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RayRat Call Notes 6/5/17

TNT Call notes 5-June-2017

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RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Marvelous Monday, June 5, 2017, with RayRat98 at the controls. Maybe this will be the last call like this…

Still no public release of the RV, which should have happened some time ago. Things happen according to plan, and sometimes plans change… so this RV is coming out at a later date than we expected.

I did sent out an update over the weekend, and you can read that without being a member of TNT – it’s in the public section ofhttp://www.leagle.com/decision/20091289612avfsupp2d677_11242/U.S.%20v.%20RENFROW ; click on forum button, and that will take you to the public section. That will be important here shortly, that anyone can gain access to that folder where I post information.

Over the weekend, Iraqi television showed their leaders claiming victory this week. TV stations were banned from reporting the news in Mosul. If I can’t control you, I can ban you from access to the site – is something similar happening over there. Abadi is filling the Finance Minister’s seat until a new one is selected, so that won’t interrupt the process. Iraqis have been informed that their payments will be paid directly from 30. June instead of being put in escrow. Also, they are talking about celebrations for the soldiers on June 12, which should mean that the fighting is over – cleaned up, past tense. June 10 is the anniversary of ISIL taking over Mosul, so there is a symbolic significance for that being the official date they are finished with the liberation of Mosul. We don’t really know how much is left in Mosul – half a district? Clearly it’s no longer an issue there.

In addition, in the US members have been making reports that groups have been getting calls about movement. We are not in a group, but that is still encouraging. If you are in a group and can share information, that helps us build up a pretty good picture, without details of that group activity. I understand that some banks that didn’t believe what we are believe now believe, and are making changes to accommodate what is to come. Some of you have assignments to check on things so we can accumulate that information and be prepared. We are waiting for that information and appreciate those members and their efforts in sending us that information.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: I did home work and there are no banks that I can find in Upstate New York that handle the three currencies. Will that change when r/v happens?
A: Yes. For those who did the assignment, there is no guarantees that the news will be positive – but if it is positive, please let us know. Otherwise, just sit on your hands.

Q: I would like to know your thoughts on the Zim?
A: I’m very positive when it comes to Zim. I don’t have full, definitive information; some members have exchanged Zim, and others have had offers they didn’t take because the rate was too low. I cannot answer specific questions about zeros, but I think it’s good; I have one or two notes myself, and if it doesn’t turn out to be good, at least I didn’t spend much getting it.

Q: Ray, your excitement level has been on TEN for a couple of weeks now and if memory serves me correctly you mentioned June 10 as a date that should have some substance to it. Did anything happen over the weekend that you can share that may have us shouting with you prior to that date?
A: NO. Nothing’s happened over the weekend, although I was told something was going to happen apart from the possible celebrations scheduled for June 12, which is next Monday. Some are focused on June 10, now we have celebrations on June 12, and some are focused on June 30. I can’t see having celebrations on the 12th and then waiting until the 30th for release. But it’s all about June!

Q: Ray, I watched a you tube about the economy and fiat money. In the you tube was a segment about how other countries fiat money have in the past nose-dived, come back to a value, acknowledged by the International monetary fund BUT no bank would exchange that currency for an individual with some in hand. How do we know that this may not happen with our Dinar??
A: Don’t worry about it. I can’t say more on this all with 20,000 listening. But don’t worry about it. We’ll just cross that bridge when we come to it, and by then we will have so much more information.

Live Q and A

865/470 caller: Our media is starting to focus on Qatar; do you know what Iraqis feel about this? I know Shabouri was in Qatar meeting with their Finance Minister.

RayRen: I have nothing yet – no mention of it. I don’t request information because they know what we want, to come to the conclusions we are looking for. They leave out some information because it’s not relevant to us. They keep saying “It’s done, it’s done, it’s done!”

Caller: Regardless of specific dates, “June is busting out all over!” as the song says.

423 caller: Hve they been saying anything about monetary reform. They’ve been talking about Mosul – do you think they go hand in hand?

RayRen: They have been saying economic reforms and national reconciliation are supposed to follow immediately on the full liberation of Mosul. I don’t see how they can put it off any longer; I don’t see it going past June 30th.

Caller: This is our week, and could be our day! [RR: Could be!]

407 caller: Are there any current openings to Open Mic, and can I have access?

RayRen: I’ll have to check, but you’d be on a long waiting list.

610 caller: Please send your donations by mail to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City NC 27822; that address is also on www.tntsuperfantastic.com, on the donation page. Please do that today because mail takes longer, to keep the lines and site open.

206 caller: It’s my birthday – what a great present this would make!

RayRen: [Birthday music]

712 caller: My birthday is on 10. June, and A psychic told me that the 10th is a money day, and I’m looking forward to helping our kids get back on their feet. A lot of us are going to help different organizations. I am a twin and we will take a double shot on this on Saturday. Is there Open Mic on Saturday? [RR: Yes} I’ll tune in then.

507 caller: There is a post on DinarDetectives that talks about a $1.20 value for the dinar…

RayRen: That’s not mine. I never said anything about $1.20 value; it’s someone else.

Caller: You mentioned that date we were expecting did not occur, and now we are looking at June 30?

RayRen: Some are saying the 10th, some are seeing celebrations on the 12th, and other are saying by June 30, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

TX caller: [chitchat]

Next caller: I’m talking to dozens of banks to get as much verification as we can. I had an interesting conversation with the folks at WF – they are focused on the dong, where you have the currency verified at the branch, and then a secondary verification at a call center, and if there is a discrepancy, they want the option of a charge back from your account. That doesn’t make sense to me.

RayRen: So take your currency to a different bank.

972 caller: About the three zeros, have you ever seen an article about that?

RayRen: About the dinar? We’ve seen that come up, back and forth, now back up for discussion. I don’t believe that will affect us, anyway.

401 caller: Any of the mosques involved with these events/announcements?

RayRen: Nothing lately.

Caller: Have you received any positive feedback on the homework with the banks?

RayRen: I’m still waiting for those reports to come in; it’s still early Monday morning on the West Coast. I will post the results.

Next caller: First time on this line… [Appreciation] I am ready for that day! Do you really believe that we will get this in June?

RayRen: Yes, I am expecting that.

Closing Statement

There are two things I want you to adhere to when this pops, which we expect this to happen any time. Some information has been held back, but we are truly expecting this to arrive. I was in chat this morning, and some people were giving up, tired of waiting, and the minute this goes, they will rush and do everything. And then go on to …what? So take these two words and put them in the front of your mind, put it on your fridge, ,and in your rearview mirror: SLOW DOWN. When this light turns green, we should be in no rush, unless you want contract rates. When the light turns green, sit down and assess the situation. We need to exchange the currency – what do we need to achieve that. Unless you want the contract rate, it’s better to sit and wait for the rate to appreciate – then make your move. What do you have to do that you haven’t already taken care of? Some are looking at foreclosures; others have been through that, and they can tell you want to expect. When the green light goes, all you have to do is make it current, and then assess what you need to do next. Or get a loan to handle that, and then let your money go to work. Some have a tendency to rush out and buy stuff or pay it off in cash, with no patience. You need to look at how to set this money to work for you. A while back, we put together a little handbook about paying with cash: www.bit.ly/payingwithcash and this will teach you about ‘lost opportunities’. Whatever you rush to pay for, once you spend that money it is gone. So we want to maximize getting every ounce of value out of each dollar before it leaves you. What does it cost you when you pay with cash? Read the article, look it over and consider the possibilities. This article looks at buying a 400K house, paying cash so that you don’t have to worry about anyone taking it from you. If you don’t have the proper cashflow to support the taxes and utilities, you will lose it in the end. So it’s not just about paying cash for the property; peace of mind comes from having an income stream to support it. The 400K is just the upfront cost, plus you lost the opportunity to make money from financing it at low interest. For some it’s possible to have a 2% mortgage payment. So the example shows the 400K being invested at 8% return, and the difference between the two is something like $420K. On a smaller scale, think about cars, if you have the cash and don’t want to deal with payments, but 100K invested at @10% means 10K per year – you could make the payments from that income, and still have the capital. There are going to be banks offering you CDs at 10%, so what do you think will also be out there with interest rates higher than CDs? They will be commonplace then, although they are rare today. They do exist, and more will exist; all you have to do is to slow down: listen, learn, conquer.

Our task force team had a revival over the weekend, to get their juices flowing again and be ready to move on a moment’s notice. Everyone else has to slow down. We don’t know the minute, hour, or day, but it is coming, and they needed to check their arrangements and be ready. The bankers will come out and let you know what they offer and how to do business with them. The first mouse people will come out and get their contract rates, and arrange loans and such to rescue their affairs; t hat will come back to the network and you can learn from it. Until it’s time, there will be banking seminars, specialized training sessions, and the network information. We are waiting for that green light. The best of us will WAIT as we create the road of life; the rest of us will meet down the road.

We will just wait for the rest to unfold. Iraqi television says this is their week, and we are waiting for PM Abadi to proclaim the liberation of Mosul. As the song says, “It’s already done”. We just keep holding on; we’re going to get there.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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