Friday, June 23, 2017


PHILLYMAN: [...it escapes me to see all the information about this broken country when everyone that has any true intel that state side and abroad are the saying the same things and that is, "That it will never come to pass." the words of some bankers not my own so why continue this witch hunt for something that will never be?]    I take it the "it" you are referring to is the RV...I have no idea when the change will take place.  Speculation on that point has brought insanity to the community but I do believe it is coming...if people cannot see the massive change coming to Iraq and that region I just don't get it. 

AGGIEDAD: Article:  "Islamic State blows up landmark Great Mosque of al-Nuri and famous leaning minaret in Mosul"    IMO...we pray for any lives lost in the Grand Old Mosque...and mourn the physical loss of such an artifact and part of Iraqi history...but at the same time it would appear to me that Abadi has proof positive of a cause for celebration and "official" international announcement that the terrorists are no more...   It is planned...it is called for...and we shall be a part of it...the BEST is coming...

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