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Bruce: Welcome everyone to the Big Call. I believe we are moving forward one way or another. I know you are listening from far from all parts of the world. I appreciate the audience that comes in faithfully every Tuesday and Thursday. Soon there won’t be the need of putting out Intel, just good quality information as part of the Big Call University as far as learning something new. What is happening now that is different or new in terms of the Intel? Look for what is new what I am going to bring you. In some ways things are new but yet none of us are at the banks yet or are richer. However, everything is pointing to a trip to the Redemption Centers. Why am I saying that? Here is what is going on.

Bruce: Let’s talk about Iraq. Is there anything new in Iraq? Yes, there are a few things that are new. Remember we talked about the lower denoms of the dinar that were being placed in the ATM machines and ready to go? Our understanding is they are still in there ready to go, but have not been put out yet. They have not yet utilized those lower value notes of the dinar. They were supposed to be put out today. They were supposed to be, but weren’t. Their intention was to make their rate change known today and the lower denoms would be needed because the rates would have gone dramatically higher in the range both you and I know they will be. We have heard the rates in Iraq are in a very strong situation and will be stronger. People who are getting paid on their cards or retirement pay it is going up substantially like 134%. I think due to the in-country change of the dinar rate. Without able to prove that exactly, I just can tell you that everything is complete regarding what is happening in Iraq.

Bruce: Iraq has already announced that this Saturday, the 10th is the Liberation Day. What are they talking about liberating from? I think that is a direct liberation and take back of Mosul and a number of different announcements around that day next Saturday, June 10th. What about the 12th? Monday is called Celebration Day in Iraq. What would they be celebrating? The liberation of Mosul, the return of a Sovereign Republic, a return of a currency that is revalued and internationally traded again, and celebrate the new rate that would be in their budget that would be put in their Gazette, etc. That is what the schedule is going to show Saturday and celebration on Monday.

Bruce: Does that mean we have to wait until Monday? Us, who are the Internet group who are informed and waiting? Does it mean we have to wait who is part of this group for the weekend? Right now I going to say I don’t believe so based on the other Intel I am getting. Even if it was the case that would be the longest we would need to wait. We can all make it till the weekend. I think the plan is to release this soon.

Bruce: Let’s we go back to our country and see what has happened. On the east coast what happened yesterday at 10am EST there was a conference call involving Wells Fargo Bank, and all their branches, personnel, wealth managers, to private bankers, to staff members, etc, All heard about the 5 currencies, their names that would be in the 1st basket. They were told yesterday morning within 4 to 6 days. They were not given an exact date because they didn’t know the exact date. They were told to be prepared for this change, for these currencies to go up in value. That is the first time as far as I know that all in the bank were made aware of this. Wealth Managers have known for a long time, and those at the Redemption Centers, but this is talking about the branches. That is new information. That is the first time that has occurred.

Bruce: What about the other Tier 1 banks? Bank of America, Chase Bank, and Citi Bank? Also the other Tier 2 banks which there are107 banks? Have they had similar calls? We don’t know that. Only suspect at least the Tier 1 banks are up to speed. HSBC is up to speed now and all their personnel know since a lot of their personnel will be involved at Redemption Centers and also at Wells Fargo locations. That is new.

Bruce: What is going on with the ZIM? The ZIM is continuing to trade. It hit a certain level last night, Monday night, that put it where it was needed to be in terms of a number, in terms of a value or of a rate. I believe it is in a good place where now it is settled and not trading anymore. It is right there where they want it. It has been solidified right where it is and exactly where they needed it to be. A very strong rate. That is new. That is another thing that is new.

Bruce: What about what is going on out west? Out west what is new and different? We talked about Tier 2 and Tier 3. Tier 4 is part of the Internet group. Tier 2 and Tier 3 have been moving through nicely especially today. We had an audit that was taking place and was completed yesterday afternoon. The audit produced the results they were looking for in terms of personnel that didn’t qualify to be part of this that were there and were removed from the groups. Let’s call it that. That was a very exciting results and very positive results. 

Bruce: All that were involved in the audit was completely successful. As a result of that we know that the groups and Tier 2 and Tier 3 have continued to be funded to the point where the accounts are being hydrated and the funds, as far as I know, are available. That is a very positive thing. My belief on that today it is ongoing. I am not getting too specific on anything else.

Bruce: Things are moving towards us more than ever. Things are moving in the right direction where we anticipate notification by the toll free number to come shortly. I know that all of us would have wanted this yesterday. In some ways it was intended for today, but it hasn’t happened yet. We are going to say let’s continue our intention that it is on its way and we will receive it at the proper time. I think everything is moving forward. It seems it is moving slowly from our perspective, but behind the scenes things that we can’t see, things are moving very quickly. Funds are moving towards major Humanitarian Funding sources to where those are being received. Major Tranches are taking place and will continue to take place this week and next week.

Bruce: We understand that everything is sort of staged and ready for release. We understand the expression all the moves have been checked is true. It is going to be a matter of exact specific time to be released? That we don’t know. We can’t know quite when that will be. We know we are right there ready to receive it.

Bruce: There are several things that happened the last couple of days especially today that are new. We have heard the expressions like “hang on”, “we are right there”, “wait a few days”. Maybe it will be a few days and will take until the weekend. I think things are moving through that we could have this before the weekend. I don’t know it. I am not going to lie to you and pretend, not going to exaggerate it. It is what it is and it is very good. I am excited and we heard it again it is our week several weeks in a row. We have been told that again even today. One of these days that is going to be true. It is going to be our week. I am hoping this time it will be true and it will be our week.

Bruce: What are you suppose to do in the meantime? You are supposed to maintain whatever it is you are doing in Plan A. If you have a job, you keep your job. Maybe you are thinking I am going to get out of here after this thing happens. Give your notice, do the right thing. If they let you go right away, okay. Give your notice, and be honorable and do the right thing to any employer you have and leave with a good exit. You are going to have to decide how you are going to exit from Plan A to Plan B. In the meantime stick with Plan A. Don’t change boats in mid stream. You have to stay with this until it is time. I wish we all have tried to do that. Years ago some people have had nothing going on the last number of months and years because they just knew it was right there. I know it. I thought it was right here too. I been doing this call, and I am in my 6th year now. 7 years doing calls, and 13 years being a part of this. It is a long time. It is a 4th of my life, close to it, not exactly.

Bruce: I think we are in a good position right now to take advantage of it. Right now things are very quiet. I like the idea of laying low. Don’t anybody put out what they think the 800 numbers are. I will be one of the first people to know because I am the one that will be getting the 800 number to give to you. It is a blessing and an honor for me. I just want everyone to lay low, watch the rumors, just stay positive, stay confident, and look forward to a new existence for yourself because it is going to be a new game.

Bruce: It is a prime time for us to expect this miracle in our lives. Expect this blessing. Everything I am reading is very positive for the timing to come through for us. Just do the right thing in your life. Stay with Plan A just a little bit longer and then get started to as soon as you can taking care of yourself in becoming healthy, becoming the best healthy, most fit person you can be.

Bruce: I want to thank everybody for coming in tonight in listening to the Big Call and being part of us all over the globe. Thank you everybody. Remember when we get into our Redemption Centers, you have the ability to privately negotiate your rates as part of the Internet Group. We do have that luxury and the honor to do that. Think of your projects you have. Remember we have plans for Rebuild America, and plans for the Veterans Retreat Network, a lot of plans to go not just in the United States but plans to do all over the world. There are going to be opportunities all over such as in Asia, Africa, Central America, Caribbean, the Islands, etc. We will stay together. We will let you know what you can do and how you can be part of it. We will be in touch with you. Stay tune to the Big Call website: thebigcall.net

Bruce: We will put out the 800 number probably for a limited time. Probably for 3 days we will only be allowed to keep it up there. We will put it out where we can. You will see it. It will be online. Just everybody be excited for the possibility of this happening hopefully between now and the weekend. We will see when it does go down. All have a goodnight sleep and thank you all for coming in and listening. All have a great night.


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