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TNT Call notes 9-June-2017

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RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Fantabulous Friday, June 9, 2017, with RayRat98 at the controls. We don’t have much business this morning; we’re here for the party! We’ll talk about the information, and then get to party time; there is a lot for me to do here, as well as Iraq.

We don’t have much intel, and I don’t think there are many questions on the board. We are waiting for more things to develop. Dates: We’ve heard the 10th, the 12th, and also June 30th. They have yet to come and pass, so we’re holding on until they are in the past tense. Iraqi television has said there will be no announcement of liberation, national reconciliation, and celebration until after Ramadan – that doesn’t mean we don’t have the reality, just now announcements. We have a heard a rumor that the soldiers celebration is being moved to next Tuesday, the 13th. Usually you celebrate things at their end, not beforehand. We celebrate birthdays and weddings on the day, not before they happen. However, until it’s official…

We also heard that Iraqis had the impression that the celebration would happen on Monday and the full RV released on Tuesday. We’re all dancing around it, but one way or another we know it’s coming to an end. One member sent a message to me a day or so back, saying that they purchased their dong at X bank; the person’s wealth manager thinks the dong will revalue prior to the dinar; he put me on a list to let me know as soon as this happens, and wants to manage my investments. Maybe that wealth manager is on to something!

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: When the CBI introduced the project to delete the zeroes, it was commonly believed by the forums that inflation was under control in Iraq and there would be no lop. A history of inflation since 2000 shows years of double-digit inflation until it leveled in 2010. Isn’t the real value of the Dinar around a penny adjusted for inflation of the money supply?

A: I don’t know.

Q: Has there been any more update on whether the Afghanistan currency and Iranian rial is still in the first basket.?

A: I have not heard otherwise.

Q: Will you be sharing the list of banks that have Delarue machines immediately post RV, as well as a list of banks that will do exchanges?

A: No, we don’t care about the process as such; we’ll let you know which banks verify on site (by hand or by machine).

Q: Any thoughts on the Iranian currency, the Toma?

A: I thought it would be prudent for me to get one or two pieces.

Q: Ray what is your opinion on Iraqi Kurds wanting to break away?

A: I have no opinion myself. I know it’s an issue, because Iraq is attempting get three groups to make one nation.

Live Q and A

610 caller: Please send your donations by mail to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City NC 27822; that address is also on https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/tax/legacy/2009/03/11/RRenfrow_Order.pdf, on the donation page. Please do that today because mail takes longer, to keep the lines and site open.

Next caller: What about this not happening until after Ramadan?

RayRen: One of my sources said that they saw on Iraqi television that they are still have celebrations on 12/13th, so… who knows?

Caller: If you were a betting man, would you choose early next week, or the last day of June, first of July? I guess that the later date is more likely, because all the chances will have culminated by then, and they might not have culminated by the 13th?

RayRen: I won’t attempt to argue with your reasoning; that sounds logical. If you don’t want to be disappointed, look at the 30th of June. Anything that happens beforehand will be even better. As I said before, you don’t have celebrations until the moment or end of the event you’re celebrating.

Caller: Abadi has all the cards in his hand, so why would he postpone that until the end of the month? Lots to think about there…

RayRen: We’re there, and sooner or later this will come in.

TN caller: Has there been anything at the mosque yet? [Not to my knowledge.] How will be know when it’s fully liberated? How do they identify ISIL?

RayRen: When civilians are not being used as shields, and there is no more gunfire. There might still be ISIL in the country, but they are no longer an issue.

Caller: So the military celebrations are about Mosul, right? But you’re saying that it’s also about the economic reforms and national reconciliation, too?

RayRen: The citizens were told they are all linked together, that monetary reforms and national reconciliation would come right after the liberation of Mosul. I’m a rate and date man; I know the rate, just want the date now.

SC caller: Currency exchange – longer hours, we’ve got you covered. That was from TD online and I also spoke to a representative there. He said that they have a new department for this, and asked how much we have; when we told him, he said we’d have to make an appointment. It feels like we have been rehearsing for years, and now it’s showtime!

786 caller: [didn’t hear]

RayRen: They are celebrating the first of the week: 10th is the anniversary of the ISIL attacks, 12th is celebrating the military victory… we’ll just have to see what happens! I can’t tell you 100% on anything until it has taken place, but I can’t think of anything that can be an issue, or that can prolong this process. The end is coming if it’s not already here.

919 caller: Someone called about some good news on the last call – any confirmation?

RayRen: Positive news for him, but it was a private deal, and none of us could attach to that or jump on the bandwagon, so…

805 caller: When exactly does Ramadan end? Is it the same date every year?

RayRen: I don’t know the end date. [Evening June 24; it’s a lunar month.]

Caller: You said you have a rate? What is that??

RayRen: The most consistent rates I’ve heard over the year: dinar = $3.70; dong = 47 cents; rupiah = ; Zim = 13-15 cents; rial = $3.40; Afghani = $2.80.

Caller: When Kuwait revalued, they kept giving out news that they were doing this or that, and in the week before they revalued, they gave out no news apart from saying “we’re not doing it” and the next day they revalued. Hopefully no news is good news.

Next caller: They are still doing everyday transactions during Ramadan; it’s not just a holiday for the whole month. When you mentioned about the dong, could that be a possible leverage information if you get more intel this afternoon? [Yes.] Any other positive news or results from the homework assignment?

RayRen: It hasn’t come in strongly, and I wasn’t sure it would. I was hoping we’d hear something at the beginning of this week, and for all I know, it might flood in on Monday. We are expecting it, and can plan around that.

Caller: Is it possible for a release to happen without the IMF spilling the beans first.

RayRen: Certainly exchange activity is possible prior to that, but I don’t think an official release is possible without the IMF or CBI coming into it. I can see a wealth manager calling some clients and telling them to come in before then.

863 caller: With everything that has been said today, I think the notification after Ramadan will be the public release; for informed people, I think we’ll find out before then. We’ve always expected public notification would come later. For the four years I’ve been involved, they’ve always said that the public would be information later, and that we would get some kind of advance notice because we’re paying attention. We look forward to a new world of love, joy, prosperity, and peace.

626 caller: When Kuwait revalued, it was during Ramadan. It does change the dates every year because it’s based on the sighting of the moon. Do a Google search for details! If you look up “No electricity, no water, but Kuwait revalues its money”, that will bring up the article, with the date and rate.

281 caller: I’ve read some articles of Iraq; it seems the internet is shutting down at the same time every day. What could they possibly be doing during that hour??

RayRen: We could call and ask them. I have no idea.

Closing Statement

We’ve been tracking everything. Let’s see what happens when the market closes. The 10th, tomorrow, is the anniversary of ISIL coming in (and going out). Some believe announcements will commence on the 10th for the full release. We have celebrations for the troops scheduled on June 12/13. Someone said that the UN rates are posted on the 15th, so some are looking at that date. Then there are no expected dates until the 30th. There is a rumor that dong will be revalued before the dinar, which will give us a great leveraging opportunity (if it happens). If anything great happens, I will text and put it up in the forum. If indicated, we will have another call over the weekend. There is a lot going on in my life, and in Iraq, but if something develops, we’ll be there! This ride is coming to an end, we just don’t know the exact date. When it shows up, we will know what to do.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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