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Peggy68 and KTFA Members "Researching and Analyzing" Late Tues. PM 6-29-17

Peggy68:  This past week was a very spiritually filled week as I fasted and prayed for so many things going on around me and my family, including my KTFA Family, Frank, Tink & his Team. I took time off of work as I felt a need to be here and to be a part of something much bigger than just me.

So, I listened and as I have been thinking and studying and researching and analyzing I’ve been praying steadily the entire time. Each step listening to Frank, and Delta, reading information that could support my theory’s and listening to each of you as this is a team project I’ve put together my thoughts for the week ahead I will share with you and after I’ve attached my articles and Analysis I’ve put together so you can see what progress we have made with this particular study.
March 16th, 2017 Thursday Removal of the Program Rate from the spreadsheets

March 29th, 2017 Wednesday Rate $2.65
March 30th, 2017 Thursday Removed 1st (0) Removed or Added to this Spreadsheet

77 Days (March 30th- June 14th, 2017)
June 4TH, 2017 Sunday Rate $3.56
June 7th, 2017 Wednesday Rate $2.20 (NOTHING) CBI
June 8th, 2017 Thursday (Rate sheets Change Columns)
June 11th, 2017 Sunday (00’s) Removed or Added to this spreadsheet
June 11TH, 2017 Sunday Rate $3.56
June 14th,2017 Wednesday Rate Change $2.26 All Trans. Cancelled (NOTHING) CBI
June 15th,2017 Thursday Rate $3.91
June 18th, 2017 Sunday $3.53             
June 21st ,2017 Wednesday  (NOTHING) CBI Maturity Date
June 22nd ,2017 Thursday (SOMETHING) CBI IQD International. Settlement
June 23th,2017 Trump will Announce Iraq’s Liberation ISIS     
June 25th,2017 Sunday Iraq Announces Liberation & 1 Week Off

Worldwide Celebrating & Thanksgiving will begin, Gods Work Begins
June 26th,2017   90th Day (March 29th-June 26th) IQD International Forex

ALL IMPO. I will continue to pray and learn as Frank continues to teach us the process of Iraq’s Monetary Reform and Revaluation.

Animated Rock & Militia Man will go over the theory we have on what other things to consider and why we think Iraq is taking an entire week off.

Thank you for taking the time to read everything I’ve posted and thank you in assisting me with the information that assisted with putting all of this together. Frank, Walking stick, Tink, Delta, Ag, Aggie dad, DON1, Sampson, Frosty, Teams, Animated Rock, MM, GC, DB, THE ENTIRE Family, I love you all and Thank you!! Peggy


MexSal:  HI everyone, I want to ask about the rates that Peggy it's talking about. Where did they come from?  

Stephenmac63:  They came from the CBI Spreadsheets, they are digits that have been appearing but we do not know if those are the actual rates so for now we are just counting on the fact that there is some form of number......which is an amazing feat in itself. As you know, we only study the activity of the monetary reform....no solidified date and no solidified rate. We just watch what they do and try to figure it out.


Peggy68:  MexSal ….The rates came right off the CBI website the post a daily spreadsheet with information including the rate for the day, IMO. Today's rate was 353 . Wednesday are always in the 220-240 range.   Xoxo    Peggy68     

Keep praying we see the true International Rate Soon 


Hit translate in Google 

Right side go to currency results 

Then under the currency box you will see these 2 sentences
Iraqi Central Bank sales of foreign currency table (amounts in thousands of dollars) for the day ( 2017 / 6 /21 port on 2017 / 6 / 20 ) 

Iraqi Central Bank sales of foreign currency table (amounts in thousands of dollars) - ( from the date of01.02.2017

1st one would give you a daily sheet 

Next one would give you a daily sheet for the past 146 days 

They are in Arabic but bottom left you will see a rate IMO it reflect what could be a rate 
I hope this helps

There are many spreadsheets just tap on most of the things listed with a line under it. Xoxo

Freemanna:  Can someone please post a link to where we will watch the rate on the CBI site? Is it just the Arabic side we should watch pre and post RV? Sorry for being late to the party, but i dont visit the site regularly. Thanks  

Peggy68:  http://Www.cbi.iq

The lower bottom on the English side should change from program rate to international rate when they are ready.

I hope this helps.     Xoxo     http://www.cbi.iq/?pid=Home&lang=en

MilitiaMan:  They (rates)  come from the CBI site. They come from the horses mouth if you will. Don't forget that just because many cannot read the Arabic language, doesn't mean that it is not public information.  The nice thing is if one may be privileged to find some one to translate what is blocked from cutting and pasting into a google or similar translator to be deciphered, one may get some pearls.. That which the sand lives for.. Wink

It is not so much as the proof of what is said by the PTB in all due respect to all, if one has faith in those that give freely and with no agenda, is where it gets to a finer point on the ability to trust in what is given out with out physical support.

Why share private data if the source feels uncomfortable, especially when a track record shows in days or weeks, the accuracy is right on and in line. The UNSC Doc published just under three weeks ago this Friday told us all, that there was going to be an action within June 2016. That action has a time line by and or before the end of the month. That action is a reaction to things accomplished or that action wouldn't have even been mentioned. 

The UNSC escrow account is being funded or well closed out if you will. End game, symbolically. That has meaning that is profound!  The Oil for Food program is to be done and gone for ever..

I may be wrong, but, that imo is Chapter 7 done in regards to MR and acceptance of Article 8 is in effect or will be, once in synchronization. Recall that Iraq will be monitored for years to come, coached so to speak, by requirements to play with the big boyz.. Playing with them requires transparency, that, which Maliki knows nothing of or will.. Free anyway.. lol

The latest UNSC doc out today, suggests that Iraq has obtained an international rating for the first time. One might ask as to when if ever have they before? They suggest it is the first time and because of their brilliant achievements and at the national, regional and global levels..

Think about that. Really? The UNSC has an escrow account that is getting closed that is because Iraq has completed things.. Those things are why we are here! The are getting recognition for things that were completed at a level of BRILLIANCE.. That ought to stir the grease some to help the cogs spin.. 

Look, Iraq has the ability now even more so, than ever to buy arms.. Sorry, but Terrorist states don't get that privilege.. Get it? They are telling us they are international in one breath and then telling us about Arms and Disarmament Affairs. The UN doesn't allow Arms to b bought by Terrorist organizations. At least we hope the heck not.. lol

They didn't get the Kudos for nothing is my point. They are now at the highest level of being international. They are able to get arms to protect themselves. in my opinion.. They have been brilliant.. Mosul is liberated.. Re Arm.. With uncle Sam  et al,  at the helm, if you will. Money it takes to buy arms.. 

Notice the Taxes & Tariffs at the borders are bringing in revenues like never before.. They kicked out 2 million barrels of oil.. Oh - Buddy! They also have LNG being shipped too. Just like they told us. That all goes toward the IQD value, imo. .Even if Oil is down, those two (not to mention the other resources Iraq has.) items can produce similar incomes, imo. So not to worry on if the former glory is supportable.

A international and acceptable currency for the IQD is in the final stage as I see it.

The final stage to have an international rate that meets a managed float requirement is at hand. One that is at a level that is less volatile, the higher on the forex would be easier to mange, imo. With having the help of the Arabic side of things (translations), it can or may be seen that a pattern is emerging to suggest the glory days are just about here.. See final Article thread for study, too. FYI.. lol

One last thing, the displaced were talked about too, and in preprartion for them on the 06/08/2017 by Abadi and the UN, then we see Monday more on that..

The UN is all about the people, too. They must feel good enough now to release the Escrow Account and give them International Status! My friends, peace.. ~ MM

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