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June 17, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
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I bring you much news today.   
Mosul (IraqiNews.com) Iraqi government forces managed on Thursday to take over a main entrance to western Mosul’s Old City, Islamic State militants’ last refuge in the city, the Joint Operations Command said.

Lt. Gen. Abudl-Amir Yarallah, commander of the JOC’s Nineveh Operations, said in a statement forces had taken over the Bab Sinjar area, effectively severing all routes to the Old City and putting militants under a consummate siege.
Due to the impassable streets of the Old City, the 9th division’s armored vehicles will stop at besieging the area, leaving the invasion to infantry forces from the army, the Counter-Terrorism Service and the Rapid Response forces, Brig. Gen. Saleh Harz, commander of the 34th brigade of the army’s 9th division, told Almirbad website.

Iraqi commanders have recently said that a few hundred IS fighters remained in the Old City, the group’s last refuge in western Mosul from where the group first declared the establishment of its rule over a third of both Iraq and Syria in 2014.
There had been numerous reports in the past of al-Baghdadi being killed but they did not turn out to be true. The IS leader last released an audio on Nov. 3, urging his followers to keep up the fight for Mosul as they defend the Iraqi city against a major offensive that began weeks earlier.
Russia said Friday it was verifying whether it had killed the leader of the Islamic State group in an airstrike targeting a meeting of IS leaders just outside the group's de facto capital in Syria, dealing a potentially severe blow to the extremist group as it fights to hang on to its strongholds in Syria and Iraq.
As always my comments are in italic RED.
Articles Begin

Reuters: Iran should stop interfering in Iraq, Iraqi VP Allawi says
By Amina Ismail | CAIRO
Iran's support to Shi'ite groups in Iraq is obstructing efforts to bridge the sectarian divide ahead of a parliamentary election next year, Iraqi Vice President Iyad Allawi said on Friday.
Iraqi leaders hope to restore control over all Iraqi territory, defeating Islamic State, before an election due by the middle of next year. (A very significant statement here by Allawi. Remember I told you if we don’t get the RV before these elections there could be yet another hold up)
"Iran has been interfering even in the decision (making process) of the Iraqi people," he told Reuters.
"We don't want an election based on sectarianism, we want an inclusive political process ... we hope that the Iraqis would choose themselves without any involvement by any foreign power."
Allawi, a secular Shi'ite politician who has supporters among some Sunnis, was in Cairo to meet Egyptian leaders including President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for discussions about oil and the conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Libya.
Iraq lies on the faultline between Shi'ite Iran and the mostly Sunni Arab world. Deep-running animosity and distrust between the two sides is fueled by sectarian divides.
Tensions grew further after Iran, by leveraging its ties with Iraq's Shi'ite majority, has emerged as the main powerbroker in Iraq after the United States withdrew its troops in 2011, eight years after it toppled Saddam Hussein, a Sunni.
Tehran denies interfering in Iraqi politics, saying the military assistance it provides to Shi'ite paramilitary groups is meant to help defeat Islamic State, the Sunni insurgents who declared a "caliphate" over parts of Iraq and Syria in 2014. (really? What about prior to ISIS?)
U.S.-backed Iraqi forces have dislodged Islamic State from Iraqi cities the militants captured, and are about to fully capture Mosul, which used to be their de facto capital in the country. The group however remains in control of swathes of territory by the Syrian border and inside Syria.
Both of Iraq's current and previous prime ministers, Haider al-Abadi and Nuri al-Maliki, belong to the Dawa party, a Shi'ite group with close ties to Iran. 
But Abadi has managed relations with the Sunnis better than Maliki, and also improved Baghdad's ties with Saudi Arabia, Iran's regional foe.
"This is the right time to have a fair election that nobody interferes in, neither Iran nor anybody else, nor Turkey, nor Syria nor the U.S.," said Allawi.
Allawi has previously accused Tehran of blocking his bid to become prime minister in the 2010 elections, even though his group won the largest number of seats, albeit with a narrow margin.

Turkey offers Iraq reconstruction of Mosul
The spokesman for the Turkish President, Ibrahim Kalin, said that Turkey is ready to help Iraq in the reconstruction of Mosul after the liberation of the militants of the “Isis” terrorist.
“We are ready after the end of the process of liberating Mosul completely to rebuild it in addition to building what is destroyed in other Iraqi cities,” Kalin told a news conference in Ankara.
It is noteworthy that the Iraqi army and security forces in addition to the popular mobilization forces headed by the airlift supported by the US-led coalition aircraft and the Iraqi air force, towards the old neighborhoods in Mosul, the last remaining under the control of the terrorist organization “Isis”.
The remaining neighborhoods under the control of the organization’s militants were announced in the western part of Mosul on May 27, and 180,000 civilians are still trapped in those neighborhoods and used by the organization’s militants as human shields.
According to the Iraqi Operations Command, only 500 terrorists remained in the city.

From 2013 3 zeros canceled by the Central Bank of Iraq
Iraqi News –
The Iraqi dinar will have 3 zeros canceled by the Central Bank of Iraq according to Finance Commissioner, MP Abdul Hussein al-Yassiri.
MP al-Yassiri told Iraqi News that “it is supposed that this year will witness necessary preparations to cancel three zeros from the currency”.
He added that his commission supports such move for its importance to the Iraqi economy.
The Central Bank of Iraq, earlier, announced that cancelling the zeros is within a plan to develop monetary policies in the country.
One of the difficulties facing is Iraq is withdrawing 30 trillion Iraqi dinars from Iraq’s market at the present time and to replacing it with new currency.
Earlier, the ministry of finance ruled out the idea of cancelling the zeros in 2013 because the federal budget was based on the current currency.
Fast Forward 2017 CBI Governor Supports Deleting the Zeroes
1/02/2017 01:20:00 PM  News  
Revealed on the Iraqi Central Bank Governor relations delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency, began to develop the first steps of the project to support the Iraqi dinar.

Relationship in a statement said that the purpose of deleting the 3 zeros is supporting Iraqi dinar, make it a competitor for the foreign currencies, pointing out that this strategic project will serve the country's economy, the dinar will be included within the global currency basket in vital exchanges.

He added that the Bank is working on mechanisms to implement the project, and is expected to start with the beginning of 2017. He noted that the introduction of the new currency does not mean destruction of ancient coins, but will continue trading for about 10 years.

(Okay so why do I bring these articles to you again and again. I do this because many of you are giving in to this every day /any day RV as your HOPE instead of the FACTS and REALITY as your HOPE.
So let’s put all this stuff aside and look at what the CBI told us last about the project to delete the zeroes. First let me say it took such a long time just to convince many that this project was even significant. Remember the days when most of these so called intel “gurus” did not even want to acknowledge this project? Now they are all on board too.
So back to the 2 articles from the past above. Look at that I have made BOLD in both articles. What does this tell you?  Well one article is from the GOI (finance commission) and the other from the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI). So we see they are both support this move in currency reform.
The second article from 2017 does not say anything about an RV in the beginning of 2017, but rather says it is “expected to start with the beginning of 2017”. But what does this statement mean?
It means they expected to start the process, but later in April we read another article from the finance committee telling us they “postponed” the start timeframe until further notice. So where do we now stand on this project?
Folks they told us it was “postponed until further notice” sometime in the future. That’s is where we stand. The CBI has not told us anything else since.
With all this past information and published articles on the subject matter do you think they are going to tell us when and if they decide to continue once again with the project and give us a possible timeframe?
Remember the CBI told the citizens (the popular crowd) that they fully intend to keep them informed throughout this entire process.
So why would they now do something behind their backs? Why would they not want the citizens of Iraq to know about changes, as significant as they are, to their currency?
Does this sound reasonable to you?
Why would they not?
Please, please don’t give me this conspiracy stuff either! There is absolutely no reason to hide anything. Don’t you think all the speculators and would-be investors are already watching this currency?
No one will know the date or rate!
So have we now heard from the CBI they are continuing?
NO! A BIG fat NO!
So why are the so called intel “gurus” now telling you again this weekend is our weekend for the RV? Get ready for the roller coaster ride again……
Why is one guru even telling you that 2 zeros have already been dropped and we wait for the next weeks to show the dropping of the last zero?
How could this be?
This is what this guru told us: (of course only his opinion as he doesn’t even has the guts to stand by it, as he can’t verify it, he knows it and knows its probably rumors anyway)
Dropped 1st zero late May 2017: 25,000 becomes 2,500
Dropped 2nd zero mid June: 2,500 becomes 250
Will drop 3rd zero at end of June: 250 becomes 25
My opinion- This guru tells us this is in country only. I feel this could be true and this is probably is how it might happen. In fact, it will probably happen this way before it goes global. So I do think this may be the ultimate process. So there is some merit to what he says.
I, like you, want to believe this is true but folks, where is the evidence?
Show me the changes, show me the FACTS.

Any announcements from the CBI?
Did the CBI launch any of the lower denominations?
Any articles from the news media?
So is this information, just purely “opinion”, factual or just someone spreading rumors?

Again – I too want to believe.
Iraq Economic Commission demands CBI to Delete Zeros; Points to Chapter VII as Rationale
July 6, 2013
Demanded economic and investment commission parliamentary CBI, the need to delete the zeros from the currency after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII. (So I ask- Is Iraq “fully” out of Chapter VII financial sanctions? No! Oh- didn’t PM Abadi tell us in late April 2017 that he is working with the IMF to “fully” get out of Chapter VII sanctions? Does this bring us to late June? Why did he tell us this? Why did the finance committee also tell us around the same timeframe that the project to delete the zeros was “postponed” until further notice? Don’t you see the timing and connection between these two events?)
And MP Khalil Mahma said at a joint conference with members of the economic and investment commission he was “on the central bank to start a restructuring of the currency being a purely economic issue.”
He added that “Iraq is not the only country that deletion of zeros from its currency. Previously Turkey and Lebanon has succeeded the stability of the economic situation.”
He said the “Constitution between the need to change the currency and delete as required by the economic situation for the people”.
(So where do I believe we are today with the RV?
It is my opinion, based on my personal analysis of the FACTS and ARTILCES, that something BIG in currency reform is set for the end of June, early July timeframe.
It might be that Iraq will have the 3rd zero deleted from the currency at this time and this so-called guru could be correct. But putting all this aside, we see other evidence pointing to this timeframe too.
We see the ISX closing down at the end of June (not related to EID since it ends on 6/26), we see that thru PM Abadi’s statement, a good possibility that Iraq could get “fully” out of financial sanctions related to Chapter VII, we heard from the IMF that Iraq will “soon” be moving “fully” into Article 8 from Article 14 of the UN charter, we heard from the WTO they want to finalize the process of moving Iraq to “full” membership, we were told many times that SECUIRTY and STABILITY were needed in the country to continue with the project to delete the zeros and ISIS was their main excuse for not having this needed security and stability,  ISIS is now defeated. What else? Did I miss anything? It all looks so good for a possible RV this early summer.
So if you are a date and rate person,,,,,,there it is,,,,,,!
Of course this is just “my opinion” ,,,,,,,lol,,,lol,,,,but then again what the hell do I know…..lol….lol….
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

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