when ISIS first kicked in and could be date of them being out – making it official on that date. 

Then 12th celebration. We think we know what that is about. Soldiers celebration. We wait and see what the celebration is all about. 

If all else fails and don’t see what we are looking for we still have the 30th of June. 

As long as we get it over with. So, we await any new information that comes to us and will send out a text, tweet to update you or a phone call and give information to you in a live format. 

Just patiently waiting . . . patiently waiting . . . patiently waiting. (played “I Believe.”)

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