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"Question Re: HSBC Wealth Managers" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee , 6 JUNE

Question RE: HSBC Wealth Managers

I am responding to a question about HSBC and their Wealth Management Departments. See Post:

You mentioned that banks who are servicing a client with billions would have an entire floor of staff dedicated to that client to manage their money. I've been reading up on the favored wealth management firms for billionaires throughout the world. They seem to be about 85% independent firms and not bankers. They are typically rated in Forbes magazine annually. One of the few actual banks that made it on the top 100 list is the Swiss bank UBS. The UBS Wealth Management division (several locations in the US) seems to serve many of the ultra rich. Although, I didn't see HSBC wealth division making the list which concerns me.

What are your thoughts on using the HSBC wealth management division verses outside firms? Do you feel comfortable that the bank holding your money is also managing your money? I guess my assumption could be that they have a think tank of wealth managers in training on handling this kind of volume of money, whereas independent firms are in the dark on all this??? However, I hate to assume. Thoughts on what others are doing?



Wealth Management used to be way different than it will be today. Back in the day, they leveraged real estate deals, stocks, bonds, investments, and all kinds of other things to manage, protect, and grow your money. But, in this new age, all of that kind of work completely misses the point.


If you have Zim, there is nothing to buy, unless you want it. I did a Google search on its net worth and it came in $527 Billion, just short of Apple at $605 Billion. I just did a search of top 10 companies and got this list: (Little bit different numbers)


Most Valuable Companies in the Fortune 500 

Market Value Rank
Market Value ($BIL)
1 Apple Computers, Office Equipment 534
2 Alphabet Internet Services and Retailing 507
3 Microsoft Computer Software 413
4 Exxon Mobil Petroleum Refining 326
5 Facebook Internet Services and Retailing 321
6 Berkshire Hathaway Insurance: Property and Casualty (Stock) 312
7 Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals 288
8 General Electric Diversified Financials 271
9 Amazon.com Internet Services and Retailing 250
10 Wells Fargo Commercial Banks 242
If I add all of these companies net worth together I get: $3.464 Trillion Dollars. Someone with a single $10T Zim Bond, at only $1/zim could buy the top ten corporations outright, in cash, and still have over $6 Billion dollars in cash left. What is next to buy?

What is the guy with the $100T zim Bond going to buy? What about the guy with a pile of Zim and a rate of $1,000/zim? Clearly, with the kind of money we will have, no investment is necessary, or wanted. 

The Structured Payout Option
So, this brings in the structured payout option that will be offered by the bank. You will get great "returns" (Interest) payable every quarter or whatever schedule you decide, and then you no longer have to think about investing.

Frankly, you could just get a higher rate and skip the interest plan, or get a lower rate and get the interest. It really doesn't matter because it is ALL a gift, the money, and the interest. I am sure that the Bank is NOT investing your money to then pay you interest on your money. I am confident that it is the Elders who are just giving you this interest plan to match what you are used to doing. 

You already have so much money you will never be able to spend it, but, we have been taught by the Cabal money system, that it has to be "Working" and invested or making cabal type interest, just like we were taught that we had to always be working. So, if the Elders didn't offer us this plan we would be contemplating buying Google, or Apple or stressing to find a place to invest Trillions of dollars. 

Here is a clue: There really isn't a place to put that kind of money, not in companies, not in gold, not in land, not in anything. 

The best part of the Structured Payout plan is that once you are in the plan, and it is paying you interest, it sort of shuts off that Cabal programming that you have to make it work, after all it is already working. This allows you to focus on what is really/actually important "Spending!"

The Wealth Manager Services

While I don't know everything there is to know about what a Wealth Manager will do for us, the one thing I do know, is he/she WILL NOT BE FINDING INVESTMENTS AND MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES. That way of thinking and life is over. 

Here is a heads up to my Potential Wealth Manager: Don't bother telling me how good you are at finding investments and growing my money. That is useless to me now. Now it is more about every other thing a Wealth Manager does, and that will be to be knowledgeable about Trusts, finding the right people to run projects for me, and possible oversight of my projects, especially overseas, etc. 

Wealth Managers

For me this comes down to the people who are the MOST knowledgeable on the new financial system and have access to the best resources to help me do what I want to do, whatever that is. I DO NOT NEED AN INVESTMENT ADVISOR, after all, how hard is it to manage an interest only payout that is already scheduled for the next 50 years?

I want "Yes" Men, (Or Women) who have what it takes to make things I want, happen. What exactly that entails... I really don't know.... yet. However once I get past my exchange and they tell me what they have to offer, and what they will do for me, I will have a better idea of what I am looking for and what I want from them.

HSBC Wealth Managers

As far as HSBC Wealth managers, I feel they have an upper hand and advantage in this process. HSBC is a HUGE worldwide bank and has contacts and resources all over the World, and we live in an unlimited World now. They have already been training and are very well placed in this process to offer more than what anyone else has to offer. I understand that they are buying up private Wealth Manager groups all over the World. Clearly they are making big moves. With all the Banks they are buying and all the Wealth Manager companies they are buying, chances are you will be doing business with an HSBC Wealth Manager.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that when it comes to Wealth Managers, it is NOT what it used to be. A super smart, Wealth Manager who got you in the right stocks, and bought the best investments and sold before they dropped, is no longer is of any value. It is more of a personal assistant now, who has the best contacts and resources that matter. Who that "right" manager will be is still unknown. However, since most of us will opt for the interest payout plan, there is NO hurry to pick a Wealth Manager. 

Most likely you may have many of them doing different jobs for you or watching different projects in different countries. Who knows what exactly a Wealth Manager will be doing in this new age where spending money is more important than making money? 

However, all that said, I am "Leaning" to HSBC, at least at first, until I know what role the Wealth Manager will play, and then I will decide who best fits that role for me. In the mean time, there is no rush as your investment strategy will most likely be settled with the Structured Payout offer from the Elders. Time is near.....

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee

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