Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Red Alert - Gurus Please Advise" by AJ 6/28/17

This is an ALL ALERT post to make sure we all cross the finish line as intended. 

In my mind this is URGENT as I believe the release of 800#s may be imminent based on Bruce's call earlier tonight. 

Let me explain. 

Tonight on Bruce's BIG CALL I saw an anomaly... for lack of a better word, in the midst of amazing news! 

But let me set this up by saying that the other day someone posted a short note about an attorney warning that we should make clear at the exchange that the Zim was a bond and not a currency. 

Tonight Bruce echoed this same thought adding that we should make sure the bank knows that we know the Zim is a gold backed bond. 

Bruce also shared that the Dinar was showing a value of $1.20 to the (fiat) USD and &1.50 to the USN. (In the notes the word fiat is left out but Bruce used the word 'fiat' on the call). 

He also confirmed that the Dinar was $1.20 on FOREX. (QUESTION: IS THIS $1.20 USD OR $1.20 USN)?

Now if I may let me add this as a factor that has remained consistent. On the DBS Bank Ltd. website for several weeks you can buy and sell USD or USN with HKD (assuming this is Hong Kong Dollars). However you CANNOT buy USN with USD... I do not know how to interpret this except to say that this PERHAPS indicates that the USN is NOT live in the US... YET 

Remember the comment awhile back about instead of coming against the status quo... you build a better model and let the two exist side by side until the superior model prevails?

Perhaps this is what we are seeing with this potential anomaly.

Also it is clear that there is greater profit (in HKD) if you buy and sell USN vs. buy /sell fiat USD

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert in ANY of this. I am simply thinking out loud as I MAY have discerned something... 

All I can say at this point is with all the focus on the CABAL... there MAY be a malevolent seed planted in the clear benevolent intentions of the Elders. NOT of their design, but instead something under the rug that is not yet understood, and yet it is the coexistence of the superior model side by side with the inferior model...

So... What IF we exchange our Zim as a currency and do NOT heed Bruce's advise. (unwise I might add). My question is will we end up with Fiat USD that we cannot exchange to other currencies?

Conversely what if we heed Bruce's advise and exchange our Zim as a gold backed bond? Is this how we assure that we end up with gold backed USN? 

Yet we have some earlier intel that USN is live... but is it live in the US? 

Is it possible that we can exchange into USN that is gold backed but not yet spendable in the US? Does this put us at the mercy of political turmoil in the US until the USN is live onshore? 


I don't know if any potential hitch exists or not. But if we exchange into USN which is our best option long term, does the rest of the world enter a new paradigm leaving us onshore US Zimlanders waiting for onshore activation of USN? Will we be heading into our big moment exchanging one inactive instrument for another?

We need high level verifiable confirmation that USN is active on shore in the US. 

Not trying to spread fear or doubt as I am not the one who stressed the need to make sure we told the bank we have gold backed Zim bonds. 

We just need to put our collective heads together and watch out for each other. 

Pleas share your thoughts and if anyone can verify what the best direction would be. 

True currency Gurus...


Anticipating exchanging

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