Sunday, June 25, 2017

~NEW GURU ALERT~: "The RV is real, and it’s going to happen", 25 JUNE

Being in the media, I have recently been give access to RV Intel from a source close to the operation. What it has done is given me a tremendous amount of gratitude and appreciation for what the Intel providers, like Patrick and Yosef, are doing! I have privately been passing along info to Patrick, but I did not have the guts that these guys have to make it public! What have I learned? This is an almost hour by hour fluid situation right now. I have been told more than a few times “today is the day” only to find out that X, Y or Z happened to put a stop to it. So, when they give you Intel, you have to remember that it was most likely true...in that moment. The future changes based on what’s happening now...right? 

I can also tell you that I believe there really is some sort of Spiritual aspect to this. Out of my friends and acquaintances in the business that are aware of the RV, the only ones that got in the game are the ones that I know are Spiritually evolved (nothing to do with religion). It’s odd considering there really is no financial risk to get in...right? You buy some currency, and if you want to get out, you just sell it back! The bottom line is this: I now have tremendous gratitude for the public Intel providers....thank you! By the way: the RV is real, and it’s going to happen.

All the Best,

One In The Media

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