Saturday, June 10, 2017

TANK/Steffen Rowe Says We're Just Waiting for 800#'s , 10 JUNE

Hello All, I need something better to do going into the weekends after a long work week LOL.

I just listened to over four hours of the Real Truth Call replay:
1 (712) 770-4178
Code 143153#

To Tank and Show Me and Dr WC, and even Smarty who called in during "Kid duty", God bless you guys.

Tank gave Intel, essentially that all his sources say it's still happening and done, and we are just waiting for the 888 (800) numbers. Tank is a saint; the man answered questions for four hours and gave his phone number to virtually every caller who asked for it. He is sincere, passionate and real. If you have 4 hours, it's worth the listen.



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