Friday, June 9, 2017

"Surfing" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP 6/9/17

There's so much happening at this very moment in our human history it's beyond a SITREP summary honestly.

Best just to know that the NPTB tsunami of benevolent mercy has indeed raised out of the water, revealed its full face and has crashed onto mankind's global shore.

Wherever you're spiritually positioned on this cosmic tidal wave, that's where you begin surfing on your ascension/human angel journey.

How far or well you surf is 100% up to you depending on your future thoughts and actions in alignment with a pure Christ frequency.

Hopefully I have offered some meaningful ideas, educational tools and real life examples so that you could achieve better spirit / form balance atop your surfboard.

My goal was always to prepare his community for the sheer volume and epic nature of heaven's delivered grace and mercy that awaited us all equally, abundantly and unconditionally.

Be advised to keep your eyes and ears open all weekend long, specifically starting tonight, after the sun sets in Los Angeles (8:04pm PDT).

Yosef's last and best redemption appointment thoughts:

Think transition versus transaction.

Demonstrate appreciation over domination.

Be a servant of surrender not control.

Offered with love from the Heart of Yeshua,

God is with us.

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