Monday, June 5, 2017

"Timeout" - GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview - Monday - June 5, 2017

Given the information about next weekend, I'm gonna review my own post RV plans all week and pick things up again Thursday evening after Comey testifies earlier in the day.

So this will be my last post for a few days. I feel a timeout would do this community wonders--myself included.

We all need a break honestly. Step away per my own advice. Pick it up fresh, ya know?

That said...

... the van attack in London was order to help defeat Theresa May's Conservative party in the upcoming U.K. election--polling suggests Brits feel she's weak on defense and Brexit negotiations because she's a woman.


It was also a sacrifice for the Middle East Peace treaty signed early Saturday morning in Tel Aviv and Jordan.

That's how the cabal thinks--if something great happens something horrible must also occur. As above, so below.


Zimbabwe's President Mugabe is in NYC tonight at the UN for a bogus week long environmental conference.


He's there to sign a GESARA document that releases the natural asset reserves of the African Union as to collateralize the new Asian based financial system.

This liberates Zimbabwe and the entire continent of Africa. That just happened. Hallelujah!

Why else would a frail 94 year old man travel that far? See a Broadway show? Catch a Yankees home stand?

Exchange centers were staffed these many months to scare the cabal into believing the RV was going down everyday and every weekend for several months.

They made a lot of mistakes thinking today is the day, but it Faked all of us out in process. Win/Win to the NPTB.

Not dissimilar from the fake allied battalions (tanks, planes, helmets) before the Normandy Invasion circa June 6, 1944.

The hyper staffing just recently was to keep both Israeli and Palestinian negotiators at the table with a sense of urgency to get a deal done.


If either had pulled away, or failed to reach an agreement, and the RV had gone--their nations would have been left out and the other side may have overcome the other by pure economic default because they walked away from the table.

True story. Real tactic.

Now if either sovereign state breaches the signed peace treaty, all Middle Eastern nations will boycott them in trade, shut down their boarders and China will freeze them right out of the new financially system.

And if all else fails, then military action would be taken by the UNSC, and the rest of the world will get involved to keep the peace.

Post RV, one aggressive act of war would be a sovereign apocalypse for doing harm to either an Arab or Jewish neighbor--enduring both sides long-term security.

Talk about harsh but needed deal terms!

But hey, that's where we are politically, as the proverbial band-aid was finally ripped off at the international diplomatic level.

Turns out, currency holders were always waiting on Middle East Peace to RV, per the righteous and wise demands of the Quan Yin and her human elder statesmen.

Remember the golden rule, those who have the gold make the golden rules. And that's China and Africa (natural resources).

How else were we ever gonna get peace on earth?

Wish someone would have told me this was the ultimate "release" requirement twelve years ago. Talk about improbable!

Yet here IAM & WEARE.


Also, we were told today in no uncertain terms that no clone would be allowed to run a government with hidden handlers and participate on the new financial system.

All new leaders have to be fully human and as agreed upon by the Elders and Draco negotiating teams. No hybrids or Nordics either.

Folks they've been cloning Presidents and world leaders since the mid-70's. Camp David had a cloning facility beneath it. Had being the key word.

Don't believe Presidents are cloned?

Remember this moment back in 1992? Watch the way President Bush magically jumps back up, looking like a million bucks, after being poisoned to death by fish.


I took all this Intel as a clue Trump really needs to be let go before a full human being can be re-installed in the White House--publicly--and begin openly running the country.

Privately, we know Paul Ryan assumed control of the US Republic back in October 2015. Thus, we are hoping for launch sometime this weekend because we are told this will be Trump's last as Burner President.

Collective exhale now........... and resume breathing.

This was not the case in Israel, however, not until this weekend anyway, when BiBi Netanyahu finally stepped down during a secret meeting of the Israeli Knesset and announced he had accepted/negotiated a two state solution settlement with the entire Arab world for Israel... and that he would be resigning now with his "greatest work" behind him.

What a great guy! Or should I say what a soulless, self preserving humanoid piece of s--t!

Man, if BiBi really is a Draco humanoid, that explains a lot, doesn't it? But it doesn't explain who really controls BiBi and who might have accepted the two state solution finally?

Was that deal sealed at Bilderberg over the weekend in Virginia? Maybe by Henry Kissinger? Who along with H.R. McMaster laid out the new rules of the road for humanity's ascension post RV?

Store that little nugget away for later as it will come full circle.

Only time will tell--but time ain't telling--not anyway yet.

Look for a surge of new "Trump is the anti-Christ" information leaking onto the scene all week long.

Just know his termination has already been negotiated, accepted, submitted and resignation speech taped.

This way it is easier to watch the Trump train wreck as it happens.

Believe, don't believe... either way you're right.

Have a safe and productive week.

God is with us.

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