Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Q & A w/WSOMN Jr. GURU SandnSea, 14 JUNE

I am waiting for someone I know to become liquid. She can't become liquid till we go, so good news all around.

Sand - so she had done 95% of what we are going to do, that she is just waiting for the last 5% to happen?

TP- yes, and it was a process

A flesh and blood person I know
Lots of paperwork

Was she like you & me or did she have a foot in the door giving her a head start?

Had a foot in the door, not like us - it's a who ya know thing

It is my understanding, she cannot become liquid till we go, otherwise it would be illegal

Thank You sooo much - I see your post & enjoy them. My talk with you has been the best in some time - again TY

Would I stake my life on it - no way

She is happy - I want her to be happy, then we will be

Has she been in her current state for some time?

Paperwork went back and forth, a final clearance came from Homeland Security - she has been waiting a few weeks now - but I am told should be soon. All I can say is what I've been told. Yes, an NDA was given. No prices were or will ever be discussed.

I was only told what could be told

I will say that if anyone is inclined to sign a NDA , it must be respected, you gave your word and it is a legal document

Also not everyone wanting a NDA will be accepted for one, it's not a given

This is not a game

not nitpicking here but............if they signed an nda, how could they even mention this to you?

The NDA has to do with $$$ the rate not the process we will all be going through

so this nda is with a bank?

I have no idea, nor did I 20 question her, I was only given basic info as to the process

I respected her privacy

I won't believe it myself till I'm in the bank and currencies are verified and in my account

We should be as soon as she goes

GM,Thank you Sand for sharing. I think the best thing we could have answered, is knowing how much we will have to work with.

Thanks again Sand. You are very uplifting for us.

Glad I can contribute - don't want a 4th time in time out Admin

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