Friday, June 9, 2017

Real Truth Call - Yosef Explains "In Plain Sight" Post 6/9/17

Think people realize that anyone speaking raw truth after 13 millennia of deceit will appear insane and be crucified like Christ?

No wonder so few speak up--who wants the torture, scars and dehydration, right?

Thankless jobs of unconditional grace and mercy are the norm. And yet, what's the alternative... death? Eternal damnation? A Donald Trump Presidency?


Ok, so when do we get to the center of the tootsie pop? Or is it already here and we're just too beaten down to lift up our weary heads to see the heavenly gifts already bestowed to us?

Believe, don't believe is a real conundrum at this stage, ain't it! At any stage.

Long-term Middle East Peace is a settled matter IAM told by multiple sources.

Israel's claim to ancient homeland rights of 3,000 years ago was honored, but not control of Jerusalem.


Some 1967 land won in the 6 Day War will be returned to the Palestinians as a result, and there will be billions in reparations donated over time by the global community to rebuild Palestine--but no more war.

Also, their will be two equal states existing side-by-side, both recognizing the other's right to exist.

That was easy. Not.

The USA and U.K. were the last two sovereign states in the UNSC to be formally and legally settled via public elections.

Comey's obstruction of justice testimony today obviously begins the Trump removal and restored Republic insertion back into power by end of June, publicly not just in private.

Theresa May's victory tonight begins the U.K.'s new era.

Notice how they both happened on the same exact day--wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Was this the NPTB's work around plan in action or their primary and lone plan being completed?

Nobody knows for sure. Either strategy you choose to believe ultimately gets you to the same spot in history.


God is with us

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