Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Bruce:  Welcome everyone to the call. Welcome all the Big Call listeners throughout the world tonight. Let’s go back and talk about Iraq. We told you a lot last Thursday what was going on there. Yesterday there were a series, 3 sets of announcements that were made yesterday morning and late the night before. Our Sunday night into Monday morning, and a couple more announcements that will be made tomorrow morning immediately after morning prayer close tomidnight EST tonight in that range, 12:00am to 12:30am  EST tonight.

Those announcements will be the final announcements that need to be heard about Iraq sovereignty, about the new rates that are going to be seen on their valued dinar, liberation of Mosul, and I think maybe the lower denominations that should be available in the ATM machines in Iraq.

​Those 4 to 5 concepts of announcements we are looking for to be made tomorrow late tonight early am. 

Bruce:  Until the whole thing is absolutely revealed to us we probably won’t see those announcements either depending on when we have what you are I are looking for.  That is what we are looking for is our blessing. PM Abadi was in Saudi Arabia and he made an announcement there in Saudi Arabia and he is supposed to make one more announcement when he gets back to Iraq.  

Bruce:  We do have the Summer Solstice on the 21st of June, a great time for more light. Because it is the first day of the fiscal new year for China it represents a lot to them, I think it is going to be a very important day for us. It means a lot to the Chinese and looks like it will be important to us as well. We have that timing. In preparation for that, we had some confirmation that the USNs this afternoon were communicated from the Treasury that we would have the USN going live in the morning.

That is important to us because having a gold back currency. The USN, active and live and a true asset back currency for the first time in 100 years. By having that it gives our currency value to the pint our exchanges will be backed by the gold back currency. That is true around the world. The assets are backing the currencies around the world. Iraq has oil, gold, diamonds and other precious gems. Same thing with Zimbabwe.  Zimbabwe has huge riches under the ground.  That is so true in a lot of areas around the world.

Bruce:  We have that backing our currency.  A very positive thing to happen. The timing is the banks involved in the redemption process have been notified to be ready tomorrow. That is important. We know that the ZIM continues to trade and go up in value every day. It goes a little bit higher and higher. It makes it when you are interested in a higher rate for the ZIM, you can get a much higher rate than what the screen is showing.

Bruce:  We do believe that Iraq is pumping oil and which Russia has it, China has it. This is one reason the value of the Iraqi dinar should be higher than we thought. Privately negotiated rates for the Dinar and the Dong will be available to us as the Internet Group for the Dinar, ZIM, and Dong.

Bruce:  I know that last night we had mega tranche  a very large tranche, two very large funds that paid out, one was last night, Sunday night, and one was Monday night. We had two separate large tranches put in place. One for humanitarian projects, and the other one for Tier 4 exchanges. That is for us. Tier 3 has been all completed, lined up Pay masters all accounts funded. The people remaining in Tier 3 should have their funds intermediately, ready to be fully funded.

Bruce:  Last night around midnight EST when that last large tranche was sent over that marked the start of our roll out for us for what we are looking for, and also allowed for unlimited amount of bank wires to be sent. Bank wires of any amount could be sent under the new CIPS system. That is new. They called it the new Swift system but it is really is the new Chinese system that has been integrated into the Swift system. That took place last night. We are excited about that.

Bruce:  We think everything is lined up for us, ready to go. We are looking forward in getting the toll free number at any time. We think it will be a day time event. We will see how that looks like.  When I receive the toll free number that will be put out not only on our web site, thebigcall.net, and also a couple of other locations online if that is the directive to do. I will make sure to do what is in the instructions I get. I don’t have the 800 numbers in the making of this calltonight. Some think I have it already, but I do not. I hope to get it in short order. Then you can set your appointments and go.

Bruce:  Redemption Centers are ready to go. It is more of a military operation than it was. Forces are in location and for oversight. The exchange maybe more like a process, moving from one station to another station to get through the process in a quick manner.  The intention is to get our exchanges done and set our appointments with wealth managers a week later to get back into the wealth advisor offices, Abbot Downing so on, to follow up, working your structures, trusts, etc, whatever you need to do. We will follow that and see what happens with that.

Bruce:  From what I am hearing the John Q Public would start some time after the first of July. It could be the 3rd or 5th, who knows. It is still up in the air when that start would take place.  It is all planned and I think we are on a timer still and the timer is ready to go off I think.

It is looking very strong for us. You made it all the way.

Bruce:  I know we had a lot of things happen up and downs in this process. One thing we learned is patience. It means we can feel good about the fact we been steadfast in being patient for the end of the ride to arrive.

Bruce:  Thank all for tuning in to the Big Call. Check the website, thebigcall.net, for the 800 numbers. Thank all for listening. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent, and all that are part of the Big Call team. Thank you for your faithfulness and all you out there for listening.  We couldn’t do a call without you.  Thank you for your faithfulness to the call. Goodnight everybody.

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