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Friday, June 30, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 30 2017

A. June 29 2017 GCR Intel Situation Report: "Colors" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - June 29, 2017

1. The RV was always master planned to rollout during a holiday weekend for safety purposes we are told.

2. We were told earlier in the week that Wed. June 28 would be the day, and technically it was. The RV trigger event started in Indonesia not Beijing @ 10:55am WIB Thurs, June 29, 2017 (11:55pm EDT Wed, June 28, 2017).

3. Thurs. June 29 is thus the first day of legal redemptions with the new USN for citizens of the restored Republic of the United States of America.

4. Mon. June 26 the Supreme Court restarted the Travel Ban and set the start time for 8pm EDT Thurs.--which was really a 90 day Dunford request (not Trump) designed for National Security purposes during the RV rollout.

5. With July 4th on a Tues, markets will have lowest volume of the year on Fri June 30 and Mon. July 3 - making Thurs. June 29 the last day of the quarter for floor traders to complete their 2nd quarter positions.

6. In Iraq, Mosul has been liberated officially on Thurs. June 29 per President Abahdi's own historic victory over Daesh/ISIS speech.

7. Expect a four day redemption period across North America beginning as early as Fri. June 30 after the travel ban has gone into effect and through the July 4th holiday on Tues.

8. We are told by HSBC they will release 800#s as early as Thurs. night June 29, but as late as Friday evening June 30 after markets close.

9. Republic President Paul Ryan now has the "go call" for the US portion of the RV. When he chooses to go will be in the best interests of the Republic as a once again sovereign, good standing nation in the larger world community.

10. It only took 146 years to reclaim our freedom and liberty from the 1871 created USA, Inc. (aka cabal).


B. June 29 2017 Bruce's The Big Call: Thebigcall.net Playback: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Iraq completed a series of announcements yesterday June 28.

2. They reinstated the Dinar rate.

3. The Dinar is now international and trading up in value Celebrations

4. There will be a total global currency reset. Some currencies will go up in value, some go down.

5. As of 4:30 pm EDT today June 29 the banks reflected the new rates

6. The SKRs are starting to be liquidated. People will have access to their funds in a couple of days.

7. Tomorrow night June 30 at 11:58 pm EDT certain parts of the Dodd Frank Act will be gone.

8. The 800#s will come out within the next couple of days.

9. It will be a shotgun start where everyone will go at the same time.

10. The Internet group will have 4-5 days before it goes public.

11. Redemption Centers remain on active status and will be available 2 hours after the 800#s are released.


C. June 28 GCR Intel Situation Report: "Fireworks" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Wednesday - June 28, 2017

Sources are in consensus: We are at the end of the beginning.

As the fireworks go off each night after sundown in the US, and everyone is looking up, we'll be driving into our redemption appointments experiencing a very different fireworks explosion--in digits zeros.

American military is on perpetual high alert. Dunford is getting diplomatic updates every few hours. He's ready to perform on the drop of dime. If all goes as planned, you won't ever notice the incredible level of security until you're actually on site.

American politicians--House & Senate (but not Executive branch)--are fully aware of what is about to go down and will be removed if they in any way attempt to stop this or cause doubt. We're told there's an interview blackout for politicians during the RV as well, and maybe that's what their July 4th recess is really all about, and why they will get the healthcare vote done on the other side as well.

American banks (and military bases) are prepared for exchanges. There are 25,000 exchange points in North America alone. All banking tiers 1 thru 5 are participating as everyone wants in on these healthy cash deposits.

Cyber attacks are the only serious "stoppage" concern, and why Tues. June 27 global ransomware attack was cause for rethinking some of the IT security features. How long that takes we don't know, but we think that may be the last hold up.

Last night June 28 at 10pm EDT we were told to be ready to receive and disburse the 800#s. That didn't happen.

Many will be getting the 800 numbers to release them to an estimated nearly 5 million private exchangers (of the Internet Group).

Mon July 3 is when all accounts will be made liquid everywhere in the world at any amount, any tier.

Thus earlier exchanges will be post dated and credit cards / 10k cash will be used in the meantime. Still would make for an amazing weekend.

The New Powers That Be want all transactions to read as though they were deposited in July and principal originated after the Summer Solstice. It's a Chinese thing.

Our markets anticipate very low trading volume on both Friday June 30 and Mon. July 3. It would be easy to track any traders trying to front run Tues. opening bell.

Rates are ridiculously high and climbing. Ask for anything you can spiritually handle and then some.


D. June 28 Group Conference Call: Phillip Tilton's Outlaws group conference call replay - Duration: 16 seconds. gary larrabee https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/wall/recorded_audio?...

1. Last Mon. June 26 the US Supreme Court activated a flight ban - to go into effect Thurs. June 29. It is believed that one of the reasons our skies are being patrolled is for security during the exchanges. Trump's Travel Ban to Take Effect on Thursday Evening

2. Yesterday June 27 Mosul was declared liberated. Iraq was done.

3. 70 countries are now ready for NESARA, Disclosure and announcements of the new technology that will benefit humanity.

4. The groups in Reno were surprised June 28 am when Obama released an amnesty agreement previously assured by his administration and made a payment.

5. On June 28 there were 38 banks which underwent stress tests. All passed except Capitol One which has a lot of credit card debt. They will have to reset.

6. News from Reno was to prepare yourself to exchange. Bankers were trained to check to see if you could handle the funds. Anyone who showed problems would be pushed to the end of the line.

7. All intel was in a blackout mode.

8. Exchanges have taken place.

9. 800#s would come out anywhere from Fri. June 30 to Fri. July 7.

10. On July 2,3,4 Zim Bond exchangers were expected to be exchanging at off site redemption centers. (Zim exchangers could exchange other currencies at the same time).

11. July 27,28, 29 could be when public currency exchanges began.

13. When you receive your personal 800 number do not put it online on the internet as it would be made non functional if you did.

14. It would be smart to be at the Exchange Center in the first four days and no later than the first 8 days.

15. Exchange Centers would be open within 2 hours of the 800#s coming out.

16. You could leave the exchange with $10,000 cash and a Credit/Debit Card. For security reasons you may not want a Black Credit/Debit Card. They were too noticeable and could put you in danger. Instead, up to 10 million $ could be made available on a Gold Credit/Debit Card or a Platimum Credit/Debit Card.

17. In negotiating your exchange and interest rates your banker would be evaluating you for your honesty, sincerity in wanting to help humanity and ability to handle big money.

18. The banker might offer you interest rates that ranged from 4-8% to 12-15% on the money left at the bank, depending on how you appeared ready to handle the money.

19. Refer to the Zim as a gold-backed bond, not a currency. Say that you were there to exchange. Ask to see the back screen rates. Negotiate your exchange rates and interest rates. The right terms would show how educated you were on the exchange.

20. In your exchange ask to see the Back Screen Rates, which were higher than the regular screen rates.

21. In addition to your Wealth Manager, you would be given the opportunity to hire the services of a Family Office to work for you.

22. Your money would be put in a Skeleton Trust until you decided what you wanted to do with it (with the help of your Wealth Manager). It was recommended that you bridged that money from the original trust to several trusts, (with up to 5 LLCs under each trust account).

23. It was recommended that you put all funds in a Trust or Foundation and none in your own name. You didn't want to own anything, but wanted to have control of everything. Doing so would keep you from being a target for the bad guys.

E. June 29 2017 One Who Knows: http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/201...

1. After the 800#s were released you would have three days to call for your appointment.

2. You don't necessarily have to say Zim Bond or Exchange in order to get the higher rates.

3. You do have to ask for the higher rates in order to get them.


F. June 28 Intel Situation Report: "Carcass" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Wednesday - June 28, 2017 The RV officially process for the US began at midnight on Wed. PST.


G. June 29 2017 Landa Global Call: Landa Global CC Replay: Humanus Update 6-28-18On Sunday June 25 the US sovereignty was signed off on


H. June 28 2017 AdminBill: ADMINBILL TIDBIT, 28 JUNE

After a long drought of no news there was much going on. No dates or rates, but the activity was very encouraging.


I. June 29 2017 TNT Update: Thursday Update from TNT  6-29-17

Iraqi citizens abroad reported that the Abadi speech referenced the following:

1. The ending dash reign in Mosul.

2. The country was free and moving forward to a stable and secure life for all citizens.

3. Declared the end of ISIS rule in Mosul.


J. June 29 2017 Historic Changes Europe, Asia Fulford Report: "Historic Changes in Central Europe and Asia" - Fulford Report - 6.26.17

1. The Pentagon sources say US President Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner was sent on orders of the US military/intelligence establishment to Israel to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to demand regime change there.

2. It is no coincidence the Iranian and Hizbollah forces, protected by a new Russian air base, have arrived at the Israeli border to give notice to the criminal Netanyahu regime that it is militarily isolated from the world. The US military is not going to fight to protect the criminal Netanyahu regime, the Pentagon sources say.

3. A similar move is being made in the Ukraine where President Petro Poroshenko has been summoned to Washington “to discuss regime change,” the sources say.

4. These moves are part of a worldwide effort to end all conflicts and prepare the way for a new financial system, they say.

5. There is also likely to be regime change in the US, the sources continue. Here the latest developments show the entire “blame Russia” campaign by the old establishment is failing. Instead the “Cabal is on its back foot as Bernie Sanders and wife Jane are under FBI investigation for bank fraud and former attorney general Loretta Lynch is under a Department of Justice probe for obstruction of justice,” the Pentagon sources say.

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